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We all very well know how effective advertising can be, and we also know about how Facebook and Google Ad campaigns still have advantages over influencer marketing.

Facebook specifically presents to us with an ample volume of people from various demographics and gives a chance to segregate the audience by applying filters to it.

Whether you are a shopkeeper, an analytics firm, eCommerce giant or stockbroker, Facebook will be holding a large chunk of your audience as its user. This creates a huge opportunity to advertise, and this is where Facebook Ads Manager comes into play.

In this article, we will be answering questions about what Facebook Ads Manager is and how to use it to grow your Business.

Major Objectives of Facebook Advertising:

  • Increasing awareness about the product or service by reaching to the potential customers
  • Encouraging consideration by driving in traffic, engagement,  installations, video views, or lead generation
  • Driving conversions through product catalog sales and store visits

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager allows the advertisers to manage all of their Facebook and Instagram pages, Ad accounts, and define users & assign roles to people working on them, be it their team, vendors, or agencies, all that in just one place.

Facebook Ads Manager is simply a single platform for all your advertising activities. The platform also allows multi-user access to advertising resources to make the work of managing product catalogs and Instagram accounts easy.

It has plenty of targeting choices, and this makes it very easy to target the right audience to avoid overspending on ads.

Facebook keeps on rolling out changes to its interface and bringing in new functions that make their platform more intuitive.

If you want to know about the latest UI changes in Facebook Business Manager, then you can have a look at our previous article on that topic.

This guide will not only let you know how to use Facebook Ads Manager but will also let you set up a Single Image ad.

How to use Facebook Ads Manager

To set up your Facebook Ads Manager, you first need to have an Ad account (for more info on how to set that up, check out this article). Once you have an Ad account, Go to your Facebook Page and click on the small downward arrow aside to the ‘Quick help’ button which is represented by a question mark in the upper panel of your Facebook page.

Then click on the ‘Manage Ads’ option given in the drop-down window, which will take you to the Ad accounts page. From here you can click on the Ad account you want to use for running the campaign. Also, you can go directly to your Facebook Ads Manager by using this link.

After this, you are ready to create your Ads. Every time you log in to your Facebook Ads Manager account, you will be asked to select the Ad-account, and after that, you will be redirected to Ads Manager Page.  There, you will be able to create your Campaigns, Ad-set, and Ads parameter.

Let’s start with your First Ad

Facebook Ads Manager has two modes of Ad creation namely;

  1. Quick Creation
  2. Guided Creation

In this part of the article on How to use Facebook Ads Manager, we will describe the Guided Creation mode. Both of these modes serve the same purpose, i.e., all fields and options remain the same except the absence of descriptive part in Quick Creation mode. In simple words, Quick Creation is a shortcut mode of Guided Creation

Starting up with Guided Creation

Start your ad creation by directly going to the ad creation and selecting ‘+ Create’ button. In case you are in the Quick Creation workflow, select Guided Creation button at the top of the workflow to switch back to Guided Creation mode.

facebook business manager guided creation and campaign objective

Campaign Creation

First of all, you need to create a campaign to define the objectives of your campaign. The steps involved in creating the campaign are:

  1. From the given list, choose an objective that best describes your business goals.
  2. Enter the name of your campaign under the Campaign Name field

Apart from this, you will also get the choice to create a Split Test and an option to Turn On Campaign Budget Optimization in the objective window

Creating Ad Set

Once you have defined the objectives of your campaign, you will need to define your targeting audience, budget, schedule, placements, and bidding at the ad set level

Following are the steps involved in Ad Set creation

  1. In the Ad Set Name field, enter a descriptive name for your Ad Set
  2. Set your target audience based on characteristics such as demography, age group, interests, gender, job positions, and more as per your campaigning preference.
  3. By default, the placement is automatic, but you can edit the ad placement. Define the platforms where your ads will appear, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Audience network.
  4. You have a choice to choose how you want to deliver ads under Optimization and Delivery. You can choose any mode “Post Engagement,” “Impressions,” or “Daily Unique Views” under ad delivery drop-down in Optimization.

Apart from this, you can set the average cost per post engagement aimed at getting the most post engagements and spending of the entire budget by Facebook. In case you want to restrict the costs of spending, enter an amount of your choice.

  1. Under Budget and Schedule, you can set a daily budget, the average amount you are willing to spend on an ad in a single day and other such details.

facebook business manager campaign ad sets and ad

As per defined timeline of your ad set, you can also set a Lifetime Budget or the amount you are planning to spend over the entire ad run time

Creating an Ad

You are now ready to create your ad copy once you are done with the creation of Campaign objective and at least one ad set. This is the stage where you have to select your ad creative and add a text to it.

Below are the steps involved in the ad creation

  1. All ads need to be associated with a Facebook page. Select the required Facebook page and if applicable, the Instagram page
  2. Select an ad format, be it Carousel, video, single image, or collection of them. If you want to use a single image or video format, you have the choice to create a slideshow.
  3. Moving on, choose the media or creative you want to use for your ad by either selecting an existing post media or by uploading new media. To add a new media, select Add More Images or Upload video
  4. Now, the text that will be displayed alongside your media in the ad needs to be defined. Add the ad copy text here.
  5. As per your previously chosen option, you may also get an option to add a call-to-action button.

Once all the above steps have been completed, preview the final ad copy and select Confirm.

The submitted media may be subjected to a review, and once done, your campaign is ready to go Live. Your campaign will now be in pending approval stage where there is no need to select “Review and Publish.” Once the approval is granted, it will be published immediately.

This marks the end of the guide on How to use Facebook Ads Manager to Grow your Business and we hope that it will turn out to be of great help in your Advertising Campaigns. So keep advertising and keep achieving your marketing goals.

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