AdvertisingListsHow to use LinkedIn Text Ads in Budget to Grow your Business?

A short line of text, wisely put together to launch a product, announce a sale, address customer queries, quote testimonials & whatnot for a target audience is the basic feature of LinkedIn text ads.

A smart choice of keywords coupled with basic information regarding who, where and when within a limited character space can bestow multiple benefits to brands & marketers, thus LinkedIn text ads are the most effective means to advertise on the site.

These ads are easy to use and highly budget-friendly too. Moreover, LinkedIn text ads help advertisers to drive the right audience & traffic to the desired landing pages.

Why use LinkedIn text ads?

LinkedIn text ads are effective in targeting specific audiences and creating ads easily with available advertising options & features. It helps marketers design tailor-made unique as well as finely tuned ads to fit the market requirements that fetch for high-quality convertible leads on the platform in return.

Not just driving traffic to a website and other related landing pages is the sole purpose of these LinkedIn text ads but they also assist in tracking conversions. Budgeting is yet another plus with LinkedIn text ads as the payment is calculated based on the Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Impression (CPM) model.

LinkedIn text ads

Moreover, there are no long term commitments or contracts attached to the advertising system. The cost-effectiveness paired with the ad refining features help in narrowing its target thereby ensuring more benefits over any other type of ads.

How to use LinkedIn text ads?

  1. Set the right Budget

As LinkedIn text ads are highly targeted and audience-specific in nature it is effective to set a smart daily budget that is on the lower side. LinkedIn is a platform where users are more likely to browse content rather than looking for services to log in or products to buy hence, one must understand the utilization system for text ads here. Marketers can either select a lifetime target budget or a small daily budget just like in case of sponsored ads. 10% of the daily marketing budget should be a great start for LinkedIn text ads.

  1. Pick the bid type

A 2$ floor is set for LinkedIn text ads that need to be the least on the menu. Choosing a bid according to the audience type and demand is a recommendation because of low click-through rates (CTR) and inability to optimise for the conversions. Depending on the clicks one would always prefer to be charged just for those clicks only hence, it is wise to bid maximum on the CPC over the impressions.

  1. Choosing the target audience

It is always smarter to start small and begin with the more accurate or expected options than any uncertainty. Therefore, the most performing audience is safer & provides more insightful data on the ad campaign. Narrowing down the list of audiences may also prove to be an effective aid in advertising with LinkedIn text ads as that brings the focus on the ad copy with better conversions. Sometimes the remarketing principles works wonder with selected audience range.

  1. Ad copy and imagery design

Instead of mentioning “best social media reports” in the headline writing “Does social media excite you?” may provide a much-smarted edge to the LinkedIn text ads. All the above example wants to convey is that writing a relatable ad copy works better than mere words put together in a line. Connecting with the audience is the key to get them on the desired landing pages therefore, getting a question asked, short fact written or a quirky statement as the headline does the magic. Marketers using the ad type should also know when to be direct with their content and when to throw engaging loops. If you have to advertise for a direct report on a popular topic or brand, then be straight to the point and let people know what can be expected. So, if I have to get an annual report downloaded the headline must go like “Vidooly Annual Report on Video Trends” rather than “videos trending in the year by Vidooly”.

  1. Strong CTA and related landing page

Make sure that the link to the website, social media page or landing site is relevant to the LinkedIn text ads shown to the targeted audiences. In order to make sure that there is a good conversion and the clicks are worth the spend make sure to add a call-to-action. It will ensure that the product or service is well understood by audiences and make the process of getting is easily accessible. Do mention the benefits of landing page clearly in the description and copy of the ad.

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