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Amidst quick changing cultures and trends, TikTok is a popular internet app that basically keeps most of the teens and adults occupied.

Have you not come across the challenge and duet videos that are popular on the platform?

Cringe worthy, weird, funny, and one of its kind videos have become viral on this social media platform which has gained a lot of following over the years. With over 500 million people using the application, TikTok has changed a lot of its prevailing features. The changes have made it more user friendly due to which it has a fast growing traffic. 

how to use TikTok

Nowadays it has become important for people to know how to use TikTok as it can help marketers, creators, brands and businesses to advertise. TikTok has derived content from a broad range of resources therefore, there are artists, dancers, furries and gamers utilizing the space online.

Why use TikTok for marketing?

With tons of generation Z flocking towards the app, it is one hotspot of potential customers. Even though it is just a few years old, promoting here is worth every penny. Developing a reliable TikTok marketing strategy for business is a smart way of keeping the brand on trends while acquiring the best practices in the market.

Engaging the young millennials and gen-Zs, the app is displays one of its playful and lighter sides while attracting future markets. Brands like Chipotle, NBA, Guess and Washington post have already explored the app.

Those who know how to use TikTok will agree that it is an app like vine and is a storehouse of memes, hashtag trends, UGC and more. 

how to use TikTok

The eBoys and eGirls are popular TikTok sensations who have maintained an extreme internet personality. This has helped many of them monetize videos and earn a good amount of income by sponsored content and promotions. Collaborations with creators is an important part for brands these days as they are the ruling teams on almost all social media platforms.

If you are a brand looking into invading the market space that is available on TikTok but are unaware of how to use TikTok, then we have got your back!

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Know how to use TikTok stepwise

  1. Download and sign up on TikTok

The application is available on App Store and Google Playstore. You can download it as any other app and sign up for a great video creating experience.

how to use TikTok

Either you can go for an instant sign up option by linking the application to your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts or you can add a suitable username and password.

  1. Profile setup and information updates

After signing up on the app, you will come across a feed of top videos and suggestions to watch. We will discuss this later but first you must go to the “Me” icon on lower right corner and select edit profile button.

how to use TikTok

Add a profile picture or video, mention your username and details as per requirement. You can add your other social media platform pages to get more exposure and following.

If you are promoting a business or creating a brand then you can also add links to your YouTube channel, Instagram page and Facebook account for more visibility.

  1. Search in video feed and suggestions

Tap on the home tab after setting up your TikTok account successfully to get recommendations from the application. Just like Twitter and YouTube, the app sends suggestions to the user to watch and follow. You can select the videos that you like and share or subscribe to the particular creator.

how to use TikTok

The platform will send you similar videos to engage with and follow. If you have not developed any following, then you can slowly get it by interacting with other creators and sharing your content on the app.

  1. Interact and engage with videos on TikTok

Watching videos on TikTok is just like those on Facebook and Instagram where you can react and share the content. There are many sources that can suggest you how to use TikTok, yet, a few will suggest you over engaging in other user’s content.

how to use TikTok

You can tap on the heart option to like the video, select the speech bubble to comment on it while the forward icon will help you share it. All the options are available on the right side of the video playing on screen.

If you want to follow the creator, then you can swipe left to move to the profile and subscribe to the account on TikTok.

  1. Search for new video options and accounts

Select the second option that is for search and enter the section which has a mixture of all kinds of video clips from different creators. You can type in specific name to find the account or you can browse the section to get preferred videos.

how to use TikTok

Moreover, this section helps you know the trending topics, challenges and duets which you can watch, recreate, share and can perform other multiple activities.

  1. Start following users through search and Tikcodes on the app

In order to follow people that you know or like, you can simply press the profile picture button with a plus sign above the heart option. It will add the person to your following and you will get updates whenever the user uploads any video content or takes up any challenge.

You can also enter the profile name of users that you know previously and click on “users” filter to find the particular specified account.

how to use TikTok

The other way to follow users is to scan their Tikcodes which are more beneficial for brands trying to promote the channel on their websites.

When you visit your own profile, you can find an icon with four squares in the top right corner. It is the Tikcode for your own profile on TikTok app.

The app provides inbuilt option to scan the code of other users by clicking on the square scan button on the right side of the search bar. It would scan the Tikcode and land you on the user account whose code was scanned.

how to use TikTok

Moreover, in case there is a screen shot of any user’s code then you can press “photos” in top corner and scan the page after uploading the picture.

  1. To create own content and publish videos on TikTok

One of the essential part of knowing how to use TikTok involves knowing the techniques on how to develop quality videos for the app. You can click on the centre plus tab to begin recording and after the screen appears there will be following options on it for further editing.

how to use TikTok

a. Flip: this option is responsible for flipping the camera lens to front and back sides as per need.

b. Speed: it is the option to adjust the video speed. For example, if you would like to capture your friend’s backflip in slow motion then you can reduce the speed and record and vice versa.

c. Beauty: the artificial intelligence incorporated tool helps hide blemishes, spots and smoothens the appearance on the video screen.

d. Timer: it is the time set tool which helps you record video hands free. The countdown starts and records automatically after that.

e. Filters: it is the huge collection of color and style that one can incorporate in their videos.

f. Flash: this is the regular flash to enhance lighting in video.

g. Effects: it is an option available at bottom left side of the recordings screen which has a plethora of themes, designs, fun elements to enhance the overall video. There are many AR filters that augment the total surrounding in frame and makes the video more interactive and fun.

h. Sound/music: the option on top says “add a sound” which has a huge library of sounds to compliment the video you are creating. You can select music overlays to lip sync and make videos.

i. Template: there is this black bar below camera which allows you to set a time limit to the video that you are about to upload. This feature also allows the user to arrange set of photos in order as a slideshow.

 8.  Record a video

You can now press the record button at the centre to capture the moments and start recording. If you do not want to keep the button pressed, then you can set time limit which will record and cut automatically. Meanwhile, you can prop up and prepare during the countdown.

  1. Add captions and final edits

After recording the video, you can add all basic edits, add music overlays and texts. The app also has features through which you can add stickers and texts on the video for making it more engaging and fun. After the editing and changes, you can press next, which will lead you to the page where you can make other additions.

how to use TikTok

Here captions, phrases, relevant hashtags, related people, locations and details can be added to make it more specific. You can turn on/off the comments, set the privacy of video, allow duets and reaction too.

The option “save to album” will also save it to the smartphone’s photos section if you select it.

In case you would like to save the video for future use or want to post it sometime later then you can add it to drafts in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Extras on how to use TikTok

  1. Do a duet and interact with other users on TikTok

Now you can reply and react back to videos by creating your own video beside it. These are called duet videos which can be captured by clicking the “share” button that leads you to a menu where you can click on “duet” in the bottom row of centre.

how to use TikTok

The screen will have a video and your camera opened besides each other, where you can continue by recording it normally. You can sing along, dance, act and do a lot of activities with it.

If you don’t want other users to do a duet, then disable the duet option by clicking on “react off”.

  1. Participate in a challenge

These are common challenges that we have seen on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The hashtag challenges are basically certain activities initiated by a brand, influencer or user which others participate in to trend the tag. Just like the bottle cap challenge that involved a lot of people and the hashtag went trending on almost all social media platforms.

how to use TikTok

These challenges normally do not have winners but there are specific ones run intentionally by brands as giveaways and contests. It is done mostly to increase engagement rates, following and visibility of the page.

  1. There are many ideas through which you can successfully execute the learnings on how to use TikTok. Always remember people come to this platform for some light hearted entertainment therefore create videos accordingly. Ensure that you are using all trending hashtags and relevant captions to be at the top of the search.

Experiment with all effects and music that are available on the application to make sure that there are some really engaging and useful video. Follow trends and be updated about the hashtags which would help you increase the following.

Follow top brands and understand their strategy for marketing as they can invoke new plans to create content on TikTok.

The platform is a pool of young crowd which can be beneficial for businesses and brands. Therefore experimenting here can be a plus. Make sure that the content uploaded is informative, fun and engaging to entice the audience.

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