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YouTube expanded over years while users went from learning ‘How to create YouTube accounts?’ to knowing ‘tricks & tips on monetizing YouTube channels.’

Did you ever wonder that a penny plain grey tick beside the channel name would act as a Badge of Pride for them? how to verify YouTube channel

YouTubers with 100,000+ subscribers, a regular pattern of video sharing and qualify other criteria necessary for verification get the grey tick on their channels. Thus, users focus on learning how to verify YouTube channel to improve their channel’s credibility.

According to YouTube, channels with verification badge belonged to esteemed creators, official brands & business channels and recognized YouTubers. Verified channels come with certain extra benefits but getting prominently noticed amidst the vast ocean of online content is most important.

Verifying new YouTube accounts Vs. Verification badges

Now let us understand a primary YouTube functioning feature. When you create a YouTube account, the platform like many others, would need a phone number and involve security codes. This is to confirm that there is no bot spamming the site and you are a real human. Getting all accounts verified on the website is vital because that is the first step to creating a valid channel.

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On the other hand, verification badges are special as discussed above. Specific channels are entitled to get the grey tick over their channel only after they have achieved all the set benchmarks. These badges are proof that the channel is reliable and supports brand authenticity. Verification badges increase the capability of the channel while securing genuine traffic by differentiating imposters on YouTube and build a loyal bunch of viewers.

That’s why you will lose the verification badge if you change the channel’s name.

Let’s learn how to verify YouTube channel

There are some requirements to fulfill to get the verification badge from YouTube.

Which are:

  • Proper channel optimization
  • Broadening reach, working on increasing number of subscribers to at least 100,000+
  • Creating unique, engaging, relevant content
  • Encouraging viewers to like, share, comment and subscribe
  • Be regular with content quantity and quality

Now, to get the badge, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to YouTube help page
  2. Type ‘Verification badges on channels’. Click on the first search result
  3. Watch out for the ‘Contact flow’ button (you will see this if you have a registered channel eligible for the application) 
  4. Click on ‘Email support’ and fill the form
  5. Click on YES when the dialog box asks ‘Is this a request for verification badge?’

YouTube will reply whether it considers the request valid or not within 24 hours when you submit the form mentioned above. The grey tick mark should be visible on YouTube channel in some days of the reply mail from the site. how to verify YouTube channel

It should be noted that even though verifying a YouTube channel is easy however maintaining titles & badges is difficult and this must not be ignored.

YouTube can and will take away the verification badge if certain conditions are not considered.

  • YouTube will invalidate the verification badge if subscriber count falls below 100,000 mark
  • The badge will be at stake if the channel does not abide by the community guidelines
  • YouTube is strict with channels that violate terms of service and will surely nullify the verification badge if the situation demands.
  • In case the channel undergoes a rebranding and changes the channel name, then it would also lose the grey tick. Users can still reapply for verification badge by following the steps mentioned under ‘how to verify YouTube channel?’ above from the rebranded channel.

Get the YouTube verification badge quickly with these useful tips

1. Brand building: Make sure you add your website link on the channel so that a stronger brand is visible to YouTube when it reviews the channel. The link addition can speed up the process. Mention your forte and express your significant achievements clearly.

So, next time you partner with an industry giant or get featured in a leading magazine, let it be seen, heard, and known to all viewers.

2. Avoid breaking the rules: It is advised not to break the policies and stay within the limits set by YouTube. Having a track record of faults may complicate the process of getting the badge.

3. Quality content: Good content, strong channel overview helps in getting verified quickly. Many YouTubers have noticed that if a channel is very good with its video content, optimization and engagements, YouTube considers them for verification despite having less than 100,000 subscribers. This is a rare exceptional occurrence.

Now that you know how to verify a YouTube channel use the tips to get the badge and be known as the best in the category your channel is dealing.

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