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Copywriting and video production are similar in many ways. In both cases, the author plans how to develop the basis of the material, how to arrange it and make it as interesting as possible for the target audience. To achieve these goals, you need a script that is interesting, fun, and detailed. 

A Wyzowl study found that 68% of people prefer to learn about a new product through introductory clips. This is more than ⅔  of your target audience. That is why the writing advisor recommends paying close attention to creating detailed and high-quality scripts. 

The script is the basis of the video

A script in a broad sense is a detailed description of specific actions that makes it easier for a specific person to work. For example, sales scripts help call centre employees to respond quickly and efficiently to people’s questions, better sell the right products and dispel objections from potential customers. You need to use unique copywriting: all the same formulas, techniques, grammar rules. This is why video content is so close to text content.

Guide to writing a script for a video

Following the guide, you will write a good script for your clip. Try to pay attention to every little thing, even if some of the steps seem insignificant. Such an integrated approach will lead to the implementation of high-quality clips.

Step 1. Start with a brief

Copywriters and all professionals who create content for clients are aware of the power and possibilities of a detailed brief. It is thanks to him that you can accurately understand the wishes and expectations of the customer, draw up a competent technical task and professionally implement the project. It is important to mention in it the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of the company/brand/personality that will be discussed. Next, you need to clarify the features of the proposed product and draw up a portrait of the target audience.

Step 2. Sketch

This can be a technical task, a draft of the text or a summary of the most important fragments of the brief – choose at your discretion. The purpose of this document is to define the key characteristics of the future content. Among them it is worth noting:

  • What is the purpose of this content? If there are several tasks, you will have to find out which ones are in priority;
  • Who is the target audience? Collect its main characteristics (gender, age, income, interests);
  • What is the call to action? You are designing it because you expect the viewers to take a certain action.

Sometimes the answers to these questions look like they duplicate the brief. But in reality, the second move only complements the first. You can’t sketch out a script without a basic brief, just like you can’t follow a recipe without first getting to know the ingredients and their amounts.

Step 3. Introduce yourself and the topic of the video

If you regularly watch YouTube you have already memorized their leads automatically. In addition to the call to subscribe to the channel, save the clip and share it with friends, the voice in or behind the scenes necessarily introduces itself and/or the topic of the clip.

Step 4. Start writing text

When working with text, it is important to use simple words and constructions. For example, to design an article on a blog, we try to use bullets, leaflets. But in the context of dubbing the text, these techniques will only complicate the perception, confuse the viewer, and the clip will not achieve its goals. 

  • Avoid overly long sentences. It is very easy to lose track of content when dubbing them;
  • Alternate long and short sentences. This is the most efficient way to “rhyme” text;
  • Add short phrases pointwise. They will add emotion and semantic accents to your text.

Step 5. Add technical information

A separate text block in the script is the information about the survey. Describe in detail all the details: people, props, place and time, equipment, etc. This will allow simplifying the work of operators and directors.

Specific terms will be useful to describe the frames in the clip:

  • the footage is an accompanying video sequence;
  • packshot – a demonstration of the main product that is advertised;
  • sub print – text content for a moving or stationary frame;
  • plan (close-up, general, etc.) – this is the size of the image in the frame.
The bottom line

Good content can be created without a quality script, but only in rare cases, such as when dealing with viral content. But in fact, a detailed script is required to develop high-quality video content. It is difficult to write it only the first time (ten, twenty or one hundred), but detailed instructions are guaranteed to simplify this process!ts:-

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