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Aravinda Holla5 years ago

One of the most common questions that we get from YouTubers is – “How is Vidooly Analytics different from YouTube’s analytics?”

The interest is understandable since YouTube also provides detailed statistics for YouTubers through its Creator Studio feature. However, there are many differences between the two and we’ll explain that in this post.


Before we explain the differences in detail, here’s an overview of how Vidooly’s analytical data is different:

– Vidooly gives you an exhaustive audience behavior analysis which you won’t get on YouTube.

– Vidooly provides all the major statistics that YouTube provides to its users. But the difference lies in the way these statistics are shown. They are segregated and showcased in an easily understandable manner.

– Vidooly also churns out actionable suggestion based insights from actual YouTube data.

Statistics and data that Vidooly provides but YouTube does not:

YouTube’s analytics provides important data related to views, watch time and audience engagement of videos. You can easily find out the demographic of your audience, traffic sources which generate a high number of views, how your annotations and cards are performing etc. However, it does not cover everything and that’s where Vidooly comes into picture.

Here are some of the other useful and actionable statistics and data that a YouTuber can get using Vidooly:

1. You can find out how the existing tags that you’ve used in your videos are performing. Vidooly can show you how many views are resulting from these tags. YouTube does not provide this data to the users. Along with the performance of the tags, Vidooly also suggests tags that can help increase the views for the video(s). This tag suggestion is also based on actual YouTube search volume.

YouTube Video Tags Suggestion               2. Using Vidooly, you can check out all the tweets that are made about your video, favorite them, retweet them or reply to them from within the tool. You won’t be able to get this information using YouTube’s analytics.

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3. Sentiment Analysis is another unique Vidooly feature which helps you analyze all the comments on your video(s). You can find out whether a comment is Positive, Negative or Neutral just by the click of a button. This feature can come in handy when the comment is in a language that you do not understand. You can also Tweet the comments from your Twitter handle, just with a single click!

Sentiment Analysis of comments

4. With Vidooly, you can find out how many users subscribed to or unsubscribed from your channel after watching a video. With YouTube analytics, you can’t access this data.

5. Using Vidooly, you can benchmark your channel’s performance against that of a channel you consider to be your competitor on YouTube. You can also get a weekly email update about the performance of your competitor channels.

6. Vidooly gives you a list of influential subscribers of your competitor channels. Influential subscribers are the ones who like, comment and share video(s). You also get the Google+ profiles of these influencers so that you can reach out to them.

7. You can get a detailed statistical analysis of any YouTube video using Vidooly. You get important data like the performance of tags used in the video and social media performance of the video.

Analyze YouTube video

8. Just like how one can use Google’s keyword planner to come up with blog titles, Vidooly has a feature called Keyword Analysis that can help you come up with better titles for your YouTube videos based on actual search volume.

9. You can find the social media profiles of all your subscribers in a single place. (However do note that only those social profiles that are connected with their YouTube account will be displayed)

10. Using Vidooly, you get a list of the top YouTube channels that your subscribers also like.

11. Vidooly can give you a complete list of all users who have unsubscribed from your channel, along with their social media profiles. This can be extremely useful to get them back to your channel.

12. Another useful feature of Vidooly is Subscriber Insight. This can give you a detailed overview of what your subscribers like to do on YouTube (Which genre of videos they like, do they share more or comment more etc)

13. Vidooly also gives you a list of engaged non-subscribed users (Users who like/comment/share your videos but have not subscribed to your channel)

There are many more interesting features that Vidooly provides along with the ones mentioned in this post. If you want to know more about the tool and its uses, you can take a Free trial of the tool or send out an email to

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