Tips & TricksHow YouTube Can Help in Lead Generation (With Examples)

Lead Generation is one of the core elements of every marketing strategy. So, check out these 5 effective video marketing ideas along with real-world examples, and get inspired.
Akshay Chandra6 years ago

Lead Generation is one of the core elements of every marketing strategy. Display advertising and mass email campaigns were an integral part of digital marketing after the internet revolution in the late 90s and early 2000s. But after the explosion of Social Media by mid-2000, Social Media Marketing has also taken an equally important place in marketing initiatives of most businesses. Be it for Brand building or lead generation, one cannot ignore Social Media today.

Creative posts, interesting contests and display advertising within Social Media formed the crux of social media marketing for quite some time. But with rapid internet penetration and exponential increase in the speed and quality of the internet, the video has pushed its way in. Most businesses have already woken up to this reality and have started incorporating video into their marketing mix.

Marketing on YouTube:

Marketing on YouTube requires some patience and a lot of fresh content. YouTube is considered as the second largest search engine. You can “buy off” your likes or subscribers, but cannot get the desired ROI. If a business wants its next product launch video to be viral in an instant, then “Hold Your Horses” is the perfect answer for it.

You need careful strategizing and creative content to achieve the desired results from your video marketing initiatives. We’ve therefore listed down 5 effective video marketing ideas along with real-world examples so that you can get inspired:

1. Video ads are your elevator pitch:

If you can show your product’s features and uses in one minute, then even someone who is out of your target reach and may stumble upon your video can give second thoughts on purchasing.

Example: Richard Petty Driving School

NASCAR is the holy grail for all the racing enthusiasts lusting speed and throttle. But, not everyone happens to own these fast cars for their Sunday highway mile drive. So they used YouTube TrueView in-stream ads in order to ensure viewers are engaged by enabling them to watch or skip after the first five seconds when the ad plays before a show. This generated 650,000 overall impressions and a low cost-per-view for their first campaign.

2. Break your targeting groups:

YouTube has more viewership than Facebook and can communicate with a wide range of demographics. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you can measure the estimated watch time per video and tell how long your viewers are watching your ads and how many are skipping. Options such as Affinity audiences (Reach) and In-market audiences (ROI) will help you to focus on specifically targeted demographics instead you selecting a whole city to advertise.

Another important opportunity that YouTube provides is remarketing. It will help you to remarket to the visitors who have visited your channel, subscribed to/unsubscribed from your channel, viewed your videos, liked/disliked your video or commented on your video.

Example: Will It Blend

On October 30, Tom Dickson started uploading a video series by using marbles and iPhones instead of vegetables and fruits in order to demonstrate their new product called Blendtec. Through their silly schtick style on YouTube, their channel got more sales and engagement than any of their competitors through targeting proper audience.

3. Propagate your ideas:

Simon Sinek proposed this idea on a Ted Talk titled: “How Great Leaders inspire Action.” Always tell your audience “Why” they should buy your product. Make your customers aware of the bigger goals as a company, instead just one product. People will relate more if they see a genuine emotion.

So, when you are making a video for your brand, focus on “Why” and create a video that speaks your true values to spread your brand awareness.

Example: LSTN

LSTN is the headphone maker hailing from West Hollywood,C.A. In this duopolistic world, with makers like Bose, Skullcandy, Sennheiser, Beats etc, Bridget Hilton has created something which has a different sole and sells with the right purpose.

“LSTN was founded to change lives through the power of music.”  proclaims co-founder, Bridget Hilton.

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4. Let the audience know what you are selling:

Using formulated methods of outbound marketing can land your brand in serious jeopardy. In this digital age, the audience needs to know what you are selling. This is the reason for creating various video logs for various product ranges. Whether it’s a CRM software, gadget, or a food chain, you need proper video production in order to showcase your product effectively.

Example: ZAGG

ZAGG provides a range of products for protecting mobile devices, including shields, skins, cases through their military­grade Invisible SHIELD film. To demonstrate the effectiveness of an invisible product, Phillip Chipping decided to use YouTube as their marketing platform. Since 2008, only 250 employees strong ZAGG has generated a revenue of 264 million.

5. Continuous flow:

If you have followed these four tactics, then you are bound to be persistent on YouTube video generation. Like I said, patience pays off. Keep the momentum of your content. If your YouTube channel is uploading at least 2 videos per week, it will signal the search engines that your channel is putting in some work and needs to be noticed.

Example: RevZilla

Anthony Bucci turned his love towards motorcycles into a 75 million business just by selling  motorcycle parts and accessories online. Their YouTube channel exhibits, expert-driven video resource providing new product reviews and how-tos for the motorcycle riding community worldwide. At present, with 7 million views from over 1,650 videos and new videos released on a weekly basis, their YouTube subscribers has grown to 156,776 subscribers with 1 out of 100 buying the product.

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