Tips & TricksHow YouTube comments drive Engagement

Here you can learn how to drive your YouTube engagement through your comment section

The whole crux of the term social media revolves around social engagement, be it any social media network facebook, twitter, YouTube, quora.  We have more than often found ourselves following comments and often escaping the video in the lieu of the former generating more interest. Guilty, aren’t you?


It’s an interesting piece of news that YouTube has come up with a comment moderation tool which helps creators heave a sigh of relief and save themselves from the vicious circle of negative comments which further generates negative publicity. Earlier, to help oneself to some saving grace from the havoc so created, Creators used to disable the comments section lest it disengages the viewers.

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But discounting that, we present you, the following reasons for retaining the comments on the video.


At the end of the day, It’s a social platform wherein you should give the right to the viewer/s expressing displeasure if any. Often the tag of disabled comments section leaves a viewer with a valuable feedback, disgruntled.


Believe it or not, there are viewers who can actually offer constructive feedback and help you better your videos and raise its stake.  Be cool and smart in handling feedback and own up to your fault/mistake/glitch, if any as it goes a long way in building your goodwill.



In terms of questions asked, in the comments section, you can always help yourself to some creativity while answering a dissatisfied viewer. It not only adds a personal touch to your response and shows a viewer how you care and use the feedback  but also manages to impress upon the viewer that you are very much interested in the product and the feedback. There, you got your loyal customer post, looking into the feedback.


The rate of engagement doubles, once you answer or tend to a query, feedback and suggestion posted in the comments section. The commenter is  therefore informed via mail of your response and hence lets you present your case all over again in a better light. Chances are You’re able to sell yourself better the second time and manage to get yourself an organic subscriber. Thus, you amplify your views counter as well!


We’ve often found ourselves going back over and over again to an interesting discussion or debate which takes place in the comments section. As said earlier, though it might not directly hit the virality of a video but helps in amplifying your views. Moreover, if someone adds something to the thread even after a substantial point of time, all other participants are informed of this new ‘addition ‘ too which takes it further and hence generates more views. blog14

To combat the havoc of trolling and spamming  for creators worldwide, YouTube has come up with G+ integration to decipher and authenticate the ID of a person commenting on YouTube, hence sievin’ the’ real ‘people  from spammers. Secondly, the G+ algorithm is so designed that it discourages negative comments from appearing on the first page and helps you give a better user experience on the landing page(creates goodwill). Apart from that, G+ integration facilitates easy sharing on YouTube i.e., it will link back to the host platform apart from being shared on G+ to your related circles.

Now, let’s talk about Comment moderation tool. With this new feature, You could filter out (read block) the comments with certain keywords. In this case, you could avoid the certain cuss words from appearing in your comments. Moreover, you have the option of reviewing the comments before hand i.e. appearing on the video. Moreover, you could auto approve the comments from trusted fans//viewers too, to save time.  Over time, you could learn to avoid trolls by identifying them and avoiding to pop up on your video.

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However, a lot of people are considering this change to be a mixed bag. The biggest complaint the users have is the frequent  changing developments in terms of comments and layout overview.  No sooner do the users adopt themselves to  the recent layout, it changes.

 Moreover in the section ‘newest comment’, it could show a troll or spam and frustrate the user. Further, there have been reported cases of missing comments in case of multiple channel managers and hence the notification bell fails to acknowledge those comments which are already ‘seen’. comments section

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