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“Seattle BLM protestor Zarna Joshi falsely accused a man of “sexual harassment” for jokingly saying his name is “Hugh Mungus”, and then proceeds to stalk and harass the fellow as well as security until the cops are called.”

Zarna Joshi, posted the video on her YouTube channel and blamed him for SEXUALLY ASSAULTING her. The video went viral in no time and became a classic example of how social media can be a tool to paint anyone in a bad light. She sued him for assault charges and even started a funding campaign for her emotional distress!

How it all happened?

This incident happened when a lot of drama was happening surrounding YouTube as a platform for creators. After this incident, h3h3productions published a video supporting Rudy Pantoja Jr. aka ‘Hugh Mungus’ which brought a lot of attention to this series of events. They interviewed him and started a GoFundme campaign to help him with his financial struggle. The video has clocked over 8 million views so far!

The goal was to raise $10 thousand to pay off his medical bills. It is hard to believe; but the campaign has managed to raise an unbelievable $149,892 within 20 days!

Check out this video where he acknowledges the YouTube community for supporting him financially and emotionally:

YouTube community has grown much bigger than anybody could think of when it started about a decade ago. Millions of people across the globe connect with the Youtubers emotionally. Hundreds of YouTubers have helped people in need. Raising money for NGOs in the remotest corners of Africa, supporting the LGBTQ community, helping veterans, providing drinking water for parched villages, eradicating hunger; YouTubers have tried their best to do it all!

Here are some real heartwarming YouTuber stories with a vision to change the world for good:

VlogBrothers – Project for Awesome (P4A)

Project for Awesome is an annual event started by Vlogbrothers on YouTube for which thousands of video creators make videos supporting charities. They have been selecting and helping NGOs every year since 2007 and have managed to raise millions of dollars over the years. Here are some of the projects they have sponsored so far under this awesome campaign:

P4A 2010 – Save the Children and Partners in Health

In 2010, videos were created to help causes and organizations like, Toys for Tots, Save the Children, Make A Wish, Beat Bullying etc. More than $140,000 was raised this year!

P4A 2011

In 2011, videos were created supporting issues like cure for cancer, buying desks for school children in Malawi, Poverty, Animal Right, treatment for Parkinson’s etc. More than $64,000 was raised within two days!

For each comment that is left on a Project For Awesome video, John and Hank Green donate one penny to charity!

P4A 2012

In 2012, P4A managed to raise more than $483,446! Issues tackled and organizations supported this year ranged from treatment for Alzheimer’s and The ALS Association to Books for Africa.

P4A 2014

In 2014, More than 1.2 million was raised for organizations like Save the ChildrenPartners in Health etc.

P4A 2015

In 2015, more than 1.5 Million was raised for organizations like Save the Children, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees etc. Channels with millions of subscribers like SmarterEveryDay, Emma Blackery , Rhett & Link created videos supporting the initiative.

Craig Benzine (WheezyWaiter)

Craig is best known for his comic/satiric videos on his channel WheezyWaiter. He is also a part of several projects like AlgoRhythm, The Platoon of Power Squadron, The Good Stuff etc.

Besides making videos for the Project For Awesome initiative, he has also partnered with for the “Home India Home” initiative in India.  He has raised more than 5 thousand USD for Habitat for Humanity, partnering with Intel and Amazon to help bring technology to classrooms across the country.

Tyler Oakley

With more than 8 million subscribers, he is one of the most popular vloggers on YouTube. Tyler is a long-time supporter of The Trevor Project and raised more than $28,000 for it on his 24th birthday. The Trevor Project is an organization that works on suicide prevention for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community.

Tyler is also associated with (an online site that sells T-shirts to fund antibullying and gay marriage legalization projects) and supports a nonprofit startup that helps young startups financially.


JacksGap is a British travel channel YouTube with more than 4 million subscribers. It is run  by identical twins Jack and Finn Harries who support The Rainbow Centre, an organization that provides education, welfare and support to children living in extreme poverty in Sri Lanka.

They created a Prizeo campaign and raised around 180 thousand dollars for teenage cancer trust through The Rickshaw Run in India. The Rickshaw Run is an event where teams drive Auto Rickshaws along various routes across India.

Casey Neistat

Casey is one of the most popular vloggers on YouTube. Personal vlogs, skating videos, awesome time-lapse videos..he does it all.

His vlogs capture the lives of people he meets and some of the stories are incredibly moving! He once helped Marlan, a UPS delivery guy who used to deliver his mail.

In a video titled “he needs a little help”, Casey requested people to help him pay his sister’s medical bills. A GoFundMe campaign was started which raised more than $137 thousand in just four days! 


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is arguably the most popular YouTuber in the world!

After crossing the 10 million subscriber milestone in 2013, he started a fundraiser for; and managed to raise over $400 thousand through donors like Twitch and POLARIS (MCN).

After crossing the 25 million subscribers milestone in 2014, he started an Indigogo campaign for Save the Children and managed to raise more than $300 thousand USD!

Hitting this milestone means so much to me, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by doing something really cool with all of you,” wrote Kjellberg on Indigogo

Philip DeFranco

Philip is a veteran YouTube vlogger/podcaster who has helped fellow YouTubers in crisis situations. When h3h3productions, one of the most loved YouTube channels was sued for roasting Mat Hoss, he created a GoFundMe campaign to help them raise money for the ir defense. He even donated $5000 to kickstart the campaign. The lawsuit could have lasted for 2 years and would have cost them around $100 thousand USD!


Rise of the FUPA

With the help of 7,180 people in 6 months, “Help for H3H3” campaign raised around $169,924 USD. Later, h3h3productions decided to put it into an escrow account in the care of Morrison/lee – the video game attorneys who have helped countless other Youtubers (most of the times for free). The account money will be used only for the purpose of protecting and representing people (big or small); who are in legitimate need of protection.


One of the most popular Gaming YouTubers Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach) is known for his support for NGO’s and various charities.

He originally began to dye his hair for charity

Last year, Markiplier completed a three-hour live stream of Super Mario World to raise money for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. With the help of more than 16 thousand people in 21 months; he raised $357,139!

In April 2015, he raised $70,882 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, an organization dedicated to helping children who suffer from fatal illnesses.

In October 2015, he started a fundraiser in remembrance of Daniel Kyre . The initiative managed  to raise more than $55 thousand dollars in just 13 months!

Fischbach and his fans have raised a total of $1,118,645.14 as of July 2016

Final words

With great fandom comes great responsibility. Some of these YouTubers get more viewership than popular T.V sitcoms on their videos. We’ve just listed down 7 YouTubers in this blog. There are hundreds more who are trying to make this world a better place. Why don’t you start following them and help make the world a better place?


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