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There are numerous online tools for YouTube keyword recommendation and YouTube keyword analysis. Inorder to discover these, lets check some of the most successful free tools available right now.
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For most content creators who upload videos on YouTube, one of the common aspirations is to appear more in the YouTube recommended list. However, reality is that 70% of YouTube videos are found through browsing. And that’s why keywords used for YouTube videos are extremely important in ensuring better searchability.

YouTube keywords words are implied for three vital components and has alluded as metadata. It is basically what makes the user search and view your video. It is cumulative of title, descriptions, thumbnails and tags utilized for the video.

The “title” of your video portrays what’s in your video. And that’s why you should verify that your video title is aligned with the content within. Likewise, naming your video file the same as your title will give you extra mileage.

The description field in YouTube is another opportunity to let search engines understand what’s in your video. It also provides more text that can be crawled by YouTube’s search algorithm. The descriptions appear as rich snippets (few lines of text that appear under the title) in the search results, encouraging more clicks to your content. You can likewise include links to your website, social media profiles and other YouTube channels that you might have, in your description. However, note that abundance of links does not increase your SEO visibility.


Stay away from nonspecific tags or titles that are not applicable to your video as google’s algorithm identifies the connection of your title with your content. You can simply transform it physically when the video is uploaded.

There are numerous online tools for youtube keyword recommendation and youtube keyword analysis. Here’s how you can get started:

YouTube Search Bar Check:

You must have noticed how you start getting recommendations while you start typing words of your search term. It uses predictive test method to suggest keywords relative to the words. Using this feature, you can understand which word is related to the most searched keyword. You can utilize this pattern, and can find the keyword which relates mostly to your content. This will help you to create better descriptions and tags for your YouTube channel videos.

Importance of keyword -Title Research in YouTube

Google Trends:

In here, you can compare and the volume of searches between two search terms. Through this, you can check upon demographics and location to find the keyword which is trending at that particular time. You can rather search broad data such as keywords, placements, topics, interests  and demographics (age, gender).

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For example, if you enter three search words in the search bar, then you will be presented with metrics such as Interest Over Time and Regional Interest. Utilize these metrics to identify your keyword’s popularity in order to use them in your title.

Importance of keyword -Title Research in YouTube - Google Trends

Vidooly Search Term Analysis:

If you want to get deeper insights on keywords that you can use for your videos, you can use Vidooly. Vidooly can help you find the right keywords, based on actual YouTube search volume! Vidooly measures the relevancy and search volume of the keywords based on the popular search relevancy.

Vidooly Search Term Analysis

In the above example, you can see how keywords like a wine cooler, wine rack, and wine enthusiast generate lesser search traffic compared to a generic/popular keyword like Amy Winehouse; but are extremely targeted. You can probably come up with titles such as ‘Wine enthusiast tastes the top 5 wine brands in the US’ or ‘A wine cooler that every wine enthusiast should have’ et al.

Try utilizing above mentioned methods in your video TITLE, to achieve significant growth in your YouTube channel optimization.

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