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Google, the undisputed internet giant in the world processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, 3.5 billion searches per day & 1.2 trillion searches per worldwide. Now coming to YouTube, the largest video platform in the world has around 1.9 billion users who consume YouTube videos on a monthly basis with over 5 billion videos watched every day.

YouTube Stats

In this blog we shall discuss the pros & cons of in house ads management Vs outsourcing the same to a Digital Marketing agency.

In House Ads Management Vs Digital Marketing Agency

YouTube is not only a place for creators/publishers/vloggers but also a great platform for brands to showcase their product/brand to a large number of audience who spend their majority of their online time watching videos and YouTube leads this race. Now when it comes to advertisements, most brands lack this clarity of Where to promote? , How to promote? and Why to Promote?

Where to Promote?

Video Content Promotion

Digital Medium is all about creative content & the most creative form of content at the moment are Videos. YouTube with the staggering audience number clearly is the most favorite platform for brands to advertise and YouTube also provides a variety of options/ad types for the same.

In comparison to different networks and options provided by Google Ads for promotion, the Video network or promotion in YouTube is the most effective along with being the most affordable amongst the lot.

How to Promote?

Types of Video Network Ads

Companies interested in promoting their product/service in YouTube platform have to use Google Ads video network to avail the service.

Types of Ads available in Google Ads Video Network for YouTube platform:-

  • True View In-stream Ads (Skip Ads)
  • True View in Display Ads

The best option available for advertisers as they are not charged when:-

  • Your Video is skipped
  • The viewer watches less than 30 seconds of the Video
  • The Viewer doesn’t finish a video that’s less than 30 seconds

The best bet is to communicate your marketing communication in the video before the skip option is visible. No charge at the same time you are also able to reach out to the audience.

Other available options:-

  • Over lay in-video Ads
  • Pre-roll Ads (Non-Skip Ads)
  • Display Ads
  • Sponsored Cards

Why to Promote in YouTube?

Video Ads Promotion

In simple terms you have to make your presence felt in all the platforms be it online/offline where your TG spends maximum of their time.

Amongst the ad forms/platforms available in online, YouTube along with Facebook & Instagram are clear favorites preferred by most advertisers.

Further if we filter down to only videos, then YouTube is the clear winner for Advertisers considering the type of ad forms & flexibility through true view feature.

Now coming to the topic In House Ads management Vs Digital Marketing Agency, lets list out the pros & cons along with the best possible solution.

In House Ads Vs Outsourcing

In House Ads Management

Ads management where in an In house team of PPC Ads experts manage the campaigns, monitored by a senior employee from the Marketing Team.

In House Ads Vs Outsourcing

Pros of In- House PPC Ads Management

  • The most important advantage of having an in-house team for any process is that it leads to better inter-process/department communication as well as the team has better knowledge and first-hand information related to the product & service of the company.
  • Real time updates related to any campaigns or in simple terms it’s a time saving process as the team can get faster approvals for any new creative approach to promote the product & service of the company.
  • A sense of ownership prevails amongst the campaign managers when the PPC campaigns are managed by an In House Team.

Cons of In-House PPC Ads Management

  • A lot of stress and workload on the in –house team limits the creative thinking ability. It’s because in 90% of the cases the same team manages all the channels of Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing) for the company.
  • In a majority of the cases, the in house team compromises of only Marketers but not Digital Marketers who are expert in the subject. Therefore a deep understanding related to the approach that has to be taken while managing any online marketing campaign is not visible in their campaigns.
  • Optimisation is very minimal rather in most companies which have an in-house team, the approach is always make an ad live and after the budget is over work on another ad, rather than optimizing the same ad to reduce the CPA.
  • Building a well-trained team of experts in any particular subject is always a time consuming as well as a costly affair.

 Digital Marketing Agency

A 3rd party company having the required expertise manages your account and is billed based on the agreed amount.

In House Ads Vs Outsourcing

Pros of outsourcing PPC Ads to a Digital Marketing Agency

  • 3rd party outsourcing is always an affordable option for any process for a company. For startups with fund crunch and time issue, outsourcing is the best option as time & money both is saved by this approach.
  • Unlike In house team management where some employees might be managing multiple processes, 3rd party Digital agencies focus on specialization, i.e PPC team manages only PPC related projects. This gives the employees an opportunity to learn & grow as well as try out on more creative approaches.
  • The 3rd party agency opens up chances for collaborations with other companies and advertisers to make the video ad more viral at a lesser CPA in a shorter duration.
  • Digital Marketing agencies use multiple 3rd party tools for the campaigns managed by them for better optimization & reporting/analytics. Using the same 3rd party tools for an in house approach could be a costly affair.

Cons of Outsourcing PPC Ads to a Digital Marketing Agency

  • The major problem faced by companies outsourcing any process is the lack of proper communication or sharing of information between the two related to any particular product or service of the client.
  • At times the approval process for any new approach initiated by the agency can be a time taking process because of the red tape decision making process of the client.
  • In case the product/service to be prompted using Adwords Video network is highly technology driven, the agency team might not have the technical know-how or the required skill set to work on the same. So during the process of selecting a Digital Marketing agency, the capability of team to work on your product/service should also be evaluated.
  • Sense of ownership cannot be equated with the in house team, as many of them are engaged with multiple PPC accounts in a day.

Which one is Better?

In House Ads Vs Outsourcing

When it comes to select which one of the two is better, it would again depend on various options related to the product & service of the client but if the client is a MNC and can afford a team of experts for In house ads management, its better to have a hybrid approach initially and with time go with a full fledged in house PPC management.

When it comes to startups or companies with a time & fund constraint to build an expert in house team, its always better to outsource it and have an in house expert resource monitoring every online marketing activity with the vendor.

Hybrid Approach

In this approach, a company uses a mix of in house management+ vendor resources. The in house team is hired & trained by the vendor but the employees are in the payroll of the client. Constant learning & training is provided by the vendor along with support for technical issues and expert guidance for any important campaigns.

“Stay Committed to your Decisions

But stay flexible in your approach”

In hybrid approach the in house team manages every activity right from campaign structuring to optimization and only guidance is given by 3rd party vendor.

In the end only Numbers Matter

When it comes to marketing there is no particular right approach or thumb rule to proceed but one should consider their options based on their resources as well as kind of product/service they are offering and target group they are targeting.

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