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Facebook has made multiple changes to its Edge Rank algorithm since its inception. But it’s the last update that became a headache for Social Media Marketers worldwide. The recent update reduced the organic reach to almost 1-2% of followers and gave more focus to Facebook Ads. This meant social media marketers had to up their ad game on Facebook to make any sort of buzz in the platform. Further, more updates to the algorithm are expected owing to criticism faced by Facebook for making every active user’s news feed full of brand-related posts or ads. Although the reach and discovery of a post are highly dependent on the engagement but for any company what matters is conversions. Conversion doesn’t always mean driving purchases but any sort of action initiated by the user can also be counted as a conversion. An effective conversion rate is important for a company to deliver a better ROI YOY. The below-mentioned tips and tricks focus on How to Increase Facebook Ad Reach to Improve Your Conversions.

10 Easy Steps to Increase Facebook Ad Reach to Improve your Conversions 

1-Define your Conversion Event

Facebook Ad Optimisation for better ROI

A layman would understand conversion as a sale but for a marketer, conversion can be any action initiated by the user. Before planning any marketing campaign select the apt conversion event best suited for your marketing campaign on Facebook.

Example of few conversion events mostly used by brands in their marketing campaigns on Facebook are; add to wishlist, subscribe to a newsletter, sharing contact details, initiate checkout, purchase, filling the form, taking part in a poll etc to name a few.

In case of multiple conversion events, create an equal number or more number of ad copies in sync with the conversion goals. Do not rely on one ad copy to deliver all conversion goals set in your marketing campaigns.

2-Optimise Landing Page

Tips to Increase Conversions on Facebook

 A good ad should be followed by an equally attractive landing page. In case your conversion event can be achieved using a Facebook lead form then there is no requirement of an external landing page. In the other way round where you drive interested users to a specific external landing page, quality and content make all the difference.

Ensure you maintain continuity with information, i.e your ad copy and landing page should speak in the same terms. It should not that be your ad copy speaks about a Holiday Package to UK and landing page speaks about Europe Trip.

To track conversions on external landing pages, ensure you integrate Facebook pixel in the backend of your website or landing page in the header section. This would help track all the conversions achieved outside of Facebook in the interface of Facebook Ads Manager.

Majority of active users on Facebook use mobile to browse on Facebook, ensure your site is mobile friendly or integrate your mobile app with Facebook SDK.

3-Make Ad Copy Visually Appealing

 Facebook Ads would drive visibility of your post or increase the reach on the news feed but cannot guarantee any action from users unless the ads are visually appealing to your target audience. According to a leading social media blog, it takes only 2.6 seconds for a user’s eye to catch the attention of a visually appealing ad copy on any social media platform.


Make use of GIFs and Videos in your Facebook Ad Copy.
Use high-quality images in your Facebook Ad Copy.
Use less or no text in your images.
Ensure the image or video matches the recommended size and pixels as shared by Facebook.
Give Social Proof, offer incentives and create a sense of urgency in your Facebook Ad copy to increase the chances of meeting your goals.

4-Minumum of Text Maximum of Sense
Tips to Increase ROI from Facebook Ads
Source: Facebook

 Ensure a minimum of text and maximum of sense in the description of Ad copy. Few or no users would be interested in reading your text but a short and crisp note may grab their eyeballs.

Recommended to write your description text in simple language rather than using jargons showcasing your vocabulary knowledge. Ensure your audience understands the information that is shared and is attracted towards conversion. Ensure you add a personal touch to the description by using pronouns like “you and “your” in the description space of your ad copy.

5-Go for Broad Targeting

 Most marketers do the mistake of limiting their targeting by going for a specific targeted audience on Facebook. This particular approach limits the reach of the ad and thereby losing potential conversions

Marketers can also target using custom audience list. This ensures brands are able to re-target their existing audience or reach out to audience from their database. Using Custom Audience targeting ensures you also reach out to a lookalike audience in Facebook, which are new users having similar profiles to your customer base.

 6-Add an Action Initiating CTA (Call to Action)
Call to Actions on Facebook
Source: Facebook

 Conversions can only be expected if backed by an action initiating call to action that matches up with the Ad copy category. Facebook has a list of pre-defined call to action buttons that can be added in the ad copy from Facebook Ads manager interface.

In case users are directed to an external landing page for conversion events, marketers should ensure the landing page is navigation friendly with the right CTA at the right place.

7-Optimise your Campaign based on your Goals

 Facebook Ads Manager interface gives the option to select various ad delivery methods or Facebook ad optimizations. Based on feedback shared by experts it’s recommended to opt for optimize for conversions in ad delivery section. Many marketers also shared that this resulted in four times more conversions at a cost-effective rate compared to other ad delivery options.

However, it is recommended to go for A/B testing and then select the right ad delivery method for your Facebook Ad conversions marketing campaign.

At times even after opting for optimization for conversion, Facebook ads still may not perform as desired. In such cases, brands can go for optimization for clicks. Therefore it is highly recommended to go for A/B testing while selecting ad delivery method to ensure increased Facebook reach.

8-Choose the Right Ad Format

Unlike Google Ads or Adwords, Facebook paid ads is full of various ad format choices for marketers. In a majority of the cases, social media marketers opt for a direct post ad with a link wherein the ad copy features a creative in the form of an image, video or GIF.

Other creative ad formats are carousal, recommended for social media campaigns wherein one ad copy multiple products or different varieties of one product is displayed, Offer post, Mobile canvas, which is by far the most interactive 360-degree ad format on Facebook.

In case of conversion centric Facebook marketing campaign, most marketers opt for a native video, image or a GIF post combined with a description and clickable window. But in case your product has multiple variants or offers color options you can choose a collection or carousal ad format which also comes with a clickable link.

Again for best results, while selecting the right ad format, it is highly recommended to go for an A/B testing and check which particular Facebook ad format has the highest reach and is best suited for your marketing campaign.

9-Make the Best use of Analytics

If you Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It ~ Peter Drucker

The best part of Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing, in this case, is the ability to measure and track each activity in detail, unlike its offline counterpart which is driven by intuitions and anticipations. Even though data related to any activity initiated through the Facebook Ads manager is available in plenty but very few social media marketers or brands are able to make the best use of this asset. In order to improve the performance of the existing or next campaign, this data is enough to understand and start working on the optimization.

Facebook Analytics to Boost ROI

Select KPIs for your Facebook conversion campaign and track those metrics closely so as to have an overall idea about the performance. Analytics can also help companies replicate a successful Facebook conversion campaign for other products under their belt.

10- Lastly do not forget Re-Targeting through Facebook Ads

 Although the feature has been copied from Google ads or Adwords but if put to right use can reap in great results for your company. The biggest advantage of Re-Targeting is, it helps increase audience retention and increases loyal audience base for any company or brand.

For best results create a campaign and an ad copy in line with the on-going Facebook conversion campaign, where the first line of promotion is done through the regular ad copy and second line of communication through the re-marketing ad-copy. This also helps in creating brand-recall amongst your target audience.

Facebook Re-Targeting to Boost Conversions

To enable Facebook re-targeting, companies need to integrate Facebook pixel first in their website followed by creating your custom audience list. Custom audience list can either be your website visitors or customers in your company’s database.

The above listed 10 points are best for any brand/company or social media marketer getting started with a Facebook Ad for conversion and also stands good in the longer run. Stick to basics and the numbers will start reflecting in your dashboard and on your ROI.

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