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The mobile multimedia real-time messaging application has changed the way people communicated online. The texts, tweets, quotes changed into videos, gifs, and pictures with Snapchat that people used to keep each other updated.

Capturing great moments in boomerangs and filtered videos makes communication as well as social media more interactive and engaging. Moreover, it allows people to snap and share media in real-time which makes it a great place for networks, brands, news, and businesses growth.

increase Snapchat followers

Snapchat does not have any database or collection of snaps that can be re-seen later. Unlike other social media apps, the exchange of media on Snapchat disappears after some time and that makes it difficult for users to increase Snapchat followers or grow quickly on the platform.

In this blog, we will discuss major tips using which the application users can increase snapchat followers and be a pro at it.

Useful hacks and tips to increase snapchat followers

  1. Invite existing contacts

One of the cleverest steps in this process is to approach the list of people who already know you. They are the family, friends, and relatives on your phone’s contact list that will follow back easily and the chances to increase Snapchat followers get doubled.

All you need to do is sync the application with the contact list and allow access to snapchat that will curate a known list of friends who can be added on the profile.

increase Snapchat followers

All you got to do is click on the “add friends” tab followed by picking the “contacts” option and finally hitting the “find friends” tab. It will enlist all the people on your contact list who are available on Snapchat as well.

increase Snapchat followers

Send them a Follow request and wait for a request back.

  1. Use Snapcode wisely

Users can generate code by clicking on the display picture on opening the app. This ghost icon with dots around it serves as the QR code which is shareable and helps friends find you on Snapchat.

To increase snapchat followers share the snap code on multiple social media platforms where other users can upload the image on snapchat to follow your profile.

The snap code can be used in many ways, one of them is making it the profile picture on social media sites or posting on using the code.

  1. Promote username

Snapchat provides a unique URL and username to all of its subscribers that they can use to promote their brands to their audiences on other major social media platforms.

It can be copied to be used as a status, post, story, or display pictures for driving traffic to the page intended.

increase snapchat followers

URL and link can be added to the about section of the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channels for more promotion. In order to attract new social media audience, one can use the mobile Facebook ads that will effectively work to increase snapchat followers.

  1. Good content creation

Snapchat is a short video or media platform, therefore, make sure to create content that is short and crisp. Remember, good content can go viral and stay longer on the “for you” tab of users.

Therefore, a catchy headline is important to attract more audience. If you are making the headline in a particular manner make sure that the storyline is relevant to it and the subject doesn’t seem to be any clickbait.

increase snapchat followers

One can use geotags as well to fetch new followers along with existing ones. Music is another aspect of creating good snapchat content hence, you can include popular tracks, jingles, and voiceovers to make it easier to understand. The content becomes more credible with subtitles or caption and on a platform like snapchat, consumers would watch it completely even with the sounds off.

Do try creating proper content and optimize it accordingly. This will definitely help increase snapchat followers quickly.

increase snapchat followers

  1. Host contest and giveaways

We have discussed social media giveaways and contests in many of our previous blogs and the benefits remain the same. To increase snapchat followers the rules can be like the other normal contests but the impact can be great. Providing decent prize money or arranging a product in the budget for the contest can help users increase their base on the site.

Follow to enter is one of the best ways to expand the snapchat audiences through the contest ideas.

increase snapchat followers

  1. Snapchat takeovers

Getting a guest with huge following or getting featured on one of their channels helps increase snapchat followers with lesser efforts.

Snapchat takeover is a great way to increase snapchat followers and make sure the content creation is relevant. The collaboration should be relatable to your existing audiences while attracting the newer ones.

increase snapchat followers

Takeovers are crossovers between influencers or users that have similar objectives, relatable content, and style. It depends on what kind of content one wants to create depending on the idea or script decided.

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In this technique, more the followers of the partner or influencer, more is its benefits. Takeover on snapchat is a smart marketing campaign strategy that many brands like Sephora have used to gain market attention as well as followers.

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