YouTube MarketingHow to Increase YouTube subscribers using Google +

Today we are going to talk about our options for how to Increase YouTube subscribers using Google +. To cut the long story short, it is a goldmine when it comes to cross networking in social media.

With the Brand Engagement rate double than that of Twitter and 400 million monthly active users on G+, on board, it’s quickly hailed as the next big thing in the social media world.

You can take advantage of marketing on Google+ and increase YouTube subscribers using Google plus, which has an altogether different algorithm when it comes to social network interaction. Here are certain tips and tricks to rake in the benefits with G+ advertising of your videos.

1. As G+ is Google’s premium social media network, it gives preference to those posts which are originally posted there.

2. Google+ as we knew it is dead, but Google Is Still a Social Network, so whatever you share on Google+ gets invariably fed into the Google search engine as well, which in turn can increase your YouTube ranks as well.


3. Here are certain pointers to keep in mind while drafting your post on G+

A) Write a strong piece/blog about your product. As there is seemingly not a word limit, you can expressively detail your product/videos.

B) Throw in all the keywords in your post as well keeping the SEO proposition in mind.

C) Use headlines, bolden the fonts, make ample use of hashtags (#) and asterisks (*). Using the feature mentioned above will take you to the exclusive listings of the same tags used.

Here, G + hashtag feature takes the cherry on the cake, for it also makes exclusive listings of hashtags of similar keywords used in other posts or articles, giving you greater insights. With the feature of adding/making your circles, you can create individual groups depending upon your categories and business verticals.

Here are some new formatting cheats below to help you compose a post that stands out from the rest.

Formatting for Google+ and YouTube Comment Section
Formatting for Google+ and YouTube Comment Section

E) Try to not spam your circles for then you’ll lose mileage. You also have the option of email notification. For best results, you can send out the notification or invites to your mutual circles i.e. people who also have added you to your circles.

4. With G+ and YouTube integration features like “Top Fans” become accessible i.e. any YouTube channel with 1000 plus subscribers can navigate to find their Top Influential.

With such furnished information, you can go then go on make another circle of most engaged &Influential Viewers. Thus, you can also strategies further with those given circles.

5. As we are already acquainted with the Comment Moderation Tool in the creator’s studio, we can derive its usage by making posts which get linked with their engaging comments (therefore, you do not miss any threads) which get reflected in both your G+ account and help you to increase YouTube subscribers using Google +.

This means that if you are sharing your YouTube video on Google+, then it will carry over the comments thread to G+ as well and vice versa.

6. Google Hangout could be used as another cool tool for content marketing and reinforce your message by activating videoconferencing capacities extended up to 10 people thus makes it easy for webinars.

But if you are a non-corporate who wants to network with fans and subscribers you can regularly announce a Hangout session to connect with your fans. You can also innovate and allow Be it webinars, or email marketing or e-newsletters, all get utilized.

You can also use Google+ Hangouts on Air wherein yo don’t have to limit your attendees or deal with annoying ads. Google + communities offer you the chance to survey the market to net your potential subscribers and clients alike by fishing them from similar circles. So, go ahead get started with G+ and get more YouTube subscribers.


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