YouTube MarketingIndependent YouTube creators of India – Men vs Women – who wins?

Akshay Chandra5 years ago

On the occasion of International women’s day, we started listing out top female-centric YouTube channels in India. When we listed out the top independent YouTube creator channels in India, we found out that there was hardly any YouTube channel with a single male lead generating millions of subscribers except BB KI Vines.

Before we move ahead, let’s clear the difference between an Independent YouTube creator and Group Creators. The ones who are the sole representative of their YouTube channels are known as the independent YouTube creator. Example: PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, BB KI Vines. Whereas the group creators are the ones whose YouTube channel is represented by a group of friends, or group of professional video creators. Example: AIB, TVF, and almost all Indian pranks channels.

In this article, we are discussing what are the YouTube categories women in India are dominating, and the most subscribed and viewed independent YouTube channels are there in India, which are headed by a single person; not by a group of artists.

Here are the top 10 independent YouTube creators channels headed by Indian women.

When it comes to beauty, Indian women are hands down one of the top consumers and creators of this content. 6 out of 10 YouTube channels above is related to beauty content, whereas other 4 YouTube channels are related to food. Although above channel breakdown hardly breaks any stereotypical image of an Indian woman, but needless to say, they generate more viewership than men in India.


Here are the top 10 independent YouTube channels headed by Indian men.

In the above chart, women are leading the total viewership generated by above top 10 YouTube channels with more than 1.3 billion views.

Comedy and entertainment are the only category that is heavily bombarded by Indian YouTubers. Even the BIGGIES like AIB and TVF produce content that falls under “Entertainment” bracket.

As per gadget reviews goes, only two YouTube channels are in this list. Although most unboxing/review YouTube channels are headed by a single person (unless if you review toys); there isn’t enough number of channels there yet. We can count at least 10 YouTube gadget review channels in the US that even Indian smartphone buyers watch and follow. India being world’s third largest market for smartphones, there must be more YouTube channels on this platform.

YouTube categories like Animation, sports, news, vlogging, and travel is yet to be explored by Indian YouTubers. Plus, there is not a single YouTube channel dedicated to men’s beauty/grooming in India. (Take a note from Alpha.M if you can).


Have you heard of the female YouTuber going around trying to break gender stereotypes on YouTube?

Meet Rickshawali and MostlySane.

These two YouTubers are the definition of a YouTube channel with neat optimization of titles, tags, and thumbnails. Still, they are generating an average of 194,000 subscribers even though 75% of their audience are female. This is the irony of this situation.

According to our tool, the female demographics between the age 13-17, and 18-24 are more inclined towards watching comedy YouTube channels which include the obvious AIB and TVF. Homemakers dominate the viewership on YouTube channels like Arpita Nath, Priya Malik and others as the content relates to them.

Nonetheless, independent YouTube creators are increasing their presence in this fish market of comedy related videos while infusing some controversial topics. The Indian YouTube content curry is same everywhere with a hint of different spices.


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