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India is a diverse country with 9 prominently recognised religions, 22 official languages in 13 different scripts & 720 dialects with many yet to be researched and 2293 political parties staging separate ideologies.

Constitution stands in support of its people in all forms, yet the questions arise.

Confusions prevail and certain communities stay barred from exercising their fundamental rights & duties.

Indian Instagram LGBT Influencers paint a different art and write separate story about the unity in diversity found in our country.

How well do we know our constitution?

Do we know all about the famous article 377?

The Indian penal code is the official comprehensive code that covers all critical aspects of Indian law & legal entities. The constitution is designed precisely keeping all counterparts of the nation in mind, yet there are issues and flaws still being reformed, amended and changed. Indian Instagram LGBT influencers

Indians belonging to the LGBT+ community have faced discriminations, inequality, suppression and everything regressive. Few cases get filed and several go unreported due to society’s indifference towards the community.

Activists, writers, poets, influencers, celebrities and liberals have stood beside the causes, trying all possibilities to change the scenes in India.

Article 377, criminalised sexual activities “against the order of nature.” This law invaded the private spaces of individuals and contradicted the articles 14, 15 & 21, which confers every Indian with the explicit right to privacy & equality.

After a long battle in the supreme court, the LGBT+ community finally claimed major success by getting the Article 377 decriminalised on September 6th, 2018.

Indian society still differentiates and judges the community due to which individuals strive to live peacefully yet today.

Killings, massacres, violence, harassment and abuses have become common towards the group; hence many social activists and reformers have started doing their bit to change the way world looked at LGBT+ community.

People are voicing opinions, writing their minds and raising questions to the self-claimed “straight” majority. Notable personalities have been fighting the unheard battles of gender equality and many have faced mystery deaths in due course of time.

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We have documented some exceptional noteworthy personalities and groups from the LGBT+ community who influence lives through Indian Instagram accounts.

Top Indian Instagram LGBT Influencers 

1. Durga Gawde Studio: Smart, Rebellious and distinct 25-year-old Durga is an educator, performance artist & TEDx speaker.

They recognise as gender fluid individuals who can feel being a man and even a woman together. He/she are not the appropriate pronouns rather them, their, they are preferred while discussing Durga.


They have 12.6k followers on Instagram account and flaunt their best looks on it. Talking on social issues, atrocities towards the Queer community are primary on their account.

They recently were featured in a live video with RJ Malishka from 93.5 RedFM in Mumbai discussing on the realities and importance of the pride month.

They wear a rainbow every single day to preach love & humanity. Durga says rainbow symbolizes pride and they wear it to feel proud & powerful, thereby accepting their truths unapologetically.

Durga Gawde was featured in many ads and documentaries thereby is looked up as one of the key Indian Instagram LGBT influencers. Bringing in significant changes in society and shaping ideas on the queer community are major goals of their account.

2. Priyanka Paul: She goes with the Instagram name Artwhoring, which signifies Dignity in labour. The account illustrates some crazy, funky and idiosyncratic art pieces depicting Women power, body positivity and mental health.

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A few months ago I had traditional day in college. Everyone turned up in Sarees and Ghaghras and looked gorgeous! I wore a white and golden Kerala saree (because I am from Kerala). However, the saree is not necessarily native to Kerala. We wear the ‘Mundu’. Women as well. But for centuries, wearing a blouse was a privilege reserved to only Upper Caste women in Kerala. There was a breast tax imposed on lower caste women in the Kingdom of Travancore. Lower caste women were forced to be topless. This tax was known as Mulakkaram. Nangeli, a woman from the Ezhava caste ( an oppressed lower caste) cut off her breasts inorder to protest this tax and dishonour. I come from the same Thiyya- Ezhava community, from a legacy of women who were oppressed, and their autonomy over their own body stolen, who had to shed blood to live lives of dignity, who’ve fought the brahmanical patriarchy for centuries. So when I have to turn up for traditional day, my first option is not the saree and blouse. My ancestors have not known the privilege of a saree and blouse. ‘Tradition’ to me is the passing down of the pain and horror that the women I’ve descended from have had to go through, the shame that has been attached to our bodies. My ‘tradition’ is ‘immodesty’, my ‘tradition’ is being ‘topless’, my tradition is this shame. I’ve had to learn to reclaim this oppression. The saree is not my tradition. Your idea of a singular ‘tradition’ that overlooks the oppression it has inflicted upon the intersection of caste, religion and gender is flawed. Your history and your idea of culture are the teachings of the elite and those in power who dictate this biased history to you. Your history doesn’t tell you Nangeli’s story. Your history doesn’t tell you my story. The following pictures are my tribute to Nangeli. Shot by ever enthusiastic @aranyajohar who’s always ready to take pix and put lipstick on me, thank you Aru!❤️🌿 #Nangeli #Kerala #Thiyya #Ezhava #CasteDiscrimination #History #BiasedHistory #Savarna #Caste #IntersectionalFeminism #BreastTax #Saree #Flowers #Portrait #Art #SelfPortrait #Reclaim #Avarna #CasteIdentity #Identity

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Her account is everything you would love about queer and showcases creativity in its best form. Priyanka has received global fame due to her artwork and owns an online store where she sells unique merchandise.

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Body Bazaar 💱 Lips in vermillion Clothed in a blouse My chest an ornament Hair dressed with flowers And eyeshadow bright pink My hand moved through pages Of women With bodies on display Of legs dangling from bags and ceilings Anatomy of a gender Broken Sliced A museum of the living Torsos at an auction Obituaries of beauty Because what you had was not enough Workshops produced imagery For women to buy Bodies marked 'sale' in red My hands stopped flipping I had received my call The world was selling my body Bizzare When I sold it myself I heard Sighs of shame Marked under social taboo My existence marked in excrescent red My only condition to the men Who touch my body while slipping notes into the very folds of my skin -"Don't dissect my expanse Like popular media's scathing glance" #Poetry #Illustration #BodyBazaar #bodies #draw #women #prostitution #sexualisation #mainstreammedia #media #red #art #commercialization #feminism #woman #sex #sexwork #poem #lips #browngirl #desi #india Ps. Check out my story for other versions of the illustration. Can't decide which one to post siiiigh.

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Her artistic works got featured in The Fader, Femina, The Huffington Post, Shethepeople, Buzzfeed and India today.

3. Alok Vaid Menon: They identifies themselves as Transfeminine and is known for normalising discussions on violence against gender non-conforming people of colour.

“I had to learn to perform “boy” so that people wouldn’t harass me” recalls vaid-menon. Vaid wrote poems when they was a teenager, and this helped them vent out pain, agony and trauma instilled by the society.

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spoke to an awesome lgbtq Texan publication @spectrumsouth @ebearw about our upcoming pride party in Bryan College Station! link in bio! photo by @rhysharper “And while it’s empowering to see trans and gender non-conforming folks in their element and living as their authentic selves, Vaid-Menon has a reminder for cisgender allies. “I’m exhausted and scared, to be honest. It’s frustrating when people call gender non-conforming people ‘brave’ and ‘inspirational’ without questioning why we should have to be brave to do something as simple as being ourselves,” Vaid-Menon explains. “Real solidarity would look like holding space for our full emotional range and complexity—even when we are struggling—and committing to challenging that which makes it so difficult for us to exist in the first place!”

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A gender non-conforming performance artist and writer, Alok runs an Instagram page with 217k followers. They have a website dedicated to the art, writing, blogs, opinions for the LGBT+ community.

Vaid has a successful Facebook page where they create videos on poetry & prose, on-stage performances and art.

Being featured in leading channels like HBO, MTV, BBC, CNN & new York times, they have presented their support and opinions on 500 venues in 40 different countries.

Menon is must mention in the list of admirable, inspiring Indian Instagram LGBT influencers who work towards bringing in overall progress.

4. Alex Matthew: One of India’s rare talent, Matthew goes by the name “Maya the Drag queen” and performs to express. The 30-year-old artist identifies self as Queer and created the character “mayamma” who is relatable with a background story which inspires the listeners.

With the motive to bring out and express all atrocities faced by the LGBT+ community, Mayamma which also meant “mother of illusion” or “mother of magic” performed drag art.

He has continuously put efforts in making people understand that Drag performance is the art which is separate from the gender or community the performer belongs.

He aspires to build stronger tales under the name of Mayamma and inspire women to be strong and fight back abuse.

Mayathedragqueen has 13.1k followers on Instagram account and brings in a lot of positive messages in support of the LGBT+ community.

5. Gaylaxy magazine: This special magazine was started in 2010 by Sukhdeep singh, a gay rights activist in India.

The Instagram account has 2k followers and represents the vast culture of the LGBT+ community.

The Gaylaxy magazine releases regular articles to bash the rooted misconception that the indigenous queer community is an outcome of the westernization, globalization and liberalization.

It has continuously given out message in support of same-sex relationships and equal rights to the LGBT+ group. The Gaylaxy magazine is growing on social media sites and the content they post make it worth visiting.

Regular updated news and authentic information found in their content makes them one among the revolutionary Indian Instagram LGBT influencers.

6. Aravani art project: The group comprises of artists and activists who build spaces for people from transgender communities to connect.

Aravani art project Instagram page has over 5k followers and they work towards colouring, creating and painting localities and streets dedicated to the abuses faced by transgender and queer communities.

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Sharing with you some important process♥️ Turning our digital designs into a hand painted mural ♥️ • • There is something so special about doing work #hands on and enjoying the beautiful process. • Although we love how our #digitalart turns into a more beautiful and storyful version of itself on the wall, it's important to be able to #visualize and enable our #transartists to understand the importance of #digital age. • • Bringing to you some fine work from the @facebook headquarters. Thank you @fbairprogram for this gorgeous opportunity. ♥️ #transartists #translivesmatter #learning #proccess #genderfluidpride #transrightsarehumanrights #genderfree #grateful #moments #serendipity #universe #bangaloretosanfransisco #transgenderpeopleofcolour #ThingsItTakesAWhileToUnderstand #simplejoys #friendships #details #transarebeautiful #wearecoming #thuglife #transisbeautiful #transpower #pride #digitalage #artistsoninsta please write or DM us about what you think 💙

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The Aravani art project page gives sufficient exposure to the members of the transgender, bisexual communities through visual arts, videography and murals.

Photographers, filmmakers, artists, activists and social workers have provided the LGBT+ community a platform to express and be heard.

7. Queerkala: With the mission of developing talents and providing platforms to individuals belonging to the LGBT+ community, Queerkala Instagram page has 7k followers.

They work on the idea of ensuring all young individuals belonging to the community understand themselves and attain equality, sustainability & equity.

The page has inspiring posts and they often launch stories on the live events that are organised to spread the awareness and fact about the LGBT+ community.

The page has a lot of queer positivity and acceptance related content that would motivate people towards embracing the real self and explore opportunities in their interested field.

8. Rohit Singh: With over 17.4k followers on Instagram handle RoRo_Love_makeup, Rohit is a professional make-up artist. He breaks all gender-based stereotypes and believes that make-up is not gendered specific.

A thought which states that putting liners and lipsticks is gender neutral and it is an art for anyone who can do it puts out a rare and positive message.

Runway to bridal, everything on make-up comes to Rohit like magic. He knows art at its best form and ensures that any societal rules do not bound it. Rohit’s account on social media leaves people awestruck and he is known amongst celebrities for being a fab Instagram LGBT influencer in India.

9. Taksh Sharma: “Runway muse” as she considers herself, Taksh goes by the Instagram handle name Kawaibloggerchan with over 3k followers. The account is quite inspiring with its bold, daring and stunning pictures & posts.

The account gives a clear message to its followers that is “have the courage to be yourself.”

Taksh is a confident trans freelance stylist and model who writes as well.

One incredible personality who believes in breaking all misconception and ideas about the LGBT+ community through art, fashion, styling and writing.

10. Ankit Dasgupta: Social media manager and television strategist at popular television network, Ankit is a 25-year-old gay activist who actively stands by the LGBT+ community. He sets an example for being one of the fine Indian Instagram LGBT influencers that creators can look up at.

He participates in the pride month flashmobs every year and loves working in queer inclusive projects.

Ankit deserves all the praise for being the fierce, bold and amazing Indian Instagram LGBT influencers.

With over 5k followers, Ankit’s Instagram profile is a documentation of his daily life with his ideologies and opinions on the queer group.

He worked closely with Faye d Souza and promoted amendments in article 377 towards the acceptance of homosexuality. Their contribution towards the revolutionary verdict on the law is noteworthy.

11. Sushant Divgikar: Popular for his drag queen character “Rani KoHEnur” Divgikar bagged the winner cup for Mr gay India 2014.

He is a singer, performer and drag artist who expresses opinions glazed in relatable stories. Sushant is a mind blowing performer, best known for his confident presentations and praiseworthy skills in performing art.

The character “Rani KoHEnur” he weaved stories around was the first ever drag queen who got telecasted on the national television.

His Instagram page has 320k followers, where his fans get the necessary doses of  motivation, information and awareness. Sushant is an actor and a good TV host too.

12. Anwesh Sahoo: The Troy Perry award Recipient and youngest ever Mr. Gay World India winner, Anwesh is all about inspiration. He is admired for his art, creativity and Intelligence therefore is one of the loved Indian Instagram LGBT influencers.

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There are days when I wake up and thank my stars, and the Almighty again and again for the opportunities I've had, for having the sanity to make the right choices, and say a complete NO to projects that didn't align with my thought process and ideology, because it isn't easy to be put in a vulnerable situation, and still have the audacity to stand your ground. Being gay in India, especially in a city like Delhi, one has to be very very smart in making sure you're not putting yourself out there at the cost of your personal safety. I'd probably not even have a roof over my head if I come out to my Landlords. You make your choices, you keep a part of yourself only to yourself, a part of yourself for the world around you, a part of you for your family, and a part of you sometimes at work. Today, I'm grateful my 20 year old self has had the courage to keep up with some very difficult times, even when it felt like the end of the world, I'm grateful to have not let abuse engulf me into an infinite dungeon of depression and never ending sorrows. I'm grateful to each individual who appreciates my work, my art. I make each piece with a lot of heart, and a lot of love, and sometimes with a lot of pain, but it is ALWAYS heartfelt. Thank you for being by my side, my wonderful friends and fam. I am, because of you. #theeffeminaresays #thesariseries #crownthebrown #genderneutrality . . . . . . #anweshsahoo #mrgayindia #mgwi #gayindia

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He won the crown in 2016 at the age of 20 and stood firm in the long LGBTQ activism. He is a multitalented personality. A TEDx speaker, artist, writer, blogger and performer, Sahoo lives in Delhi and is the creator of the Effeminare which you must check out to get a dose of positive creativity.

His Instagram page has over 3k followers. On his creators’ page the.effeminare, he illustrates fashion ideas, utopian world creatives and much more.

Lover of old school Indian art, music and fashion, Sahoo is a fearless, bold and influencing person on social media.

13. Vqueeram Aditya Sahai: With over 8.6k followers on Instagram Vikramaditya takes a firm stand on LGBT+ issues.

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charm is one of those few things i have little patience with. not only because charm is really the seduction of the conventional, the status quo – since it involves often an ironic take on the status quo but not a challenge, a self deprecation but not the revealing of the unfitness of the scene, a comic that only unmasks to be revealing another. but charm is also about language, common references, citations, a lingo in which it creates its public, nay spectators. charm then is the way the old boys clubs remain their’s even when it allows us young girls. here is a picture of me attending a lecture by a first world uni professor at the India International Centre. PC: @pranavkuttaiah, who refused to be charmed. #queer #ivyleagues #firstworld #castepublics #worldmaking #resistance #delhi #gender

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He teaches at Ambedkar University, where he is famous for keeping an unconventional view of the gender binary.

His work on gender inequality, violence on LGBT+, ideology and opinion can be traced on social media platforms.

According to Vikramaditya, biases associated with gender are a form of violence which is unnecessary and unhealthy. He has inspired people to love their gender & sexuality while accepting the realities and taking necessary steps to prevent injustice.

The pride month has bought in people from different walks of life together all over the world. People are marching, performing and spreading knowledge on sexuality, acceptance, nature of humankind and similar issues to the public.

Indian Instagram LGBT influencers are doing their part in spreading the ideology, fact, opinions and information about the communities that are usually ignored on many stages.

Indian Instagram LGBT influencers

The LGBT+ community has faced a lot of atrocities and abuses till date, they still do. Therefore, NGO’s, organisations, institutes have taken the necessary steps to reduce and halt all of these. Many Indian Instagram LGBT influencers voiced their opinions and staged protests on social media to garner attention of people towards the issue.

India recently scrapped the irrational and much-debated article 377, which bought in new hopes of living a normal life to the concerned community. The diversity seen in the country has bought unity to its people this year. Indian Instagram LGBT influencers

Workshops and meetings ensure people are treated equally and communities under LGBT+ banner get all the deserving opportunities to express themselves.

Indian LGBT influencers on Instagram arranged meetups, held discussions and created content to spread awareness continuously and we appreciate all efforts that they made to catalyze the situation and bring in revolutionary changes for the community.

The constitution of India now is changing towards a better future by including all of its people and giving them equal rights to live & express.

There are many more notable celebrities from Bollywood, Indian politics, Journalism and law background who are fighting along to bring in harmony to the LGBT+ groups.

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