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Sidharth Jena4 years ago

Ever since its inception, Instagram has been the made for each other like perfect platform for people interested in photography, especially landscape or travel photography & travel bloggers. Over the years these people who started with just an instagram account, went on to become travel influencers in their own niche/category.

The travel industry in India has shown tremendous growth and thanks to affordable air fares & better connectivity more & more Indians are travelling nowadays than they ever did.

I am yet to meet anyone who hates travelling and Incredible India has many options with diversity to offer for travelers than any other country has to offer. From snowcapped Himalayas to the pristine beaches, Incredible India has everything for a traveler looking to spend a quality time with family and self.

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only 1 page


Here is a list of 20 best Indian Instagram travel accounts or travel bloggers in Instagram every Indian or any foreigner visiting India should look upto while planning their next Indian holiday and don’t forget to follow them.

  1. Name: Subhash Chandra , User Name: subhash_chandra

If you looking to plan a trip to the mighty Himalayas in India, then you should take a look into his Instagram feed before selecting your hilly destination. Snow Snow Everywhere

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Abhinav Singhai , User Name: abhinavinsta

Learn creativity in sky photography from Abhinav Singhai. His instagram feed includes creative way of capturing skies with stars. Main attraction- His travel pictures of star filled Indian sky.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Abhinav Chandel, User Name: abhiandnow

If you think becoming a travel blogger & solo traveler is piece of cake, then do check out his journey of a travel blogger. Apart from his great clicks, Abhinav is a great writer and responsible traveler who ensures his love for travel doesn’t take a toll on the environment.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Jitendra Singh, User Name: indian_travel_photographer

Jitendra is an independent photojournalist based out of Shimla & New Delhi. His feed includes the raw emotions from Indian festivals along with mountains, art & architecture & Buddhism monuments to name a few.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Lakshmi Sharath, User Name: lakshmisharath

Lakshmi is a freelance travel blogger and her instagram travel account is not less than a paradise for a travel addict. Unlike most instagram travel accounts which have a majority of pics from Himalayas, her feed is a mix of all terrains and also includes some international destinations.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Vivek Soni, User Name: sonivivek

His bio reads, Visual Alchemist, storyteller featured in shutterstock, scoopwhoop, aajtak,, InspiroIndia & YouthKiAwaaz. He is a magician in photography and has super editing skills. He truly is a storyteller through his photographs. A must see travel instagram feed for instagrammers looking for creative fusion.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: India Trail, User Name: india.trail

The North East of India is truly magical in all its form. Visit any month of the year it never fails to amaze the eyes of the traveler. India trail’s travel instagram account has pictures full of spectacular & unexplored North East landscapes.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Neelima Vallangi, User Name: neelimav

Her instagram bio reads storyteller. I take you to places where few venture. Neelima’s travel instagram account’s feed truly justifies her bio of taking her followers to places where few venture.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Shivya Nath, User Name: shivya

A travel author featured in BBC, Tedx, Nat Geo & WWF. The esteemed features truly justify seeing her travel instagram account’s feed full of inspiring travel pics from India & abroad.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Shramona Poddar, User Name: mishti.and.meat

Like a true bong her travel instagram account feed is also full of sweetness & pure emotions from Indian festivals along with the obvious beautiful Indian landscape. If you are a female and looking for travel suggestions and inspiration to go solo, then you must be following Shramona.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Shailja, User Name: travelnerdstory

Lawyer by profession but also adds up as travel blogger & photographer, Shailja’s travel instagram feed is full of WoW factor. From freshly powdered snow to yellow autumn leaves the feed has everything right from a typical Yash Chopra movie.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Ravi Choudhary, User Name: choudharyravi

A photojournalist who also adds up as a travel blogger. Ravi’s travel instagram feed shows his great photography skills along with a way of storytelling through his pictures. Apart from landscapes and travel destinations, Ravi’s instagram feed also includes candid captures from daily life in Indian cities.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Prateek Ahuja, User Name: purplekarma

Pseudo Techie, Marketer, a photography enthusiast & Co- Founder of delhi_igers, Prateek Ahuja’s travel instagram account is all about how an instagrammer can make his instagram feed look beautiful with simple pics with minimal editing.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Devang Sethi, User Name: the_punjabi_wanderer

Devang left his high paying tech job to be a full time traveler & travel vlogger. He is a professional videographer & YouTuber from Kapurthala, Punjab. The best thing about Devang’s travel instagram account is the detailing he puts in for all his pictures & video. His feed truly justifies his bio, travelling like a local. To explore any country or part of India like a local, take help from this Punjabi munda.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Harsha Shewakramani, User Name: harsha.happiness

Another solo female traveler whose instagram feed is all about spectacular travel pictures captured from various parts of India & abroad. If you are a lady & not sure where & how to start solo travelling, then you can take inspiration from her.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Bobby Joshi, User Name: bobbyjoshii

The best & probably amongst the few travel influencers whom other leading travel bloggers also follow for travel photography ideas. Bobby Joshi is the Founder of Good Shotz. His feed itself speaks of the deep knowledge & passion he has for photography & traveling respectively. If you want to learn How to create magical pictures for your travel instagram account, then he is the guy.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Surbhi Kaushik, User Name: surbhikaushik

Co-Founder Good Shotz & colleague of Bobby Joshi. Surbhi is truly a dynamic photographer and her instagram feed justifies it. Undoubtedly amongst the best female travel photographers in Instagram at the moment.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Rufus Reylonds, User Name: the.ramukaka

Rusfus Reylond,s instagram feed is no less than a documentary of his travel escapades. Mr. Reylonds beautifully narrates his journeys by a way of storytelling by meticulous use of subjects & landscape in his pics.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Prashanth Vishwanathan, User Name: prashanthvishwanathan

Every Inch of Indian landscape is full of different colors, emotions, festivals & terrain. Professional photographer Prashanth’s travel instagram account is all about India captured at the right moment & mood.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: George Koruth, User Name: fotobaba

fotobaba aka George Koruth’s travel instagram account is all about scrolling down & down and exploring each pic & video captured at the right moment of time. The only favor instagram can do is by adding a by default scroll down account to help followers easily explore all his pics in feed. Timing matters & his pic justifies it.

Instagram Travel Influencers

  1. Name: Aakash Malhotra, User Name: wanderwithsky

The headline of the blog is 20 Indian travel accounts to follow on Instagram but I have also mentioned that I might have missed some top Instagram travel influencers. Presenting the latest addition Wander with Sky aka Aakash Malhotra because he is worth it and most importantly he believes he is worth it. The only mantra to become successful in life is to believe in yourself and Aakash has passed the test. No matter how many followers a travel influencer has or the number of countries he/she has traveled, the right attitude and self-belief is what can take you to the next level.


It’s Easier said than Done

Being a travel enthusiast myself and having a love for exploring the less explored places in India, I can surely say travelling is always a great experience but to stay on the roads for 200/365 days is not an easy task.

The list has not been made on the basis of number of followers the above instagrammers have, but purely on the basis of diversity & beauty of their instagram feed. Surely I would have missed many other leading instagram travel influencers who are doing an equally good job. If you feel you are amongst those who should be featuring in this list or you know someone who should be featuring, you are most welcome to add their instagram username in the comment section.

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