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When it comes to taboo breaking and thoughtful video content, web shows have been playing a vital role in India in the last couple of years. In a country where television and the different movie industries are strangulated by tight censorship, web shows have been the go-to source of thought provoking entertainment for the millennials. Viewership has been steadily increasing  and the emergence of OTT platforms like Voot and the entry of global video streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime is a good sign for the entertainment industry in the country. Brands are fast catching up with this changing trend in entertainment consumption and have started to sponsor and produce web shows. As an acknowledgment to this changing trend, we have analyzed the performance of the Indian web shows in 2016. In this blog, I’ll highlight a few interesting stats and observations from the report which is available for free download. Hope you’ll find it interesting.


  • Different versions of a web series are not considered. (For ex: Sex Chat with Pappu and Papain different languages like Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam etc)
  • The view count of sneak peaks, teasers, and trailers related to the web show are not considered.
  • Secondary elements of the series’ like songs, interviews etc are not considered.
  • For series’ like Alisha which started in 2015 and moved on to 2016, only the view count of videos uploaded in 2016 is considered.
  • When a series is posted in multiple channels (Like the show Better Life Foundation), only the original channel from where it was uploaded is considered for viewership count.
  • Web shows from OTTs like Voot are not considered since the viewership data of their shows is not public.
  • Data updated till 13th December.

Top 10 Indian web shows of 2016

10. Sex chat with Pappu & Papa
9. Official Chukyagiri
8. TVF Tripling
7. Little Things
6. Saini Sahab Series
5. TVF Bachelors
4. Ladies Room
3. Girl in the city
2. Life Sahi Hai
1. Permanent Roommates Season 2

Some interesting Stats

  • The average duration of an episode is 17 Minutes and 39 Seconds
  • Total views clocked by the top 25 web shows in 2016 – 139,240,405
  • Average views per episode – 744,601
  • 40% of the shows had brand sponsorship
  • Some of the brands that sponsored web shows in 2016 – Ola, OnePlus, 9 Apps, Durex, Flipkart, Tata Motors, Gillette, Lakme, Tanishq, Flipkart and Airtel
  • Average number of episodes per web show – 6

web shows genre india
views genre web shows india

Industry Report

Web shows in India have been game changers when it comes to tackling taboo subjects and thought provoking content. Away from the grip of censorship, web shows have been a source of intelligent content which is extremely difficult to find in the television and movie industries in the country. This report is an acknowledgment to this changing trend in entertainment consumption in India.

The report includes –

– Viewership data of the top 20 web shows of 2016

– Brand sponsorship for web shows

– Interesting data pointers

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