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It is quite apparent that YouTube has started to rule over the planet slowly and steadily in the modern times. Other platforms such as Netflix and Daily motion are praised as well but YouTube with its unmatched features and unparalleled user-friendly attributes is the platform hailed by most of us.

Being the only video platform and the source of education, entertainment, news and gossip YouTube is definitely a platform which has been appreciated by individuals worldwide. YouTube, unlike other platforms, does not charge viewers a monthly subscription fee. It is probably one of the only spots from where video streaming is absolutely free.

A huge number of website owners look to incorporate a YouTube-like portal with the help of the best YouTube clone script which would be able to accumulate revenue as well as draw in internet beholders to an excellent and flawless content. Carving a YouTube clone might be known to most, but it is also asking for a lot of patience and composure.

The setup might empty your pockets but the quality remains unharmed. Video CMS software which can be abundantly found over the web creates the best YouTube clone script in the market at the moment sticking to the goal of creating a brilliant website which would be useful to both the website and its followers. Distribution of videos, commenting on them and even saving them is only possible on a platform which has cloned YouTube.

Revenue is ideally generated from viewers indirectly and promotions with a direct approach. One can easily make money through a variety of plans which had been infused by YouTube clone makers. These are basically payment portals which are also a reflection of YouTube payment gateways. Pre-rolled promotions which are mandatory start playing once you would click on the icon. You won’t relish an option here since you wouldn’t be given any. One has to go through the advertisement to watch the video.

Target customers must either be the ones who are continuously browsing the internet to watch their most favored video, game or movie or the viewers which include video developers, brands who post clippings which are the latest and are again of top priority. Marketers have not been much of a focal subject but even they provide commercial video content which kicks off at the starting of the videos.

YouTube as of now is the best video sharing portal and is also deemed as one of the best search engines ever to have laid foot in cyberspace. People are bored of reading texts and staring at pictures. At the moment individuals are looking to create their personal YouTube clone but are usually confused as to where would they get hold of an impeccable YouTube clone script. Below we will be discussing some of the best YouTube clone script which will aid you in constructing a YouTube clone without you having to learn coding and other technical aspects.

PHP Motion

PHP motion is an excellent YouTube clone script which allows easy uploading of video files straight from the PC of the user. A distinguishable feature allows the video to be uploaded in different formats be it .mpg, .dinx, .avi and some others as well. You can be aware of the upload as it takes place.

With PHP motion of can customize the video by editing the title, tags and maybe the description. You as an admin will be able to manage your files or delete a video at any point in time and go ahead with a public or private video as per the customer’s feasibility. Video comments can be enabled or disabled by the admin just like YouTube. Embedding is encouraged here as well.

Clip Bucket

Clip bucket is famous for it Open Source Multimedia Management Script (MMS). It is an extremely responsive YouTube clone script. Video management here can be commenced using some upgraded features.

Clip Bucket aids in Real-time conversion providing a complete media management script, controls user management and texting system. Comments and ratings also include a major part. Clip bucket is featured with an inbuilt dialect editor along with a section for channels and user feed. Clip Bucket will provide you the most robust and secure platform ever.

PHP Melody

PHP Melody is one of the best YouTube clone script CMS utilizing which you can without much of a stretch begin your video streaming site. PHP Melody Video Script has every one of the elements of a great video content which will satisfy every one of your prerequisites of making and running a video site, for example, it is anything but difficult to utilize, open source code, dependable, client engagement, constant updates and has the potential to make money as well.

Video Plus

Video Plus is a magnificent theme acquired from Theme Junkie which can be effortlessly utilized for video websites, news, and magazine locales also. It runs great with Word Press 3.3.2 and accompanies a lifetime customer support.

It is additionally stacked with loads of custom gadgets to improve your site. It is SEO friendly, aids Advanced Control Panel and Advertise Management also.


MediaShare gives an exceptionally dependable, effective and moderate video sharing and hosting a stage for building and running your media sharing sites.

It is completely adaptable and accompanies a lifetime support along with numerous technical features too.


Throughout the years, PHPVibe has developed immensely and is currently perceived as a capable YouTube clone script. It works as a spotless, versatile benevolent, and client-centered Video Sharing Script.

It accompanies an enhanced CSS Style in light of Bootstrap 3, most up to date jQuery, and freshest versions of jQuery modules.


One of the best YouTube clone script you can relish with minimum expenditure is StreamTube. This is a product of video CMS giants StreamHash and is breaking every barrier with its top-notch engagement and sales.

The admin panel which had been created is totally flawless and user-friendly. The relationship between the customer and the buyer is built on trust and other faith-related factors. The best feature that will be boggling your mind and leave you appreciating is the customization part which would assist you in a few adjustment schemes.

With a brilliant business layout to secure monetization techniques aided by other notable particulars, this solution has been the best tool to get owners of video streaming sites out of their worries.

StreamTube has incomparable features such as push notifications, management of advertisements and a huge archive of video content which makes it the best YouTube clone script. The customer service is exceptional whereas the developers at StreamTube are exceptionally skilled.

In this article, we have spoken about some top-notch software that is being used in today’s market as bait for coming up with platforms that clone YouTube. You also might find some more platforms which will allow you to clone YouTube. However, your choice will depend on your budget, your niche and what exact elements would you like to have on your YouTube clone. Go ahead and choose your priority wisely.


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