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Influencer marketing is the most sought after marketing techniques used in almost every industry. Here are the do’s and Don’ts when choosing your Influencer on YouTube and other social media platforms.
Akshay Chandra6 years ago

Influencer marketing is the most sought after marketing techniques used in almost every industry. An influencer is someone who has a reliable audience that supports and follows his/her advocacy, which in turn affects the purchase decisions of others. If you trace its history, influencer marketing started way back in the early times of kings and aristocrats.

Ever wondered why politicians like Barack Obama constantly try to win the support of top celebrities from different racial backgrounds, during the time of elections? They do it because celebrities from varied ethnicities; like Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Will-I-am, or Eva Longoria boost their votes and rating polls exponentially..

Even in the digital space, influencer marketing can play a pivotal role in changing the mindset of prospective customer and influence their buying decisions. Banking on an influencer to reach out to a niche audience usually gives you a better ROI than Paid or owned media!

So, how to choose your influencers?

1.Let the right one in:

Find out the influencers according to the niche of your brand. Ed Keller and Jon Berry proposed five attributes which define influencers.

  • Activists: These guys support certain causes and rally people behind them.
  • Connected: Influencers with a huge following on social media platforms
  • Impact: Heavyweights in their field of choice and are well respected for their accomplishments.
  • Active minds: They talk about everything with multiple sets of interests.
  • Trendsetters: Early adopters, and propagandists.

For example, consider Guy Kawasaki (Impact) who is an evangelist, accomplished author, investor, and speaker. Guy’s accomplishments range in entrepreneurship, marketing tips, social media opinions and gadget reviews. So, he is a perfect influencer if you’re looking to sell a product that caters to Online Marketers. But, if you’re looking to launch a new line of clothing, he is absolutely the wrong influencer to reach out to.

2. Finding influencers on YouTube:

So, it is pretty obvious that the success of your influencer marketing campaign depends almost entirely on the selection of the right influencer. How can one do it on YouTube? We, at Vidooly provides 3 highly useful Free features on our website that can be used by marketers to find influential YouTubers: Trending Videos, Top YouTube Categories, and Top YouTube Channels. Each of them can be used to find the right YouTubers for your influencer marketing campaigns:

Trending Videos:

No matter what brand you are, knowing which videos are trending in which category on YouTube, can be extremely useful. Suppose you want to run a campaign about a new beauty product you’re about to launch, being aware of the Trending How to & style videos can prove to be very useful to catch hold of the interest of your target demography. Here’s how easy it is to find Trending videos in How to and style category on Vidooly:

how to and style trending videos

Note: Click here to check out Trending Videos from any country and category

Top YouTube Categories

Another easy way to find popular channels is through Vidooly’s Top Categories feature. Using this Free feature, you can find the most popular channels from any YouTube category! Here’s how it looks:

top channels from different youtube categories

Suppose you’re trying to search for YouTube influencers who can integrate one of your latest gadgets in their video, you can find all popular Science & technology related channels through this feature.

top science & technology channels on youtube

Note: Click here to check out popular channels from any YouTube category

Top YouTube Channels

Most of the times, a new brand product release or promotion needs to be targeted at specific geographies. For instance, a new toy released just in Australia. In such a scenario, brands would want to target influencers from Australia. This feature lets you do that with absolute ease:

top youtube channels from different countries

Note: Click here to check out popular YouTube channels from a particular country

3. Social power:

If you are looking to run a campaign on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, the primary attributes to look for while scouting for an influencer are the number of likes to the fan page, the number of Followers and the number of subscribers, respectively.

There are a few other factors that you should keep an eye on:

  • Engagement rate: This measures the effectiveness of the influencers in engaging their audience. Using this ratio helps marketers to define the success rate of a particular brand or an individual. You can calculate this rate by the formula shown below:

Engagement rate

  • Views per post/video and Publishing rate: Having consistent flow of likes and comments shows the sign of a successful profile or brand. You obviously “buy Facebook profile likes”, but their post strengths is what plays the deciding factor. Anyone can promote their posts, but they need to have the consistency to showcase their popularity.

This is the reason for the downfall of Facebook’s popularity. YouTube is a much reliable platform to choose your influencers since you cannot buy off the performance statistics. YouTube offers real-time views and likes where you can also check the content publishing rate of channels – Which is a big deciding factor.


4. Help from Tools:

Online tools can come handy when you are out of options or need to support a decision with substantial analytics. You can use social media tools like FameBit, ninjaoutreachLittle BirdKeyhole, Klout and Grapevinelogic to find your best influencers. But most of these tools are meant for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest etc.

We used influencer marketing too!

Yes. We also tried our hands at Influencer marketing and we are still doing it. We got popular YouTubers to do Guest Video Blogging for us. You can check out our videos on our YouTube channel where we asked popular YouTubers like Jessica Cellona, Jesse Muench, Bryce Witchey and Spaniard Maria del mar Garcia Fiol to share their views on various different topics on video marketing. This helped us a lot in increasing our brand reach in different demographics.

Why YouTube has an edge over other platforms:

Most people these days turn to YouTube to learn about a new product, get a review or to know how a product works for real. The best thing about YouTube is the vast amount of influencers you can find in every demographic!  If you have a gaming product, then there is a vast gaming community on YouTube to leverage. Beauty brands on YouTube have hundreds of beauty vloggers with a viewership of more than a billion!

Here are a few examples that will make you think twice about picking influencers on social media platforms other than YouTube.

  • Smosh: With more than 18 million subscribers, they released a video for Sun Drop soda back in May, which has now attracted more than 5 million views. Also, they played a vital part in the launch of Assassin’s creed III back in 2012.
  • Pewdiepie: He is the owner of the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. With the help of his 20 million strong followers (Bro Army), he has helped hundreds of indie games such as Slender: The Eight Pages and Goat Simulator.
  • Michelle phan: She is arguably the most famous beauty vlogger on YouTube. Cosmetic brands provide special coupons and exquisite product giveaway for Michelle Phan.  Back in 2013, L’Oreal launched a new cosmetic line called “em” by Michelle Phan.
  • Lewis Hilsenteger: Many of us know him from his YouTube channel Unbox Therapy which has the most subscribers on YouTube for a tech review channel. In his video “iPhone 6S Aluminum Bend Test”, he partnered with local brands like dbrand and Elemental Controls. With more than 3 million views on this single video, imagine the amount of brand awareness they got in the tech community. This is what influencer marketing looks like on YouTube when your brand is an alloy testing company.

Things to keep in mind:

So, if you think that influencers marketing on YouTube can do great things for your brand, you should keep certain factors in mind:

  • Contact them directly – Don’t hire an agency to do the job for you. Unnecessary communication gaps can turn off the influence.
  • Choose the right one – Research a lot and find the right influencer whose audience fits your target demographic.
  • Be organized – Create a detailed strategy before reaching out to the influencer.
  • Be transparent – Do not over promise and under deliver. Make the payments timely and strictly abide by a mutual contract.

To conclude, Influencer marketing can do wonders for your brand if you utilize its potential effectively. People’s decision to buy any product is influenced directly or indirectly by someone. What are your views on influencer marketing? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below.

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Akshay Chandra

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