ListsTop 5 Influencer Marketing Trends of 2020: Where to Dive Into

Influencer marketing has come a long way, exploding into one of the hottest marketing areas. 

This area keeps thriving, as industries focus more on influencers over celebrities. This, in turn, translates in the growing spends: according to recent figures, 66% of marketers intend to invest more in their influencing this year. 

As you may guess, channels and platforms where influencers can build their presence in 2020, go far beyond YouTube or Instagram. To help you navigate the opportunities and gain the most authentic and effective partnerships, we’ve put together this collection of 5 influencer marketing trends.

1. Expand Vlogging Opportunities with New Channels and Placements

Today you can turn a video channel into a multi-million dollar empire. Just think of PewDiePie ranked among the top 3 YouTubers with his 106M subscribers, or Ryan Kaji, the 8-year-old kid hosting a children’s YouTube channel. 

However, vloggers don’t live by YouTube alone. Breaking new ground in video marketing is CTV (connected TV), streaming video through Roku, AmazonFire TV, and other smart TVs, boxes, and game consoles. 

The audience of CTV viewers encompasses 70 million homes only in the US. The core (53%) of the CTV audience is in the age category of 25-44 year olds. Also, 25% of all CTV viewers are people with upper middle incomes, making this audience lucrative for many brands.

While CTV looks like a promising channel for vloggers, you may think, “OK, but how do I start my channel on Roku or Apple TV?”. The best way to get there is to partner with a monetization platform, which will take care of all the technology and marketing matters on your behalf. 

VlogBox, one such CTV streaming and monetization platforms, creates and maintains the apps (video streaming analog to  ‘channels’) and ensures these apps get featured and promoted on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. For instance, with VlogBox, WatchJojo, an entertainment and educational channel, has doubled its revenue and got 16K app installs across the CTV audience. 

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Whether you need to strengthen your YouTube community through new channels or explore ways to reach new audiences and markets, CTV might become a new goldmine for both purposes.

2. Keep up With Social Media Novelties

As social distancing continues, people are spending more time on social platforms now. Along with increasing the time spent there, the audiences of social media platforms are growing too. Facebook remains the most popular social network in the US, with its 2.6 billion monthly active users. Next in line is Instagram, with 1 billion monthly active users, as of January 2020.

There are other platforms worth considering from an influencer perspective: Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest, as they are amongst the top-10 social media apps with the most downloads.

3. Open the Gates for Timesaving and Unskippable Podcasts

While audio content may not be as striking as video, it still has impressive coverage. As of now, there are over 850,000 active podcasts, and this number keeps growing rapidly. 

By moving blogging from the written word to audio, podcasts let the audiences save time and parallel listening alongside other activities like driving, cooking, cleaning, or exercising. 

As for the podcast genres, the most popular ones relate to society and culture, business, health, comedy, news and politics. Time magazine, in its recent collection of the best podcasts, shares a nourishing mix of comedy, conversation and fiction, picking podcasts focused on the daily news, cooking tips, and stories.

The lockdown of 2020 has proved that podcasting is another stable and quarantine-proof channel. So, it seems that influencers will create more audio content, which is what their audiences now demand.

4. Build Trust with Live Video Streaming 

With the rise of IGTV, Facebook Live, and live streaming on other platforms, like Twitch, influencers got access to a powerful tool to build more trust and personalization across their tribes. With live video, viewers feel that you’re speaking directly to them, and typically, they are willingly jumping into the conversation.

While Instagram Stories are counting 500 million daily viewers, and Facebook Live reporting daily watch time growth by 4 times over a year, other major players have appeared on the scene of live video. 

Just recently, Amazon announced they are opening Amazon Live to streamers and broadcasters. Previously, influencers who joined the Amazon Influencer Program, could earn money by referring their fans to Amazon products only through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Now Amazon is giving live streamers a new way to earn commissions on purchases of products showcased in their streams. 

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5. Choose Generation Z as a Key Audience

The first fully digital generation in a world where the online and offline always co-exist, is the most desired audience of both influencers and brands. 

Gen Z appear to be strong influencers themselves within their families. Both small and large consumer decisions in all areas of family spending are coming from them. Besides, trust and a sense of belonging to a community is essential to this generation. That makes a big moment for Gen Z influencers, as they are becoming the door for brands to access their audience.

Along with the widespread recognition that Gen Z is mainly into Snapchat and Instagram Stories, CTV also becomes an important channel to win their attention. This is where influencers and brands should think cross-platform, as Gen Z consume CTV content without leaving their mobile gadgets.

Wrapping Things up

Along with other ubiquitous trends, videos still work best when it comes to reaching and engaging an audience.

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