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The fashion microbloggers and lifestyle influencers are the most appropriate mediums to communicate with the adapting world now. They are well in touch with their audiences and have a connection rooted more profound than just mere accounts online. The digital population in India as surveyed till January 2018 found 462 Million active internet users which speak about the burgeoning tech and digital revolution taking place here.

The Indian population these days is seen mostly acquiring and adapting itself to various rational and developmental thoughts; their Lifestyles are the real parameters to measure the same. The fashion and lifestyle microbloggers have been changing the way the world presented itself.

Around 250 Million active social media users have kept the niche influencer under various categories functioning. Fashion and lifestyle when pegged as one of the most searched and followed categories that garners most followers. The internet has grown to become less biased and gender-specific when it comes to these topics. We can easily find male fashionistas and female bikers influencing young masses in the country.

List of Top lifestyle and fashion Micro Bloggers:

  1. Santoshi Shetty: The architect turned influential Blogger gives her audience perfect living goals through her blog The StyleEdge. Santoshi has some serious sterling skills in writing and blogging on social media platforms. The winner of various prestigious best blogger awards, she continues to spread the message of living well. She writes specifically on fashion and lifestyle that includes healthy eating, relaxing travel breaks and beauty care tips.

Santoshi Shetty- fashion microbloggers

More than 618.3K followers on her engaging Instagram and social media handles are evidence of the great work she does. The blogs and write-ups are always interactive, and she makes them readable, inspiring and convincingly doable too. A whole assembly of the sensible fashionista, effective Blogger, trusted traveler and everything made of stars and glitter. Go follow her for some exclusive “like a boss” street styles, picturesque backdrop photography and right angle shots.

  1. Karron S Dhingra: If you think Fashion blogging is only and exclusively a feminocentric idea then you might feel the need to reconsider your opinions after scrolling through Karron’s feed. With around 132K followers on his Instagram account and drool-worthy pictures on the feed, this lawyer metamorphosed fashion blogger shares some of his freshest mix and match outfit ideas, smart grooming tricks and “feel great” moments.

Karron dhinggra-fashion microblogger

He hosts a dynamic and interactive force of audience on his page and entertains them with some brightest lifestyle and fashion posts. Karron is the perfect epitome of being an adept male style icon and fashion microbloggers one must check for the finest fashion ideas.

  1. Akanksha Redhu: If you are a trend lover and follow fashion diligently, Akanksha must be a known name for you. This army kid lived in the whole of India and started her original blog site right in her college days. Akanksha is well known for her quirky, unique and class apart sense of styling herself which has and is continuing to inspire a lot of her audience.

Akanksha redhu- fashion microblogger

On her website, you will easily spot engaging fashion and lifestyle content which will give you some serious goals in life. She posts on travel, healthy eating and luxury as well. With over 176K followers on her verified Instagram account, she encourages people to embrace themselves and stay fit with yoga.

  1. Usaamah Siddiqui: after working closely with a celebrity stylist, Usaamah started his blog and went on to build The Dapper Label. A fashion house for males and a blog that has some basic yet idiosyncratic content that can leave the reader with some straightforward tips to dress great.

usaamah-fashion bloggers

The passion for edgy designs and classy fashion option helped him start his label under the same name as his blog. Male fashion microbloggers are very low in their concentration and Usaamah made male fashion better and approachable with his blog content and designs. He writes on his travel quests and lifestyle tricks which gets massive interactions from his 64.9K followers on Instagram thus making him an effective influencer.

  1. Kritika Khurana: She is @thatBohoGirl who brings along some best beauty care regimes and reviews on popular products. Writing on trending styles, tricks and tips as per seasons and demand, bohemian trends, getting the looks are her favorite. She travels and clicks just the right amount of glam and glitter for her 585K ardent followers on Instagram that constantly motivate her to create the trendiest that any of the fashion microbloggers must post.                                                                                                                                           kritika khurana-fashion blogger Right from shoes to shades, kaftans and kerchiefs, jackets to jeggings she pairs them all just perfectly. Her contents contain bohemian influenced styles, designs and outfits which is a niche in itself and inspires her followers to wear the unusual and ultimate perfect styles.
  2. Riaan J George: Writing on Men’s luxury Fashion is George’s passion turned discipline upgraded to the way he found happiness through his blog page The urban eye. He is particular about his choices and assures that it is just a fashion categorized premium that attracted him and inspired him into Microblogging.  riaan j george His Instagram account has a fantastic figure of 34.5K followers who respect the work he does due to which he is ranked as one of the top fashion microbloggers in the country. Right from sleek bombers to nautical prints he has a good grip over styling them on the blog and tell people the way to wear them ideally. He believes in the discipline while doing the profession he is currently doing.
  3. Anshita Juneja: Founder of #vanityNoApologies Anshita is one of the known reliable fashion microbloggers when it comes to trending styled clothing and living. Content produced by her blogs is on beauty tips and tricks, product reviews, latest trending fashion, shopping ideas, and lifestyle.                 anshita juneja She also owns her more personalized other blog #petitePeeve where she writes about the fashion one can try being a daily woman and not just aspiring models. She has won accolades and achievement awards like the best Blogger from cosmopolitan in 2016 and is doing great till date. She inspires a whopping 191K followers of her pages on Instagram and keeps her audience engaged with proper brand endorsements and honest reviews.
  4. Tejeshwar Sandhoo: India’s one of the finest men’s wear and fashion microblogger who continues to drive the mass with his best picks and mixes. Sandhoo discovered he was gay when he was at a tender young age and worked marvelously towards living his dreams and achieving his goals of writing and experimenting fashion for the men.                                                                                                               tejeshwar sandhoo  With 48.8K followers and counting on Instagram, he has built his blog named #blueberryBlackout which involves his personally experimented style picks and inspiring photographs. He best known his basic color picks and revamped looked which make him look the perfect debonair we have all dreamt about at some point in life.
  5. Shambhavi Mishra: Real-life fashion inspirations and affordable trending styles are all you will find her pages focused when it comes to the content. Shambhavi started her blog in 2016 named #talksassy and went on to create her category of wearables for women who would appreciate more realistic clothing than the ones we usually see on the fashion show ramps.                                                                                 shambhavi mishra Her dressing and styling sense is very much modest yet smart that anyone can take up. Her Instagram account has 104K followers that she connects with regularly over her feed. Sassy Indian styles and suave matches make her profile one of the best microblogging sites that have tremendous power to influence the organic audience.
  6. Jeremy Cabral: “Strive daily to be the best version of you” is his mantra and his 43.6K followers on Instagram have the daily dose of fashion from his feed. Jeremy blogs on his fashion magazine #FashionMostWanted and leaves his readers full of edgy style ideas, smart suiting tips, ethnic mixes, and fusion trends.                                                                                                                                               jeremy cabral His stripped casuals and suits clicked at creative backdrops are treats for eyes and his Instagram shares valuable inputs for decent yet cool fashion tips. He ensures that all his designs and outfits set examples for his followers and keeps a watch on upcoming FADS to create the most productive content any fashion microbloggers would post.

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