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Trisha Malhotra4 years ago

Instagram is indeed a powerful social media platform and a strong weapon of choice for marketers working, in particular, with Instagram influencers!

Before you analyze your Instagram profile, it is very important to keep certain things in mind before you could make a niche on Instagram.In order to be a social media star, one needs to be fully aware of all the features Instagram offers!

The Instagram community, both locally and globally are close-knit and are extremely in favor of each other. The Instagram culture is very different than other social media platforms, however, if you need to ace your game, you need to be vivid and stand up completely.

Here is everything that you need to know about Instagram:


To start with, it is necessary to keep an ongoing track of your followers. Know your potential followers and work on reaching out to them.


Many check their social media engagement by the number of likes on a post but it is true that comments are even a stronger indicator of engagement. An absence of comments on your post may result in losing audience over your content.


Hashtags undoubtedly are the most vital part on Instagram. It’s very important to use the correct and popular hashtags for your content. Hashtags increase your reach of the post and also, your Instagram profile. You can also follow certain hashtags on Instagram according to your content. Instagram limits you to add 30 tags in your description.  However, if you play it smart, you can add more hashtags in the comment section.


Instagram gives you an option to link your Instagram profile to Facebook and Twitter, which means, that not only can you scout for your Facebook friends on Instagram but can also share the post on Facebook and Twitter and increase its reach.


When you have a stable and focused goal, it’s important to know your competitors. To be able to reach out to your targeted audience, make sure you are aware of your competitor’s strategies and content.


One thing which really makes Instagram catchy are the reposts that Instagram allows with an app called ‘Repost’ on Instagram. For more engagements, you can surely use repost from other profiles!

Instagram Story

Just like Snapchat, Instagram had introduced with stories which can increase your engagement with the audience. Here, again, you can use hashtags and tags to a broader reach. Fortunately, Instagram also provides insights of stories where you’d know about her potential audience as well as people who have viewed it.



With Instagram’s new feature, you can add hashtags to your bio now which will indeed help you reach a broader audience. Other than that, make sure to keep your description attractive and accurate.


Instagram now gives you the liberty to save your favorite or important posts on your profile. You can also segregate them by genres.


Tags play a very important part. However, you can tag brands/people in your post on Instagram. Also, Instagram only allows 20 tags per photo.

Story Highlights

Just like Instagram Stories, you can add your favorite ones to Story Highlights anytime on your profile. So many of your followers who had missed your snap story can catch glimpse of it on story highlights.

Live Video

Instagram also gives you a chance to go LIVE! So whenever you are out on an event or a holiday, you can connect with your followers through your live video and share! Not only this, Instagram lets you be live with someone else and both of you can indeed ace your chance to be famous! You, however, can also use various face filters during your live video.


Once your photo or video is ready to get uploaded, you can edit it with Instagram app. For photos, you can do everything from sharpness to brightness. Not only this, Instagram has an inbuilt string of filters that can make you look super nice! For videos, one can choose various filters too, trimming and have your cover set according to your choice.


Instagram can be used in devices like phones, tablets, iPods etc. However, even though you cant upload, Instagram can also be accessed on a desktop!

Boomerang & HyperLapse

Boomerang is nothing but fun. It undoubtedly harnesses the power of GIFs in few seconds. However, Hyperlapse is exactly like creating and sharing smooth yet clean, time-lapse videos. You probably will be an addict in no time after you try these crazy features out!

Third-party apps

There are also apps which help you keep a track of your Instagram activity for free. You can use them to keep a track of your followers. Eg: InstaFollow, Report plus etc.


Now that you know all the Instagram features,  However, you can totally ace your game on Instagram. Happy gramming!



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