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Who can ignore those “Pawwdorable” pictures and funny cat & dog videos? Barely any of us. Social media is not just a medium made only for humans anymore; Instagram Animal Accounts are proof of the influential capability these pets possess.

Animals have outshone some of the top verified human celebrity accounts on Instagram and with just some candid pictures and hilarious yet endearing videos.

Instagram animal accounts

These lovelies are not just the mood lifters their followers need to turn around a hellish day at work but also the happy drug to their parents. These are some best Animal accounts on Instagram that easily make dollars from TV endorsements, cameos in adverts and full-length movies.

With constant awareness drives, promotions and campaigns that encourage animal care and adoption worldwide, our little furry friends have done their part to support such causes through their accounts.

If you have stalked animal accounts on Instagram more often than human profiles then you know the Grumpy Cats, Junipers & Doug the Pugs around you. Have you checked the other niche fluffs and furry bears?

Ten Best Instagram Animal Accounts that are the perfect fluff fixes

  1. Juniper and Fig: The happiest fox in the world is not just all fun and fur but also smart, savage and sweet. Juniper loves ear rubs and snatching peas from her brother Fig.

Their parent Jessika uses hashtag #livingwithjuni to share the stories from Juniper and fig’s regular days. These adorable pair of foxes are seen playing around, fighting on their parent’s bed, sharing food, stealing treats and taking bubble baths.

Instagram animal accounts

The Instagram account of animal is over 2.8 Million followers and their website sells branded merchandise manufactured based on the “Fox” theme.


Jessika Coker has written a book “Juniper-The Happiest Fox” which tells the readers about what life is like living with a fox. You can get your copy from Amazon and Flipkart.

  1. Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong: The “Most famous Monkeys in the world” featured in the LADbible’s video. This video has got over 46,463,018 views till date.

Diddy and Yeti are the most popular marmoset besties with over 1 Million followers on their Instagram account. They promote pet adoption and help raise funds for animal rescues through social media sites.

Instagram animal accounts

Diddy Kong got featured in “Wiz Khalifa: Celebrate” video song at 2:01 seconds which was loved by all his fans. A video was made especially on Diddy’s bubble bath moments by UNILAD which got significant engagements.

Known for their small size and adorable fun activities, Diddy and Yeti are loved wholeheartedly by their followers.

  1. Pumpkin the raccoon: Yes, it is a real rescued Bahamian Racoon living in a house with its two dog besties, Toffee & Oreo.                                                                                             Instagram animal accounts

The Instagram account over 1.4 Million followers, which posts regular videos and pictures of the animal enjoying with friends. Pumpkin is not much different from the other family members because she watches TV, sits on the couch like a boss, cuddles her canine friends, enjoys the eggs sunny side up & relishes melons happily.                                                            Instagram animal accounts

Pumpkin enjoys spilling the trash can but hates green salads. She is expressive and often pops up between the couch cushions to say a “Hello” to her fans.

  1. Ludwig the Guinea pig: A hairless, pinkish Guinea pig who can give the best lessons on posing and becoming photogenic.

Smart bows, harry potter glasses, tiny sparkly eyes and funny savage captions make our little friend popular on Instagram. Ludwig says “Hairless is the new black” and raises awareness posts for cancer patients.                                                                                                               Instagram animal accounts

Ludwig has 248K followers on their Instagram account and pretends to inspire his fans with crazy quotes that go like “If cauliflower can somehow become pizza, you, my friend, can do anything.” He loves broccoli, plums. tomatoes and mint leaves in his meals & treats.

Right from being an abandoned pet to Instagram celebrity in less than a year Ludwig lives the real zero to hero story.

  1. Lionel and Lilo the hedgehogs: Chilling beach stories, funky photoshoot days and Flamingo floaties in the pools-  Little Hedgy Lionel loves it all. The Instagram account of Lionel and his baby sister Lilo has 135k followers.                                                                     Instagram animal accounts

They have already appeared in the popular entertainment platforms like People magazine and Buzzfeed channels. Exploring the world, enjoying pancakes in brunch, having a peaceful nap are some of their favorite activities.

These spiky and sweet hedgehogs have also made it to America’s funniest home videos.               Instagram animal accounts

Lionel and Lilo’s feed has regular posts which are charming in all ways. The picturesque locations and beautiful flower bushes in the background have always added to their aesthetic appearance.

  1. Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla: Eyes apart at 180 degrees, tiny nose that is rubbed frequently with paws and white silk like fur makes Mr. Bagel the most adorable Chinchilla on their Instagram account. The cute little animal celebrity has 106 K followers and advocates against the fur industry.                                                                                                           Instagram animal accounts

Mr bagel is the star of this influential Instagram account and takes a strong stand on issues based on animal abuse and harassments.

View this post on Instagram

Mr. BageI and I have teamed up with @thebodyshop and @crueltyfreeintl to help them toward their goal of collecting 8 million signatures on their petition to ban animal testing in cosmetics (both products and ingredients). Please add your signature by clicking the link in my bio! 8 million signatures will allow them to take their petition to the United Nations to request an international convention that bans animal testing globally. 80% of the world's countries have no laws against animal testing, and some even *require* it. Alternative testing is not only more humane, but often cheaper, quicker, and more accurate. In 2013 the EU banned animal testing for cosmetics – which was a major step forward – but it's only the beginning! Let's help them in their mission to make it global. #ad Sign the petition and spread it around. #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting #TheBodyShopAmbassador

A post shared by Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla (@chinnybuddy) on

Bagel has supported and partnered with The Body Shop in their campaign titled “Forever Against Animal Testing” that is aiming to ban animal testing by 2020 globally.

  1. MacGyver the Lizard: All his followers love the gigantic lizard for having a friendly personality and chubby jowls. He loves grapefruits, eggs, cherries and cuddles from his owner.

This giant lizard is often compared to pet dogs for his fun activity videos and incredible relationship with his owner. One of the most unusual, rare yet surprising Instagram animal account is here.                                                                                                                                   Instagram animal accounts

Mac responds to his name when called and is a sucker for warm belly rubs.

He is the favourite dog-sized lizard celebrity of Instagram with 174k followers.

  1. Hamlet the piggy: The piggy is not just cute but a therapy animal who will make you envy the stylish and extravagant lifestyle that he leads.

Over 389k followers on her Instagram account and website that sells “hamlet the piggy” products like t-shirts, pullovers and calendars.

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🌸Pretty pretty princess #Throwback

A post shared by Hamlet (@hamlet_the_piggy) on

Funky shades, cool caps, trendy hair bands & cute outfits are her favourite. She eats fresh & healthy meals and enjoys thorough bathing sessions.

  1. Jill the squirrel: A star and famous internet sensation, this girl is a squirrel who has 614k followers on her verified Instagram account. Jill is an adorable pet who was rescued in Hurricane Isaac that hit Louisiana in 2012. She loves taking naps and munching on veggies only.

Jill was featured in a video by The Dodo on their Facebook page which got over 80 Million views and 1,466,994 shares, thus going viral on several social media sites.

  1. Teddy the Shetland: Ponies are adorable, small yet robust and cool. Teddy is sassy and sweet with 125k Followers on his Instagram account.                                                           Instagram animal accounts

Friendly, down to earth and expressive, Teddy has been on racetracks recently. He thereby made his big dream come true by starring in the Christmas ad Tingle Creek Festival day campaign.

He is tagged as the international heartbreaker who loves dabbling in modeling and womanizing too.

This gorgeous pony has campaigned in many charity programs and events as the mascot for Hannah’s Wilberry Wonder Pony charity.

Teddy is a therapist by day, hopping from hospices, schools and charity homes.

As you can see, not all adorable animal accounts on Instagram are just cats and dogs. We listed down some cute, heart-warming lovelies in this blog for you. Now follow them to get your mood fixes instantly on your Instagram feed.

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