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So you trekked across this breathtakingly beautiful valley this monsoon. Great!

Are you unsure about posting those raw clips of endlessly flowing streams, snow-capped mountains and glowing fireflies under moonlight?

Now that you have enough content to boost your Instagram travel business account, make sure they are engaging.


Wondering how to create those perfect Instagram app stories to grab attention of your followers?

Well, you are reading just the right blog.

Why Brands use Instagram App Stories

Its 2019 and Instagram stories have evolved in many dimensions. Brands and businesses leverage this feature to expand their reach, improve visibility and tap into unexplored market spaces.

One third of the most viewed stories come from businesses, brands and companies. While 50% of businesses on Instagram worldwide create minimum one story in a typical month.

Statistics and facts about the rising popularity of the Instagram app stories speak in volumes about the advantages of story ads.

“500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories every day. And businesses are seeing success with stories ads for a range of objectives.”

– Instagram Business.

Most of the audience online watch videos and access internet through their phone. Therefore, it is necessary for brands to develop vertical video content. Instagram app stories

Instagram app stories are effective when developed to suit portrait mode watching because Instagram is mostly accessed on smart phones. The stories on Instagram utilize the complete mobile screen thus creating distraction-less canvas for advertisers.

Instagram was quoted as-

“Awareness, recall, purchase lift, sales and more – stories ads can help your business drive beautiful results.”

And we can’t agree more on this statement.

Stories are the quickly rising feature on social media that can assist businesses do wonders in the online market.

How to develop attractive Instagram App Stories?

People have different reasons to be on Instagram.

Some come to discover like-minded personalities, community or group while many scroll feed in leisure periods.

Brands and businesses have found newer markets on the site while individual creators are trying to be the change makers. Purposes might be distinct but everyone is interested in creating an impact on others.

Stories on Instagram hold immense power to influence groups of people and can make or break situations at many point.  Instagram app stories

Brands must develop engaging and creative stories for Instagram to keep their fans and customers equally interested in their product/service or offers.

At times assembling the right elements properly and constituting an informative as well as appealing creative might be tricky. Hence, there are several useful tools available free and on subscriptions to ensure that the stories are engaging enough for the customers and the crowd on whole.

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Regularly updating story status is not enough but ensuring that the viewers are captivated is necessary.

The hassle of adjusting, cropping and fitting in images to the vertical stories are no less than energy vampires. Efforts are often more than the outcomes which kind of disheartens the creators.

Are you a rookie in graphic designing?


Learning the art of editing to make visually appealing and thought-provoking Instagram stories?

Than you must check out these tools and applications that would literally simplify the task.

Top 7 apps to enhance Instagram App Stories

1. Adobe spark:

Exceptional templates, striking effects and just perfect edit tools when put together form Adobe spark posts and video application.

It has a user friendly interface that facilitates creators to represent their ideas online.

Instagram app stories get the right elevation from the sound effects, animation, text fonts and design templates on Adobe spark. Instagram app stories

Brands and creators do not need any exclusive degree or technical knowledge to use the app. Few basic ideas and understanding of the internet might be needed to develop these graphics and videos.

Business on Instagram can be enhanced by uploading creatives curated on this brilliant apps.

The tool has cloud backup software which automatically keeps the features in sync for the user. The stock of photos available on the app is vast thus providing great palette of images to choose.

Adobe spark has amazing offering for users interested in typography as well.

The tools available are upgraded as per trends on a regular basis. It makes sure that the elements used for Instagram app stories are in sync with the changing social media atmosphere.

2. Microsoft hyper lapse:

If not Instagram specifically, you must be using social media in some or the other form.

Have you seen those videos that quickly turn the sunny day into pleasant starry nights in just few seconds?

Surely you have. Some leave us baffled, curious and wondering if we too can create something same.

Well, here is the trick.

Microsoft Time lapse helps creators turn high resolution videos into fine quickly in motion posts.  


This application can be used to adjust the play time of selected videos by modifying its speed.

With Microsoft time lapse a video can be recorded up to 20 minutes. Its pace be increased from 1X to 32X of the normal speed which makes it unique. Instagram app stories

It has helped many users develop striking Instagram app stories which engage audiences and keep them involved for longer duration.

If you are a brand looking to infuse some creativity into your video posts and stories, do consider using the app.

3. Cut story:

Instagram app stories have a limit of 15 seconds on them. Which means you cannot post videos on story that are longer than 15 seconds in duration.

Therefore, here is a tool that will cut-story-short for easy upload.

It is an iOS compatible tool which supports all video formats. It cuts the story into clips which can be uploaded as story series on Instagram. Instagram app stories

The best part about the tool is it helps customise duration of story according to the social media platforms.

For example, Facebook and WhatsApp limit stories up to 20 seconds where Instagram has limit of 15 seconds only.

Sadly, it is not available on Google play store for android systems but there are many alternate applications waiting to be explored by you. Go check them as well.

4. Unfold:

A library of most urban, chic and creative templates, Unfold on its website says

“Unfold- A toolkit for storytellers”

Rightly explaining its ability to uplift the overall appeal of Instagram app stories. Instagram app stories

This application comes with amazing collection of unique templates under the following categories:

  • Classico
  • Film frames
  • Ripped paper
  • Digital waves
  • (RED)
  • Brands

This tool has a free version with 25 templates and a premium version with over 60 templates that you can incorporate in your Instagram app stories.

Templates on the application are known for the clarity in their theme and neatness in the video or photo post. The app helps develop some wonderful content that would exactly convey messages of brands across platforms for the digital media audience.

Do check out Unfold website to know more about this popular tool.

It looks promising and is surely beneficial in many ways for companies doing social media marketing.

5. Canva:

If you are a digital marketer or brand influencer who creates content for social media then Canva is a known tool for you.

It is one of the most used tools with over 60,000+ templates and 1 Million background images in its store. Instagram app stories

It is one of the most useful tools to enhance Instagram app stories with various design tools like photo Blur, cropping, vignette, enhancer and designer grids.

One can pick from the large collection of stickers, emoticons, badges, Gifs, textures and frames to develop interactive video & photo posts.

Canva can be used to create and post creatives to multiple social media platforms too. It helps maintain the brand aesthetics online thus, assisting in promoting a specific brand image to customers.

6. In shot:

Being one of the highly rated application on iOS and android, In shot helps users cut, trim, split and merge videos and photos for Instagram app stories.

The video editor comes with range of editing tools such as backgrounds, filters, and special effects to enhance the overall quality of the post. Instagram app stories

You can pick from the wide range of background music, sounds and tunes from the app.

The best part of using this tool is that it helps convert videos and create ‘slo-mo’s as well as time lapse.

Above all this one tool is a type of integration of various other applications that function on separate aspects of story posts.

The size, shape of videos can be managed using the tool where it allows user to adjust the ratio of the video to be published.

Moreover, this application is considered as a brilliant tool for both professionals and newbies in graphics on social media.

7. Hype Type:

Are you looking for customized fonts to add in boomerangs and video posts?

Well, Hype type is just the right app for you.

This application is currently available for iOS devices and helps users add music overlays to pre-recorded videos.

It is super intuitive in functioning and is a thing of ease and beauty. Instagram app stories

In order to integrate more segments of text animation, user must save and reopen files to add it. The application helps create cool graphics and animation for Instagram app stories and other social media posts.

Hype type enhances the overall interactive quotient of posts and makes them engaging altogether for the audiences.

Do try the app to understand how it functions and improves social media experience for you.

Advantages of Using tools to enhance social media marketing

With regular demand for tools and applications for Instagram app stories it is understood that customers consume on them. Lot of brands venturing into social media has got in tons of content.

Too much noise and clutter out there to handle?

That is where tools and applications come for rescue.

There are several ways to brand your business but social media marketing is a delicate means to promote the same.

Rising trend of stories on social media platforms has got everyone in motion to get noticed. Therefore, it is important to create strikingly different, genuine and engaging content customised for particular group of audience.

Applications come with elements and techniques which would transform regular content into an interactive one.

Audiences these days have very less patience and time to engage in things that are monotonously long, confusing and cluttered. Thus, using tools to clear out space, include texts, edit visuals makes the story readable and more viral.

There are many individual apps and tools tailor made for specific requirements along with the ones that integrate all in one. it depends on which one is best suited for your brand online.

Applications are available in the stores in free versions and premium paid versions too. Now, users may decide over it keeping the frequency of use, requirement and benefits in mind.

If you are a marketer/creator/brand/start-up venture/influencer/student looking to create some dope creatives and graphics, then use applications.

They have user friendly interfaces, are mostly intuitive, demand not much technical knowledge and are genius assistants.

The names mentioned in this blog are few of the bests that we listed for you. There are lot more software and apps that help edit and change the way you used social media platforms to promote brands which you can explore online.

So next time when it gets difficult to post readable, appealing, engaging stories on Instagram, you know exactly where to go and what to do.

Get confident with your ideas, skills and content creating and curating talents online. Buck up and create that image or video you thought of long time ago. Post that on your Instagram business account and watch that analytics & insights graph grow exponentially.

Have you used any of these or similar type of tools before?

Do let us know.

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