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Shruti Sen4 years ago

Ever since the launch of Instagram, everyone has been hooked onto it and gradually the platform has changed a lot too with numerous updates. Just recently, one more new Instagram update came through that now lets users put clickable @accounts and #hashtags in their Instagram bios.

This is a total game changer for those Instagrammers who have more than one account and want to work out a way to cross promote. This will definitely prompt a new way to explore and discover content on Instagram. So far the Instagram bio was restricted to 150 characters of text and emojis with a one single hyperlink of your website or social media profile but now you can showcase other accounts as well along with popular hashtags that suit your profile, all of which are clickable.

Instagram makes it easier for you to add other accounts and hashtags to your bio by prompting popular hashtags when you type “#” and other accounts when you type “@”. Another thing to note is that Instagram will send out a notification to the other user that you are trying to tag in your bio and they have the option to deactivate the link if they so desire.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the best of this exciting new Instagram update. Your bio will never look the same again!

Shruti Sen

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