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Creator’s organic content posts are now available for brands for advertising on Instagram.

Instagram branded content ads are suitable for companies looking to make good ROI’s, reach broader customer base online and influence the right markets. branded content ads

Instagram considered the requests from brands on adapting organic influencer posts in their ads and developed tools for the same.

Business houses can now utilize their influencer content directly in the advertisement campaigns. The tool enables the advertisers and brands to get direct access to the measurements and optimization of the content posted as ad.  branded content ads

This tool enhances overall influencer marketing agenda and helps companies grow online.

Instagram business tools & techniques continuously adapt, evolve and develop newer means to facilitate people, creators and brands.

Instagram branded content ads will appear on feeds with “paid partnership with” along with the brand name for transparency in the campaign.

How to use Instagram branded content ads

The comprehensive partnership involves 2 significant parts:

– The Instagram influencer/ creator working on the campaign project needs to enable the brand to promote their content post as ad. branded content ads

– Creators can use the option of doing so from the advanced setting menu on their concerned account.

– The brand campaigning can see the creator post in ads manager option under the existing post.

– They can now choose to run the branded content ads on Instagram as posts to feed or stories. branded content ads

Benefits of Instagram branded content ads

– Brands using the organic post as ad can reach newer audiences and study insights directly

– Brands can advertise more naturally through the creator’s post

– Advertising organic content increases customer interests and develops a more trustworthy relationship between the brands and buyers

– Influencer marketing involved is cheaper than other mediums of advertising online.

– Brands can convey their messages through creators/influencers thus creating a better impact branded content ads

– “Paid partnership with” point adds authenticity and transparency to the ads thus making promotion seem real review

– Engagement rates are improved and conversions are more feasible

– Influencers ad locale touch to campaigns due to which people tend to believe in the message and brands can quickly convert customers


Brands see better conversions because an influencer holds power to create a more significant impact on the audiences. Same content shared directly through the brand’s account hold separate values than that when shared from the creator’s account.

Partnerships between creators and brands is a win-win chance and benefit the customers too.

Instagram branded content ads are easy and convenient, plus they serve a better purpose than conventional advertising.

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