InstagramListsHow to Create Instagram Carousel Posts to Increase Engagement?

Instagram carousel posts with convincing and attractive cover slides are mostly irresistibly tempting for the audience. It compels the viewers to slide left in order to view the rest of the carousel thereby adding to the engagement on the post.

Basically, Instagram carousel posts are a mixture of a maximum of 10 images and videos that can be easily viewed by swiping the slides to left. All the content can be posted as one single post on the account and engage audiences with more details, information and desired theme of the content. Similar to the other regular posts, in Instagram carousel posts, users can add captions, geotags, hashtags, account mentions, Alt-text and other product tags separately for each slide.

Instagram carousel posts

The top right corner of the carousel post shows the slider icon that indicates the post consisting of multiple media in it which eventually transforms into a serial count indicator that shows the slide number as audience slide by the images/videos. The best part about the Instagram carousels is that they are flexible to most content ideas and accommodate more information.

Users can use the Instagram carousel posts to promote their brand, show the process of using software services or any other service, elaborate on events, add videos to back the pictures, showcase individual products, define mission & vision etc. The carousels can carry any sort of details and data as required by the campaign or marketing strategy.

Creating Instagram Carousel Posts for Engagement

To begin with creating an Instagram carousel post make sure to know the advantages of using a carousel format instead of regular posts, collages or Instagram stories for the matter. This pre-examination will provide clarity to the kind of content that is actually needed as well as fits into the intentions of the creator i.e. the brand, marketer or individual.

One needs to understand the theme and recreate a short frame for the details yet to be put on the slides. Designing a carousel post that aligns with the basic idea of imparting a certain knowledge or information is important because anything random might just not click with the audience and thereby not add to the engagement.

Instagram carousel posts

Here are few steps that will help create Instagram carousel posts for more audience engagement, direct communication and other associated benefits on the social media platform.

  1. Tap and select the images and videos to the library that you desire to add to the carousel
  2. Click on the + icon on the navigation bar, to begin with, the post
  3. Click on the carousel slider icon on the right bottom of the post preview image
  4. Decide the order in which the carousel images/videos must appear and accordingly select from the library below. Make sure to choose the media in the order by using the numbering of slide option while selecting the content
  5. Click on the Next option on the top right of the screen
  6. Click on the circle-on-circle icon on the bottom left of the post preview to edit the images selected. Filters can be added to the images as well as videos separately too
  7. Tap on the Next button again after finalising the images and videos
  8. Add the cations, geo-tags, mentions and hashtags to the Instagram carousel posts                                                                                         Instagram carousel posts
  9. Finalize and recheck the work and click Share to publish the post
  10. Make sure to check all details before publishing as it is not possible to delete or edit individual slides after making them public

Using Instagram Carousel Posts Effectively

Just to know how to create Instagram carousel posts is not enough. Ensuring proper execution of the well-planned ideas is integral to the success of effectively using the format on social media.

The Instagram carousel posts can be utilised to introduce a new product or product line to the audiences by showing the different aspects of it. Users can click pictures from a varied angle, make an introductory short video and use it to promote the same.

Instagram carousel posts

On the other hand, brands and marketers can surely use the carousel posts to take the audiences on a guided tour across their offices, familiarize their strengths and advertise the brand image in a much detailed manner. It not just spikes interest in the viewers but will also encourage potential stakeholders to interact with the account.

It can be used to tell a story or sell services under the idea of storytelling to make the complete set-up appealing and highly interactive for all. Using slides that slowly reveal the essentials in a combo pack or demonstrating the packages or showing an unboxing experience can be a hit on social media. One can use multiple pictures from a single photoshoot as well as short videos with simple yet attractive transitions to add to the charm sounds interesting.

There are multiple ways to permute and combine the carousel slides that can benefit the users. Experimenting with the same to yield desirable profits by taking the main objectives as guides can benefit many users with any number of followers.

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