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Digital Boom has forced brands to have a presence in all available online platforms & social media channels. This helps brands immensely in reaching out to a varied audience based on demographics and location. One such platform which has helped brands, as well as individual content creators, is the Facebook-owned photo-sharing social media, Instagram. Over the years it has evolved from just a photo sharing app to a full-fledged image-centric social media platform with various paid ad options for faster results. With an active user base of 1 Billion+, it’s amongst the Top 3 social media channels justifying why a company must have an Instagram handle in 21st-century Marketing strategy. This blog will focus on Instagram Lead generation strategy. For other Instagram related queries and ideas, you can read our detailed blogs on Instagram Marketing Tips & Tricks.

Lead Generation Strategy: WHY IT’S IMPORTANT?

Anything under the sky and above the mud needs some kind of gas to keep running. Similarly for any business, Leads are like gas and just like a car needs the right fuel to cruise, similarly a business also needs the right kind of leads to stay in the market.

#MarketingMantra: “Business nowdays don’t have an option whether or not they should be doing Social Media or not, the question is how well they do it”

Lead Generation strategy has seen a sea of changes since the inception of term Marketing. In 21st-century lead generation is majorly done through online medium. Innovations in Digital Marketing have also made lead generation an easy process, however the strategy, approach, and the platform have to be relevant to your business.

Instagram Lead Generation Strategy

In the present age, lead generation is not the gas to power the sales team but also to power customized digital marketing campaigns.

Acknowledging the importance of lead generation process in marketing & sales for any company, many leading online platforms or social media channels have come up with customized lead generation tools or lead generation ads to leverage this demand. Now we will focus on Instagram Lead Generation strategy or what are the various options available for marketers to run a lead generation campaign on Instagram?

Instagram Lead Generation Strategy for Business

Like other social media channels and online platforms, Instagram also has an organic side and a paid side. But unlike its elder sibling Facebook, organic reach on Instagram is on the higher side, giving much-needed respite for marketers.

  • Before selecting on strategy, zero down on the target group relevant to your business. Work on the demographics, location and interests that you should be targeting in Instagram for a better ROI.
  • After Targeting work on the form based on your product/service for which you are running a lead generation campaign. Make sure you add all the relevant fields that would be helpful for your Salesforce for converting the lead into a customer. Note: Too Many Fields in the Form can also increase the Bounce Rate.
  • For a paid lead generation approach using Instagram Lead forms, an option of context card is available for marketers. This where a business can add all relevant information along with a pic on Why Should a user be filling out this form? If a user is satisfied then he/she clicks next and is taken to the lead form.
Context Card in Instagram Lead Form
Example of Context Card
  • Once set with Targeting finalize the budget. Even if you go for an organic approach, there would be an expense associated for content generation process etc. Have a budget segregation on the basis of paid/organic form, location specific, product category specific etc.

Instagram Lead Generation Strategy: Organic Approach

Organic reach of Instagram is on the higher side comparatively to Facebook but the downfall is external links. Unlike Facebook, social media marketers can give only one external clickable link in Bio and once a user reaches 10K+ followers external linking from Instagram stories is possible in organic mode.

Instagram Lead Generation Strategy for Organic Posts
Spiti Valley
Example of Lead generation through Organic Posts

The only approach to lead generation on Instagram through posts is to share creative and high-quality images & videos with an equally attractive caption and Call to Action (CTA). As any sort of links in the post description is not clickable, the only way out is to drive your account visitors to your bio and click on the clickable link option available.

A Call to Action in a regular Instagram Post description reads something like this, Example: For more information on Trek or Booking Click on the Link in Bio. (For Any Trekking Company Interested in selling seats for an upcoming Trek).

Instagram Lead Generation Strategy for Organic Stories
Instagram Stories Link Addition
Organic Story with External Linking

For Instagram accounts with more than 10K+ followers, they can directly send the viewers to a specific lead generation landing page outside of Instagram. Organic reach of stories is more compared to posts. Reach of stories further can be increased organically if marketers use the right filters and GIFS to increase more navigation through multiple stories. Try to form a storyboard to ensure users are convinced enough to fill up the form.

Instagram Lead Generation Strategy: Paid Ads or Instagram Ads

Paid Ads in any social media or digital platform always gives instant results but only if the targeting has been relevant. The Ads can be made live from Facebook Ads Manager interface by selecting placements as either Instagram Posts or Stories after selecting lead generation as Marketing Objective.

Instagram Lead Generation Strategy for Posts/Stories through Paid Ads

Lead generation on Instagram (Paid Ads) through posts can be done with 2 approaches:-

Using an Instagram Lead Form

Instagram Pre-Filled Lead Form


  • While creating your campaign in Facebook Ads Manager, you will get the option to create your lead form or use an existing lead form. Unlike Facebook, the option of pre-filled fields is limited to name & email and in few cases phone number and gender. So an extra task for your target audience in case they are used to a pre-filled Facebook lead form.
  • A Facebook lead form is a one-click process, once you fill all the details or it is pre-filled but in Instagram, a user has to navigate through pages to finally reach the lead form.
  • You can select the Ad delivery option as leads instead of clicks. This ensures the cost/lead is reduced and you get charged only when there is lead form submission.
  • Disadvantage- Even though many Instagram is slowly enabling desktop versions but lead generation on Instagram is only limited to Mobile App.

Using an External Landing Page

  • This approach adds more flexibility to marketers + the quality of leads is more relevant & a faster conversion.
  • External Landing page helps the business owner add more information related to the product/service and business on the landing page + if a target user is taking an extra effort to fill up the form by going to an external website and an extra step to fill up the form, the lead is more likely to convert than the one who filled up a pre-filled form.
  • Disadvantage- A business would be charged for clicks instead of every form submission. So the CPA might be on the higher side compared to the former.
Instagram Lead Generation Strategy
Example of External Landing Page

The approach for both posts/stories through paid ads on Instagram is the same. The only difference is the size of Ad Copy. For best results, the recommended size of an Instagram post is 1080*1080 PX and for an Instagram, story is 1200*628 PX.  Call to Actions for both the ad categories are same and social media marketers can use them based on the relevancy with their objective.

Call to Actions (CTA) in Instagram
Example of CTA’s available for Instagram Ads

Cost for an action initiated in an Instagram post is comparatively higher than Instagram stories.

Instagram Lead Generation Strategy: BEST PRACTICES

  • Regularly Change your Bio Description in sync with the current trends and products & services you looking to promote. Accordingly, Change the Link in Bio and always mention a small description about the link in your bio. Make the best use of Emojis because this is what draws the attention more than just text.

Creative Instagram Bio

  • Have an Instagram specific mobile-friendly landing page for your audience. According to social media experts, a platform & product specific landing page for lead generation always increases quality leads by 50% at a lesser price compared to having a common page in your website for lead generation.
  • Do regular posts and keep your audience glued to your account with images & videos of high quality. Today’s customer is spoilt with a lot of options, so one should not under-estimate the power of the competitors and always stay in the limelight with regular posts.
  • Hit the Reply & Like Button: At times just engaging with your audience on post comments may lead to a conversion. Take every feedback, suggestion or information from your audience either in the comments or PM seriously and do Hit the reply button. Just an acknowledgment or a simple interaction increases audience royalty thereby ensuring cost-effective conversion and lead acquisition.
  • Provide free information material for download in-exchange of email-id or lead form fill up. This has been a common approach for online lead generation by many online based companies.
  • Audience Re-Call: The beauty of online ads is the re-targeting feature. Started by Google in Google Adwords with re-marketing, the same has been also replicated by Facebook for both Facebook & Instagram as Re-Targeting. Use custom targeting to run such campaigns as this ensures your customers or website visitors always see ads related to your business in their Facebook and Instagram news feed.
  • Update Privacy Policy Based on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) Guidelines: If you are planning to run a lead generation campaign in countries other than India, make sure your company meets the latest GDPR guidelines related to Data Protection. Failing to do so, your campaign might not run in GDPR compliant countries and you might also face data theft charges.
  • Integrate With CRM: Integrate your lead generation forms to your marketing tools or any existing CRM used by your company. This ensures smooth & faster handling of leads for attaining a better conversion rate.
Integrating Instagram Lead Generation with CRM
Source: Facebook
  • Analyze, Improve & Control: The biggest advantage of any digital process is the ability to be measured. Use this to your advantage measure and track every activity. Analyze the performance, improve for the next time and ensure continuity.

So What are you waiting for? Go and leverage the 1 Billion+ active user base of Instagram and scale up your business.

Note: Screenshot of images are used for representation purpose only and Vidooly has no formal association with any company or individual.

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