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Real-time communication with customers over a social media platform is a powerful method to source leads, traffic, sales and more. Live streaming is considered as one of the most useful and effective tools to attract the attention of available as well as new target markets.

Building a strongly positive brand image is a possible mission with the live-streaming options available with most of the popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Marketers can leverage the technique to tap into their required spaces and generate revenue as well as extend their base over the digital markets.

Instagram live streaming is one of the most common social media tool used by marketers to reach customer hotspot. This unique video marketing tool is a boon for all social media enthusiasts looking towards growing their business reach and increase profit.

Everything about Instagram Live Streaming

Initially engaging with followers through live streaming can be an awkwardly satisfying experience, but once it is done continuously things get smoother and easier to handle. Instagram live streaming is a more natural and incredible means to connect with the target market therefore must not be ignored by brands in any case.

Instagram Live Streaming

Starting off with Live Stream

There are few steps to get started with the live session and that includes:

  1. In order to begin with the live stream, click on the Instagram story button on top of the profile picture at the homepage. This will open up the camera and show a screen informing about people active at the time along with a live option at the centre bottom.
  2. Once the setting is ready and you are all good to go with the Instagram live streaming on the app click on the live button. It will show the activity indicator looking for internet connection stability before starting the live session with all favourable conditions and connectivity.
  3. There are certainly other important activities that you can do to make Instagram live streaming yet more engaging and attention-grabbing. The features include adding filters, displaying pictures in series, reply to live comments on the live stream in the comment box itself, DM the live stream to contact and also add or accept request from another Instagram user to co-host the session with you.

Instagram Live Streaming

These essential functions accessible during an Instagram live streaming session makes the feature yet more reliable in a matter concerning the marketing & promotion. It marks a new high standard of credibility as well as improves the overall brand personality.

Managing comments section during Instagram Live Streaming

Comments are a major part of the Instagram live streaming sessions as it builds bonding between audiences and the host. Managing the comments is important as unnecessary chaos in the comment box can lead to distraction, create space for unwanted discussions, divert the main motive of the Live and also lead to loss of viewers.

Instagram Live Streaming

Managing comments is very easy and involves just a few clicks.

  1. Go to profile home page
  2. Click on the menu option on the top right of the page
  3. Select the “Settings” option
  4. Click on “Privacy” from the drop-down
  5. Select “comments” from the options
  6. Check options to allow who to comment or block users from commenting
  7. Toggle the bar to avoid offensive comments by hiding them
  8. Use the manual filter to type in the content you would hide from the comment section particularly.
  9. To stop comments completely tap on the three dots next to comment section and select “Turn Off Commenting”
  10. Tap and hold on a particular comment either by the host or audience to pin on top for the rest of the live stream.

Instagram Live Streaming

Sharing content with Instagram live streaming

After completing a live stream, the content is available as a story for the next 24 hours on the top of the page but disappears after the duration. However, there are three options provided to the host post live stream session:

  1. Share to IGTV
  2. Download Video
  3. Delete Video

Instagram Live Streaming

Sharing the Live stream as IGTV conserves the stream permanently as a post which followers can watch later even if they have missed it as story post 24 hours. Whereas downloading the video can allow the user to upload it elsewhere on social media such as Facebook or YouTube wherever the most target audience stays online.

Importance of Instagram Live Streaming for marketers

Social media strategies include video marketing as a major option for concerned brands and companies, as that is one of the fastest-growing attention-grabbing technique. While Facebook declared that they would completely convert into a video platform in the next few years due to rising demand & consumption of video content, there are marketers swiftly formulating their idiosyncrasies to compliment live streams.

Instagram live streaming can seem to be a taxing marketing strategy because there is no room for correcting or editing what is done or said in a live stream. Yet taking the risk can be profitable for the marketers.

It is not just about connecting with the majority of the audience or doing real-time communication with the market but about building relationships with customers as well making them feel valued.

Instagram live streaming helps reach a broader audience and explain the message one on one. This video marketing option over the social media platform also allows viewers to comment on the video while it is still live which allows the host to address complaints, doubts, problems, appreciation and other forms of engagement directly. Instagram has introduced a system of live streaming where people can also accept requests from viewers to join the live stream, and it is usually just between the host and another person online.

The Instagram live streaming notification reaches everyone following the host on the application. It also displays the live streaming icon before the stories which are prominently visible to everyone on it. The live stream is easily noticed, and audiences with potential purchasing power are mostly aware of it.

Instant communication with audiences is a golden opportunity for brands to build the right image, appear authentic and speak about the real mission & messages to the viewers without much hassle. Instagram live streaming has become a great weapon to avoid miscommunication, misinterpretation and connection gap between business & its customers.

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