ListsAvoiding Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes for Effective Results

Are you still scrolling the “gram”?

Well, why not? When you can watch almost anything to everything on it. Instagram is the concept overlapping with networking, socializing, and adapting changes due to its massive influencer effects.

Yes, there are companies that are monetizing & making great money from the posts whereas there also are brands that have committed huge Instagram marketing mistakes resulting in grave losses.

Instagram is the new hub of everything trending and appealing enough to be marketable. The popular video and photo sharing social media application have come a long way with its additional feature updates empowering the wings of video content.

There are the IGTVs, short-form videos, stories and the recently added as well as most talked of Instagram Reels that have raised the standards of branding online. While digital marketing saw exponential growth when considered for the business building purpose, social media sites like Instagram raised the bars gradually for all.

It is 2020, Brands and marketers have understood the potential lying in the audience communities on this platform. It will cross over 112 Million active users on the platform by the end of this year and there lie multiple opportunities for brands to flourish. Despite several reforms and changes, social media platforms are a mystery to some extent in terms of advertising and promotions. Meanwhile, Instagram remains simple in its technicalities and tools that assist many companies in reaching their right target audiences.

When on one side branding on Instagram may seem to be a cakewalk for most marketers, one can’t ignore the fact that there are equal chances of big blunders & serious Instagram marketing mistakes.

Here in this article, we will discuss the common Instagram marketing mistakes and ways to improve the overall strategy implementation.

Most Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes

  1. Lack of Link in Bio

The main purpose of attracting online attention on a brand’s official account is to drive attention as well as traffic to their webpage. When businesses go online they must be entitled to a well maintained, engaging website with an authentic shareable link to the same put on the Instagram bio.

Instagram marketing mistakes

We all know that there are many websites that just disappear due to no traffic on the site hence, directing Instagram users to the site matters a lot. Business accounts with no weblink or call-to-action button on the starting of the profile can create a negative impression on users.

People tend to rely on brands with good websites instead of a glittery Instagram account alone. If you mean business or brand building on the platform then do not miss adding to this space as it will not just amplify the conversion rates, traffic and popularity of site but also provide a secure direction/virtual assistance to the users.

  1. Inappropriate Hashtag

Remember. There exists a strong relationship between the number of hashtags used per post and the post engagement rates.

While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on a single post, marketers must pick these words wisely so as to become the most visible content in explore page.

Instagram marketing mistakes

Usually, companies either skip adding these hashtags or just do not research enough to find the right ones. This affects the visibility and chances of attracting users towards it. Hashtag plays a crucial role in post-discovery by relevant target audiences on the platform. It is better to follow the leading brands and most popularly used hashtag communities creating similar content as the subject brand. It will expose marketers to the most searched words and optimize the posts accordingly for good results.

Instagram marketing mistakes

  1. Privatizing business accounts

Brands need followers, comments, shares, likes and more engaging communications with the clients and customers hence, locking or making a business account private will bear absolutely no fruits. One needs to grab attention towards the well-set posts on the profile and not steer away from the account due to the silly Instagram marketing mistake of not keeping them public.

Instagram marketing mistakes

It is justified to lock a personal profile but for businesses, it is important to allow public access. Having a private profile prohibits users from seeing or engaging with any of the content on that account.

Instagram marketing mistakes

  1. Outdated posts, low-quality visuals

People are crazy about pictures and videos thus, Instagram is a wildly loved and followed social media platform these days. They have provisions to make fleeting stories, detailed IGTVs, most demanded creative reels and other features to make sure that brands can utilise these for promotions.

As Instagram is a place mostly frequented by young generations, it is essential to keep up with their pace and post on regular trends and fad.

Instagram marketing mistakes

One more common Instagram marketing mistake committed by the most loved brands are their underdeveloped visual quality on posts. Instagram started off as a picture sharing place so it is images are important here.

Instagram marketing mistakes

If viewers find a random and unappealing picture on the timeline of the brand they may not like the brand personality on the site and judge their capabilities, followed by unfollowing the brand page. Therefore, to avoid such silly issues ensure that all the photos on your professional page wall are balanced, well-captioned, have the appropriate hashtag and most importantly well edited & curated picture quality.

  1. Inconsistency in posting

Haven’t we all unfollowed someone or the other who rarely posts on the platform sometime? Been there done that! right? The same psychology applies to customers. Brands with irregular posts on their Instagram account can be very monotonous and irritating. They appear unprofessional, not so serious with compromised quality of services/products.

Instagram marketing mistakes

They may look as plain Instagram marketing mistakes but should be avoided at any cost to save the brand personality and gain loyal followers. In the end, do not forget to maintain the quality of posts because that is the main key to unlocking several opportunities in the way

  1. Buying followers for instant popularity

It is always safe and good to gain original attention rather than purchased ones as those will disappear when needed the most. These fake or paid accounts that follow the brand account are not involved in engagements as they mock interest in your offers. Unless there are real fans and passionate followers of the certain brand it has very less chance of surviving in the red ocean.

Instagram marketing mistakes

Most importantly the real followers are smart enough to understand that when the account goes from 20 to 20,000 overnight, it is into some scam of buying them.

Instagram marketing mistakes

So please maintain the integrity and avoid buying the attention instead gain them with amazing content.

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