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Instagram has become a visual effects platform in recent years. Unlike other social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook), there is no place for purely text-based content. The latter should be present but in the form of a thoughtful powerful tool.

To stay popular, gain reach, attract new subscribers, and build engagement, you need to harmonize visual and textual content. A post always begins with a description, with the part that first catches the eyes of users. Today we will talk about how to create creative and significant Instagram post descriptions for clients.

Instagram Post Description

Why effective Instagram Post descriptions are important

Many companies have started to focus only on visual content on Instagram. This is a mistake because the text gives a certain context and gives more information. The main thing is to make it attractive to users.

If your photo is not signed, people will not know what you wanted to convey to them. And the description will draw attention to the underlying subtext of the post.

Copywriting is a powerful tool that allows you to implement maximum value and persuasiveness in 2200 valid characters. Remember that it is very important that your text does not contain any grammatical mistakes. You can use the grammar-checking tool like Grammarly or Essay Tigers for spellchecking.

Don’t forget about Instagram’s algorithms, according to which if your descriptions are informative, attractive, and generate a lot of interactions, you will definitely be given high priority in the feed. This means that your posts will be seen by more new users who can become your potential subscribers/clients.

The best outcome is if the algorithm sends the post to the “Explore” feed. Then the coverage will be cosmic.

Instagram’s strategy cannot do without descriptions, because they influence the interaction of users with your posts.

How to write a description on Instagram post

Before getting started, go through the following steps:

  • define the purpose of the post and its type (what kind of interaction you expect);
  • present the result you want to achieve (what should be the numbers);
  • get inspiration by researching the most popular posts on social networks (pay attention to the texts of not only your niche);
  • define the desired size of the description (even in a few words you can express the whole point);
  • think about the presentation (perhaps humorous turns will be appropriate).

Never rush to post a description. Read it several times and ask your colleagues for opinions. It is best to write a content plan in advance and work it out well in advance of the publication date. This will minimize the number of errors and achieve the desired result.

Practical advice

The theory is good, but practical knowledge is better. We want to give you the most value to make your descriptions effective and interesting..

1. Strong start

Instagram has about 1 billion monthly active users. Most of them flip through the feed every day, and the main task is to stop their attention on your post. Such a simple “Stop Finger” is a difficult task that can only be achieved by your clear description.

Make a valuable and concise offer that will hook and reflect further content. To achieve the goal, you need to study your target audience and give what it needs.

For example, if you have a recipe blog and Christmas weekend, write “Ho ho ho, time for the easiest recipe for the best Christmas cookies.” You got into the topic, suggested making cookies that are relevant for thousands of families, and gave a healthy recipe for instant cooking.

2. Stick to the box

Instagram has certain standards for descriptions and posts:

  1. 2200 characters or 400 words must have the entire post.
  2. 125 characters must make up the signature. This is the amount displayed “above the fold”.
  3. A maximum of 30 hashtags are allowed per post.

But remember that posts with only 400-700 characters and descriptions with a maximum of 65 characters have the most engagement.

The main purpose of the description is to attract attention, so sometimes it is enough to add a couple of loud words to attract the user, for example, “Why not you?” or “Yes, this is for you.” Then you will shift the person’s attention to the post itself, and already in it you will be able to set a useful rhythm.

3. More practice

Learn to write and don’t be afraid of mistakes. Try to create several drafts and re-read each one several times. Make adjustments, analyze and compare texts with each other. It is important to give users the best value for money.

Even if it takes a lot of time, it will be worth it.

4. Brevity is a sister

Shorten the description and post and do not force users to go a long way to learn the truth of what is written.

The exceptions can be blogs, where there is a lot of information and the reduction to 2200 characters is already a big victory.

5. СТА

A call to action or CTA is the most important part of any post that can be easily placed in any part of the text, including the description. It doesn’t always lead to conversions, but it does help you better interact with your audience. You can ask for a comment, direct messages, or follow the link. For example, “Read and rate in the comments” or “Let’s have a debate!”.

6. Emoji

You can dilute the text with emoticons on the topic. This is a great opportunity to divert attention or, conversely, emphasize part of the text. In addition to standard emotions, arrows, question marks, and much more are available that can replace some punctuation marks or set a certain style.

7. Hashtags

Add hashtags to each post. This is akin to SEO only for Instagram. They will help users find you faster. They can also be used in place of a description. Then they will perform two functions at once.

For example, #bestwomenspringdress – girls will understand that they will have a review on the best dresses this spring.

8. Questions

No one can hold back their thoughts at the sight of a question. Everyone will want to give an answer to it, at least mentally. If you ask a question about the “pain” of your users in the description, they will definitely continue to read the text. The main thing is to ask it correctly. For example, for a blog about medicine, it will be relevant – “Why do you endure this pain?”.

9. Speak in the first person

If you have a personal blog, be sure to use first-person descriptions. Feel free to add expert opinion by combining it with customer benefits. For example, “I have found a solution to your problem!”.

Instagram Post Description


Using quotes in your description is a great move to generate interest in your post. Write some celebrity thoughts that capture the essence of the content you provide. For example, if you have a travel blog, a quote from Tony Robbins would be appropriate, “The only impossible journey is something you never start with.”


According to statistics, the ideal length for an Instagram post is 10 words. This amount increases the engagement of the publication in the carousel to 3.13%. Without adding text to the image, you will not be able to attract users, but it is not always necessary to reduce the description to 10 words. Before you start creating any content – develop a plan, define goals and think about the desired result. Then it will be clear to you how long and what quality your description should be.

Use all the practical advice, supplement the visual content with effective text and your publications will be constantly at the top.

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