InstagramListsInstagram QR code launched- Users can now generate scan-able QR codes

The most popular video and photo sharing social media networking site Instagram have launched its QR code system to create a flexible space for users. These QR codes are scan-able by third-party camera applications thereby assisting individuals & businesses in many online activities.

Two years back Instagram launched a feature called Nametag that served the purpose of connecting people you have met latest. It showed a scan-able space with the user name on it that could be further customised with stickers, graphics, colours etc. anybody who wanted to follow a user could simply scan their nametag to do so. Instagram with the new QR codes feature has paved a depreciating path for the Nametag feature.

Instagram QR code

This internal Instagram QR code system eliminates the process of opening the Instagram camera and application to obtain information or access details related to business or individual. Now anyone can scan the code to get the business account in their phone as well as get details concerning the brand, group or individual.

How to generate the Instagram QR code?

There are few simple steps to follow so as to generate the Instagram QR code for various purposes on the social media platform.

  1. Open the application and go to Profile
  2. Click on the hamburger icon on the top right corner
  3. Select the “QR Code” option
  4. Customize the code with ‘emoji’, ‘colour’ and ‘selfie’ options
  5. Save or share the QR code for other use

The codes are specific, unique and customizable for all accounts that can be used to read the details, access menus/options, check store hours, make purchases, follow the brand, read reviews etc.

Instagram QR code system is an open process which can provide necessary information about concerning online entity besides simplifying many methods to expand the business.

Applications of Instagram QR code

Instagram QR code internal system is a boon during the coronavirus pandemic as all sorts of business and brands have begun introducing their products/services through the scan-able code.

While restaurants make their menus accessible via Instagram QR code, customers can easily place an order without coming in contact with any foreign or soiled object. Fashion and apparel houses are now easily reachable with these codes that load the website page on their system. Online stores can be reached using the code that also helps in buying items on the e-store too.

Instagram QR code

Unlike the nametag, Instagram QR code is easily scan-able without turning on the camera each time. It is more efficient, consists of easier accessing steps and is all sides advantageous over the previous feature.

Continuous improvisation and research by the social media platform paves way for more promising features in future that will assist brands and influencers work out things in a much profitable manner.

There are many apps like Facebook, Snapchat and twitter that have introduced a similar feature for easier social media surfing, there is WhatsApp with the same feature which allows users to scan contacts and add them to list directly. Many other brands are considering the same for their own benefits on social media application market.

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