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Initially popular for photo and video sharing social networking service, Instagram, has launched its latest feature in India post experimenting in markets of Brazil, Germany & France. Instagram Reels now allows users to create 15-second video content bites that can assist them in engaging differently with their audiences.

Instagram Reels

The Facebook-owned firm was especially known for its stories, IGTV and live features besides the photo & video sharing facilities. Individuals, brands and communities used them as per convenience to gain market attention, indulge in social media entertainment and communicate objectives.

They are shorter than IGTV videos and longer than Instagram stories thereby, striking the right balance in duration besides providing a plethora of options for users to explore new content types.


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Instagram Reels is more inclined towards creativity and genuine content creation compared to the other available features. Users can leverage a wide range of filters, AR effects, multiple sources for music and other options to enhance the overall experience for creators and their viewers.

Where to look for Instagram Reels?

Usually, these short-form videos can have their positioning customised by the user as per requirement or their choice. Instagram Reels will not vanish like the Instagram stories and are conceptualized to stay as posts on feed and IGTV’s depending on how the user wishes to share.

In case the profile is public then the user can choose to share the content with all audiences present on the platform irrespective of their following by making it viewable in the explore section. Instagram Reels can be uploaded through the profile stories as well if the user chooses to share with their followers only. Moreover, users can easily share the content on their normal feed that will stay as their other posts or can also create them in Direct message (DM) for specific viewer/s.

Instagram Reels

In order to watch or explore Instagram Reels, one can go to their profile and tap on the magnifying glass option i.e. explore section to watch the trending videos. Scroll down to see more of the available videos from public accounts depending on your likes, dislikes, interests and preferences.

Instagram Reels that are not publicly shared can be seen on your home feed. Look for the Reel icon at the bottom left of the videos playing on the screen to identify the Instagram Reels. Swipe down to view more feed else the video plays on a loop.

Reels can be liked, commented and shared on conditions similar to the other content features on the platform.

How to create Instagram Reels?

Here are a few basic steps that can help in creating Reels content on Instagram.

  1. Update the application from google play store in case Instagram Reels feature is not yet visible.
  2. Open the Instagram camera on home page
  3. Swipe left from your home feed
  4. Instagram Reels option will be available next to Live and Stories option
  5. Tap on audio option on the left to pick music from the Instagram music library. Facebook’s partnership with top music brands and labels makes the library vast and useful for content creators.
  6. The video can be recorded in the original voice as well as lip-synced to other audios
  7. The speed shutter can be adjusted as per need by clicking on the option below audio icon
  8. Creators can add effects with different filters and set the timer to the content
  9. After creating Instagram Reels can be recorded again or deleted too.
  10. There are sharing options that allow users to pick their viewers for Instagram Reels i.e. to share on feed or publicly on exploring section

Instagram Reels

Popular Celebrities using Instagram Reels

The Coronavirus lockdown has made people more creative with their content online and celebrities have been recording their quarantine routines with their fans regularly. While the lockdown resulted in increased social media hours for people, content creators kept exploring ways to keep everyone engaged.

Instagram Reels

Bollywood star Katrina Kaif explored the new Instagram Reels feature along with her sister Isabelle where they are seen doing their regular activities like cleaning, playing around, and fun fighting. She captioned the sweet little video as “All day every day 🏠🙂I think this is what u do with reels🤔 #feelkaroreelkaro.”


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All day every day 🏠🙂I think this is what u do with reels🤔 #feelkaroreelkaro

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Meanwhile the young talented and charming actor Varun Dhawan grooved and danced to his Lagdi Lahore di song from his movie Street Dancer 3D. He too captioned the video with the popular hashtag #feelkaroreelkaro in the post.

This generation’s most loved and consistent chartbusters singer Neha Kakkar shared her first Instagram Reel by humming her song La La La while captioning the same as “My #FirstReel for You My #Instagram Family Enjoy this New Feature and Feel free to have fun on Your Favourite #NehaKakkarSong I love Each one of You #NehaKakkar #NehuDiaries. #FeelItReelIt #FeelKaroReelKaro”

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