NewsInstagram Rolls Outs New Nametag Feature So That You Can Follow Friends IRL

Shruti Sen2 years ago

We meet a lot of people in real life and sometimes when you want to follow them on social media, it can be a challenge to find their profile. Instagram is making that easier for you now with their new Nametag feature.

What is this Instagram Nametag feature?

It simply shows your Instagram username on your phone in a convenient format allowing it to be scanned by your prospective follower. There are customizations also available for this Nametag such as you can add cool designs, colors and play with stickers.

How to use the Instagram Nametag feature?

You will first have to update your Instagram app from the App Store if it isn’t on auto-update setting. Then you need to go to your profile, hit the menu button which is on the top right section, and you’ll see a new “Nametag” option displayed there. Click on it and it opens up your personal code with customization features right there for you to experiment with.

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When you want to scan someone else’s code, you can do so by swiping right into the camera, focusing on the tag, and holding down on the screen. Or it is also possible to do that while you are viewing your own code – there’s a “Scan a Nametag” option at the bottom. These Nametags are also shareable. The arrow on the top of your Nametag code page enables you to share it with others on other platforms (including Facebook and WhatsApp) as well as a text message.

However, this Nametag feature isn’t a new functionality in the social media universe. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat & Spotify have their own versions of QR codes which enables scanning and instant connection.

Alongside this new Nametag feature, Instagram is reportedly also testing a new bio field at some US universities. This allows you to add your school, class year, and society memberships in your bio. This information can be searched, leading you to a directory of everyone at that institution, making it simple for you to find and add classmates. This is just yet another way that Facebook is looking to gather more information about you.

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