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Amongst all the social media platforms out there, Instagram has gradually turned out to be the go-to platform for this generation. Even after replicating the Snapchat Stories feature with their own version as Instagram Stories, it was a success. It doesn’t stop there though, soon the Instagram Story Highlight feature was announced to make it something more than Stories that disappear after 24 hours.

What is Instagram Story Highlights?

Instagram Story Highlight
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Instagram story highlights feature that shows up on your profile, right under the Bio section. In order to use this feature, you first need to ensure that your Instagram Stories get saved into your Archives. You can turn it on by going to the Settings >> Story Settings >> Saving >> Save to Archives (Turn On).

Once that’s done, you will see a story-like circular icon show up on your profile page under the bio. By clicking on it, it will prompt you to add a name (using text/hashtag/emoji) to the Instagram Story Highlight that you’re about to create. You can now go ahead and select the Stories that you want to add to this Highlight from your Archives.

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Five Story Highlights show upfront on your profile and if you’ve created more than that, the user will have to scroll through it. Each Story Highlight has a maximum limit of 100 Stories to be showcased. It has editing features like you can select a specific Story Highlight Cover from the selected Stories and also zoom it to emphasize something.

Now, whether you’re a brand or an individual who has an Instagram presence, this feature of adding Instagram Story Highlights to profile could come in handy to neatly organize your interesting Stories updates. Here we’ll give you five innovative ways to use this feature.

Introduce Yourself

Since Instagram Story Highlights is the first thing your profile viewer sees after the Bio, it makes perfect sense to introduce yourself using this feature. This is a great way to leave the first impression on your profile viewer or potential customer if you’re a brand. They may be more likely to interact with your updates after they know about you. So, let your first Instagram Story Highlight on your profile be focused on introducing yourself as a brand or an individual in a creative way.

FAQs Overview

Another important tip for brands who are looking to utilize this Instagram Story Highlights feature is to make a Highlight that gives an overview of all the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs). This will help your current or potential customer save time in trying to look for answers to these FAQs and appreciate your efforts in making it simpler for them. Small steps like these go a long way in how your customer perceives and even interacts with your brand. Since you have the limit of 100 Stories in one Highlight, there’s enough room for your answer as many FAQs, possibly in a creative way to make it interesting as well.

Behind-The-Scenes Footage

The overall vibe of Instagram as compared to other social media platforms is a chill and fun. Even if you’re a serious brand, your Instagram presence can reflect the lighter side of things considering the high amount of millennials using the platform. So, it highly suggested that you put our Stories which show the behind-the-scenes of your daily company functioning. These need not be put out daily but can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. And once you have enough such Stories, the next obvious step is to collate them into an Instagram Story Highlight. Your viewers will definitely appreciate your vulnerability.

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Highlight Your Hero Content

As a brand and even as an individual, the updates that you make on social media can be divided into various categories such as Hub, Hero & Help. In this point, we would like to draw your attention towards Hero content specifically. Hero content is basically the kind of content which you want to draw maximum attention towards since it may involve a partnership or be a part of one of your major campaigns for announcements, product launch, etc. Now, since these updates are of utmost importance, you should compile them into the Instagram Story Highlights to ensure that they don’t get lost amidst all your routine posts.

Organize Your “IG Stories” Takeovers

One trend which has gradually boomed across Instagram pertaining to brand accounts is Instagram Stories Takeovers. This is basically another prominent individual or partnering brand that takes over your Instagram Stories for few hours or an entire day. Now it’s them who’ll post Stories from your profile (usually following some sort of theme with guidelines). As a brand, in order to keep this interesting on the platform – you must strategize towards having such takeovers. Once you do, you can neatly showcase these takeovers in an organized manner using Instagram Story Highlights.

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