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Instagram stories are just the right place to blow your trumpet, beat the drums and strike the strings of the chord for your brand.

Promote that product, unbox it live, advertise creatively and give shout outs to important associations in the stories. Instagram stories are versatile and come with a wide range of tools, techniques, effects and filters that can oomph up your marketing interests.

We agree that just uploading random Instagram stories is not enough because it must attract audience and increase engagement.

Therefore, here we have documented some Instagram story ideas for your brand that would surely increase not just engagement but sales and revenue too.

Instagram story ideas for brands and business

  1. Instagram polarising polls

Creating polls are a smart way to capture minds of the viewers. Posting a simple yes or no poll can be less interesting therefore, you can conduct polls with unique styles in your answer slots.

Instagram story ideas

For example, while asking any particular question that might get most positive answers you can give options like “yes” and “hell yeah, obviously!”. Your answer choices can be as creative as they can get to make sure they leave a lasting impression over viewers.

The platform also provides Instagram stickers that can be used as an answers option on the poll.

This addition is one of the brilliant Instagram story ideas which also works as a research survey using which you can formulate and map your road ahead on Instagram.

  1. Hold to read tags

Usually while watching the Instagram stories viewers can stop at a particular slab of story by putting down a finger on screen.

As a brand, you would want the followers to stay at your story for longer duration and that can be achieved by adding a “hold to read” phrase.

Instagram story ideas

You can upload a story with more text and add the phrase to ensure followers stay at it. An image with something to spot out or images that need comparison can also be used as this can make your viewers stay for at least 15 seconds more.

Instagram story ideas

This way you ask your viewers to stay for longer time on your story which not just helps in highlighting important content for your brand but also increases engagement.

  1. Thought leadership videos

Many influencers consider thought leadership videos as one of the most genius Instagram story ideas because it holds immense potential to engage viewers.

These are basically videos which where you can share tips & tricks, ideas, information and more with your followers. Matter can be related to subjects the brand deals in or topics that are your forte.

Instagram story ideas

This tactic would help build a trustworthy brand image and make you look more relatable to the viewers.

As a brand you can also post these videos as conversation starters and interact with the viewers where they can share their opinions too.

  1. Instagram question sticker for stories

The question sticker is different from the question polls because they are mostly subjective and viewers can write their answers elaborately.

It will help you understand your audience better and strategize accordingly.

Here, your followers can share their opinions and ideas with you in various ways thus improving engagement.

Instagram story ideas

Using the question sticker will also provide you with some good user generated content and ideas to use on blogs and social media.

  1. Contests and giveaways

Running a contest is definitely one of the best Instagram story ideas which will grab maximum followers. The giveaway prizes can be anything depending on the type of business your brand is dealing in.

Prizes can include a free trial of your service, sample product, shout-out on your page, or maybe a consultation session with your team.

Instagram story ideas

The contest should involve participants in activities such as sharing the post, tag friends, share the profile, give a shout out, produce content, DM answers or entries and much more.

It is a simple method to gain attention of your viewers. Moreover, the results are sometime surprisingly profitable hence do give it a try.

  1. Before & after comparatives

These simple Instagram story ideas are worth trying because it takes lesser effort to produce bigger benefits. It is mostly a comparative image that reveals a series of changes occurring over a process of events.

For example, how the brand logo transformed over the period of time, the increase in staff at office, image of the old office building that has been revamped into a quirky place now and more.

Instagram story ideas

There are plenty of ideas for brands that would like to post a before and after picture relevant to the business and brand.

Brands can use this type of Instagram story idea to showcase their journey over the years and build trusted relationship with customers.

  1. Countdown sticker on Instagram

Instagram in itself is one of the most useful, happening and updated application that is best for brands trying to advertise online.

These countdown stickers create a sense of excitement among viewers by counting time, Live on your story.

Instagram story ideas

As a brand, you can set countdown for the launch of your next product, announce the distribution of event tickets, new store openings, reminders for events & holidays and much more.

Countdowns trigger curiosity, fun, eagerness in viewers thereby increasing the overall engagement and profits at other platforms.

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