InstagramListsHow to use Instagram Tagging to Increase Reach & Followers?

Instagram is constantly updating its algorithm to suit agendas of creators, brands and individuals. These algorithms were comparatively simpler in functions and easy to understand than the recent changes that have made reaching the target market a task for users.

Earlier knowing the right time to post content and abiding by the timetable was sufficient to improve reach but now one needs to decode the different analytics parameter, features and app system to achieve the same. Therefore, it is important to understand the recent basics of Instagram tagging to increase reach, sell products/service, build an image etc. on the social media application.

Building brand awareness is essential for any company irrespective of their years of existence and popularity at any point in time. Marketing strategy being incomplete without a social media plan it is important to design an effective, strong and consistent layout for the same.

Instagram Tagging to Increase Reach

Brands before digging into the chapters of brand awareness must be well informed about who their market is and what their preferences are related to the business. Instagram is one of the weighty social media photo and video sharing platform is a potential space for brands to boost their real revenues besides the brand building.

Having a strategy for Instagram tagging is essential as it encourages customers, coverts online engagement into real sales, it drives repeated purchases and builds a strong brand personality. We will learn about how the system on Instagram works to support any kind of businesses.

What is Instagram Algorithm?

We could have easily mentioned the ways for smart Instagram tagging to boost the total performance of brands on the platform but understanding the real mechanism behind it helps from the core.

After all Instagram algorithm is completely based on machine-learning which is modified from time to time making the photo & video sharing application one of the most continuously evolving social media platform. As the Instagram user base keeps expanding between consecutive years, Brands are switching more towards promotion and advertising on the platform. Therefore, the algorithms function to ensure a clear path for posts to reach their right audience.

Instagram Tagging to Increase Reach

The Instagram algorithm plays the most important role in Instagram tagging to increase reach because it is the mechanism that looks into what comes on our feed, how are posts engaging the audience, and if the content is of interest to its relevant viewers.

With no exact report on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the social media platform this 2020, there are surveys stating that in 2019, people spent nearly 27 minutes per day on the app. the number will be higher this year too as the screen time of audiences has increased meanwhile. Hence, the algorithm decides over what must be featured on particular user feed by examining the content on all of its parameters.

The algorithm works to find the brand content that can create a huge impact over the audiences and grab the prime spot on the explore page of Instagram. It determines the factors that will be considered in finding the premium content for users. Moreover, it acts as the main control over what works with the social media platform and what is deserving enough to go viral overnight.

Instagram Ranking Parameters Recognised by the Algorithm

It depends on three basic factors that can have an impact over if the post will end up on the top space of user feed. They are briefly explained below:

  1. Relationship

The Instagram algorithm makes a note of which users are consistently liking and commenting or interacting in any possible way with all your posts. It will likely show more of your content to that regular interacting user than any other creators.

As regular congruous content has more potential to bind particular users into a long term relationship with the creator, it is the balanced online relationship dynamics that work for the Instagram tagging.

Therefore, focus on posting content that is engaging on a regular basis as they are helpful in maintaining a consistent graph on the report than a few irregular spikes over engagements on selective posts.

Instagram Tagging to Increase Reach

  1. Audience Interest

Grabbing the straight attention of the target market is the key to quickly escalate the gradual stairs of the social media platform. It is necessary to make interesting photos, videos along with the right choice of words for caption and filters for beautification.

If your existing followers interact with any of your posts than the Instagram algorithm will show more of the same type of posts to them in future. Moreover, people who engage with more content like yours are more likely to watch your posts.

So build that interest strongly and be consistent with posting TG relevant posts with Instagram tagging.

  1. Right Timing

Identifying with the exact time frame in which the interactions and engagements are the highest is important on all the social media platforms. Particularly with Instagram, posting on a regular time slot helps build an organised brand image and adds to the analytics.

With the disablement of the chronological display of Instagram content in 2016, the algorithms ensure that all new posts appear first so as to give a fresh look to the user feed. Newer posts are the priorities for the platform and are pushed to the ranking. So post when most of your audiences are scrolling through the Instagram window.

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Using Instagram Tagging to Increase Reach

Hash-tagging and mention features were started by Twitter but it was Instagram that popularized the significantly potential option on social media. With tagged posts receiving 70% more likes and comments than those without it, Instagram tagging to increase reach and followers is a valid and performing technique here.

The Instagram tags not just help categorise posts but also make them discoverable by users on the platform.

Over last few years, Instagram advertising witnessed a change in the increased impact of paid impressions over organic reach due to which Instagram tagging to increase reach is probably few of the organic ways to gain audience support.

Strategically implementing the Instagram tagging can improve visibility, engagement rates, the performance of post etc.

Let us know some hacks to use tags in posts.

  1. Research right tag options

Every marketing move begins with research, analysis and surveys because they provide the exact information and data required to sort the relevant hashtags. This is a kind of optimization to know what works best for your content visibility and reach.

Go to the search icon (magnifying glass) on the app and type words belonging to the relevant line of business to find the top most used related hashtags under the search bar. This will provide valuable ideas and words to use in your posts to get noticed and boost engagement.

Watch the same space and keep the search regular to tap into trending hashtags or the most used ones to be there with updated work.

Instagram Tagging to Increase Reach

  1. Know the industry leaders

Look out for the industry giants or masters of the business on the platform to understand their strategy and hashtag usage. As the audiences are shared between both, it will help you find the new tags to capture the right target market.

One can effectively acquire the most visible space by competing with the leaders directly through the Instagram tagging to increase reach as well.

  1. Intensive study of using tags

Make sure you are well aware of how the tagging can work for your posts. Usually, brands can use anywhere between 3 to 30 tags to be gaining the right attention but the weightage of the word should be considered prior to use it.

Now using 4 confidently researched, analysed, measured serious keywords for Instagram tagging to increase reach can be as effective as 30 selective tags.

All of the reaches can majorly depend on the overall aspects of the word like knowing its meaning, checking for double means, examining its acceptance among audiences etc. Picking out specific tagging words can be very useful as they will engage the serious audiences only hence help in building a loyal base of viewers besides improved interactions.

Instagram Tagging to Increase Reach

  1. Daily changed hashtags

Have you noticed the #MondayMotivation #friyay #wednesdayworkout #noshavenovember hashtags on social media? Well, this point is about those regularly changing tags that have a specific audience that can be captured and interacted with over the whole day or particular month. They are unique, specific and do have followings on a regular basis. It is important to be noticed regularly for improved visibility, and boosted engagement. People will remember your account if it is seen daily over the explore feed. Moreover, it helps you stay in pace with the trending pack of posts.

Instagram Tagging to Increase Reach

  1. Merging tags in the caption

Here is my personal favourite and most recommended trick to keep the impression going. It is to hide or manage to merge the tags amidst the well-curated captions on the posts. This will keep the viewer focused on the impressive writing by eliminating the distraction meanwhile making the post trend with the same tag. It is effective and builds a professionally positive brand image. The technique also prevents the disorganised, cluttered look of the post too.

Adding some general tips to use Instagram tagging to increase reach
  1. Use niche, particular location-based tags
  2. Search for relevant tag words
  3. Keep at least 1 or 2 branded hashtags researched from the market leaders
  4. Develop a single hashtag while running campaigns and contests
  5. Using local tags to boost real revenue and reach of posts
  6. Try to use hashtags that collect people and form specific communities on Instagram.

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