YouTube Marketing12 Interesting facts about Smosh Most People Don’t Know

One of the first and the biggest creators on YouTube- Smosh, have always been ahead of the others when it came to knowing what people really wanted to watch online. Which is what makes it one of the best running, money-making companies on the Internet.

Right now Smosh’s main channel stands high at Number 5 with over 22 Million subscribers and more than 5.6 Billion views! Here’s how it reached its monumental success with a few rare fun facts thrown in.

1. Where it all began

Smosh was found in 2002 when Anthony Padilla built to share flash animations that he made. The name ‘Smosh’ came from mishearing a friend’s story- about a Mosh pit and a music gig.

His friend  Ian Andrew Hecox who was just 2 years older than Anthony, soon joined him. They met in 6th Grade and became friends while working on a science project together. They started using their new site to chat with friends, sharing videos including some lip syncing videos of Pokemon and Mortal Kombat theme songs.

2. Ian’s Channel IanH Was Made only five days after the main Smosh channel was created.

Bear in mind that this was years before the entire concept of having a ‘second channel’ even existed. These two are always one step ahead.

3. Then they joined YouTube on November 19, 2005, which is freaking early.

YouTube was only created 9 months before that, so they were officially the first big YouTubers.
From there they started making videos exclusively for YouTube and just kept getting and bigger and bigger.

4. Many sources say their first ever video was- Anthony and Ian Lip Syncing the Pokemon Theme Song.
Over 6 months of the upload, it became one of the first viral youtube videos of all time, getting about 24.7Million views! That’s a lot of views for a viral video in today’s time. So can you imagine the hype over that video back then?!

But the video ended up getting deleted because of a copyright claim by Pokemon. In March of 2007, a user reuploaded the original video which survives to this day over 9 years later with 15 Million views.
Smosh recreated the video in 2010 mocking Pokemon for taking down their original video as-‘Pokemon Theme song REVENGE!’, which soon got millions of views.

Turns out, their actual first video was ‘Power Rangers Theme’ – however, this video is now no longer available to watch. This fun fact was recently revealed in an episode of ‘Gametime w/ Smosh’.

5. Smosh was The Most subscribed YouTube channel 3 Times

In 2006, 2007, and 2013. After that, the top spot has been occupied by PewDiePie.

6. Has gained Stupendous YouTube success since then!
maxresdefault (3)They started off doing their comedy skits such as ‘That damn Neighbour‘. And, ‘That Damn Prison Break’ was the first video to have the current style of Smosh Intro. They continue creating more skits, more series, more new characters for their growing number of fans.

7. Smosh has 19 channels in total!

In 2012, they started 3 new YouTube channels- ElSmosh, Shut Up Cartoons, and Smosh Games.tumblr_njepnexeak1qhdlwvo2_500

8. Found Success out of YouTube! maxresdefault (1)
They’ve released 5 music studio albums including Sexy Album in 2010 and If Music Were Real in 2011.

They have also released a couple video games like- Superhead Exploder-X in 2013 for Ipad and Iphone. And a number of their own Apps too- one of which includes the Shut Up App which can help you shut up your annoying brother.

And they raised a quarter million dollars through sponsors to hire video game producers for their famous Food Battle Series.  10% of its donations went to 3 charities.
In July 2015, Smosh released a freaking Movie with Lionsgate! It also features some other big Youtube stars like Jenna Marbles and Grace Helbig.

9. They have won A LOT of Awards!
maxresdefault (2)Youtube Award for Comedy in 2006 for the video Smosh Short 2: Stranded. The video was also nominated for numerous Webby Awards.
2015 was arguably their most successful years when it comes to awards- nominated twice in the Streamy Awards for the Best Show, and Gaming channel of the year, AND a Shorty Award for Youtube Stars of the Year. 11.

10. Inside Facts that fans know about them:
Anthony– sleeps with a mouth guard to stop his teeth-grinding.
– He lost a tooth after being hit in the face by a tennis racket.

-Has been dealing with has Agoraphobia, Anxiety, and panic attacks most of his life.

-His favourite colour is Purple.

Ian– was an emotional kid and suffered from ADHD.
-He also has Asthma problems.
-And his favourite Pokemon is Ditto.

11. Anthony got engaged to beauty guru Kalel in June 2013 but broke up in December 2014.
Kalel_y_AnthonyThe proposal video on their Vlog channel got a lot of views. Back then the channel was called ‘Watchusliveandstuff’ and had over a million subscribers. After the breakup was announced on their channel, Anthony let Kalel have that channel and now it’s her own kinda-Vlog channel with a changed name and about 2 Million subscribers.


And Ian Hecox’s current girlfriend is YouTuber Pamela Horton. They started dating around July 2015. On April 8, 2016, Ian formally introduced Pamela as his girlfriend with an Instagram photo and descriptive caption, declaring her the love of his life.

She has sometimes been subject to fans berating her for either taking Ian away from Anthony or being with Ian in lieu of the fans being with Ian themselves. This led to Ian making a textual Instagram post requesting that fans be kinder to the women in his life.

12. Smosh is still doing great!

Currently, they have an intimate SitCom which is based on Ian’s first Job at Chucky Cheese. But Anthony never had a job. He made websites for people for a hundred dollars. They have also done a few big Hollywood Movie promotions on their channel. And in February 2016, they announced their own comic book series.

They now have a massive team of producers, writers, actors, to maintain their 19 channels but they still star in their YouTube videos like they used to before.

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