ListsThe Benefits of IoT (Internet of Things) for Video Marketers

The impact of a paradigm-shifting technology like IoT has many benefits for industries that are tech-heavy, and that includes marketing. Video marketing specifically. Here are some of those benefits explored in more detail:

Benefits of IoT (Internet of Things)

The Impact of IoT on Video Marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an important part of our culture, with intelligent assistants selling en-masse for the price of a nice meal, and integration between home appliances and connected technology becoming increasingly commonplace. The impact of these kinds of software services for business, be it built in-house or through IT outsourcing, goes beyond merely adding convenience to mundane tasks such as setting alarms and turning lights on and off.

Accurate Targeting

The increasingly granular data—as well as larger quantities of said data—have revolutionized the advertising industry. These days, it is possible to target advertising with a laser-like focus on the people who are likely to be interested in the product or service being advertised. This provides advertisers with more “bang for the buck”.

The widespread adoption of IoT represents a dramatic increase in this data, as it is now not just possible to know things like the products a person buys, but also the way they use that product at home.

Increase in Revenue

With an increase in targeting accuracy, there will be an increase in revenue as a matter of course. This increase can happen through a range of mechanisms, the most obvious being an increase in sales as a direct result of more of the “right” people seeing ads. Another way IoT can lead to an increase in revenue is through contextual segmentation, allowing a company to tailor an advert to the context it is being observed through more than ever before.

Is a customer viewing an ad on their mobile phone? Are they watching it on their smart home hub? Information like this can makes it possible to understand more about the customer’s situation when viewing video marketing.

Interactive Advertising

IoT devices have enabled advertisers to make the process of marketing a two-way street, allowing customers to interact with marketing material in ways that can benefit both the consumer and the company doing the advertising.

This has already been leveraged in several ways, from simple feedback functionality—such as asking a customer about their preferences in an unobtrusive manner—to implementing augmented reality games that the customers can participate in.

Final Thoughts

Technology continues to advance at a relentless pace. Like many other industries, marketing continually finds itself being enhanced and enriched by the new capabilities these advancements bring.

The shift away from “as many eyeballs as possible” marketing to more nuanced and targeted methods has enabled marketers to get a far greater return on their marketing budget. With IoT devices making it possible to target that marketing even more accurately, the industry stands to gain.

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