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Sidharth Jena2 years ago

The pandemic had almost put a comma on International Cricket, resulting in huge losses for broadcasters and other key stakeholders in the form of advertisement slots & ticket sales respectively. The success of West-Indies tour of England followed by Pakistan tour of England played under the bio secured bubble, however, brought much-needed respite to everyone with hopes for full resumption of cricket worldwide. This paved the way for the IPL 2020, which is undoubtedly the biggest cricketing extravaganza for players, fans and advertisers. Unlike previous editions, IPL 2020 will be held in the UAE and on a much later date, starting September 19, rather than the usual April – May month schedule in India. 

Why IPL 2020 will be Crucial for Advertisers?

Most of the Indian based companies plan out huge advertisement campaigns near the IPL season which starts from April and goes on till May. But with the lockdown on, festivals downsized and postponement of the IPL 2020, the first 8 months have been mostly a dull season for the marketers.  

This year IPL 2020 clashes with the festive season of  Dussehra and the final match that is scheduled to take place on 10th November 2020 is just 4 days before Diwali, the biggest festival in India. 

Brands looking to advertise during the IPL 2020 will be able to target both the set of audience at one go, the premium cricket enthusiasts & the festive buyers. 

What your Brand can gain by focusing on Contextual Targeting on YouTube? 

The IPL has been a favourite for Indian marketers since 2008. The tournament has seen tremendous growth every year in terms of viewership (Digital & TV), reach, advertising spends & sponsorship value. 

IPL 2020 Media Strategy for Brands

  • The previous edition of Indian Premier League saw over 50 Million+ searches on YouTube for IPL related content, a 95% growth compared to the 2018 edition. 
  • A massive audience looking for more information related to a particular match or the playing XI spends an average 34 minutes on YouTube during LIVE IPL match hours. 
  • Behind the scenes content around favourite players by franchises & match analysis by experts are the most viewed videos around IPL with extremely high viewer retention rates.
  • The viewership of content surrounding cricket in general and IPL, in particular, constitutes about 1 Billion hours’ worth of eyeball time.
  • Over a 110 Million+ premium cricket enthusiast audience actively engage with other top viewed genres on YouTube (Entertainment, Music, Comedy, News & Politics & People & Blogs).

Gen Z & Millennials are the dominating demography with 89% male audience. In the current age, the Gen Z audience is the most important target audience for a marketer to focus on any digital platform.  

How Vidooly’s Expertise can add more reach for your campaigns with ease?

One thing is evident that to be able to precisely target your TG during the all-important IPL 2020 + Festive season you need to make sense of the huge amount of data available on various aspects, which is not an easy task. This is where our expertise in contextual video targeting on YouTube can make a difference to your marketing campaigns in comparison to your closest competitors. 

Vidooly tracks over 250 Million+ videos across social media platforms. Using this huge video repository, we process thousands of video data points to understand the type of content across millions of videos and find the right kind of content to showcase your video ad on any digital video platform. This results in your ad spent majorly being targeted towards a buyer rather than just a viewer skipping your video ad.

Few of the benefits of planning out a contextual targeting campaign with Vidooly: – 

  • High VTR 
  • Right Ad Placements 
  • Better Conversions 
  • Brand Safety 

Contextual Targeting

With so many avenues to look at and so much data to analyze, it is quite evident that your brand needs the right partnership that will prove instrumental in maximizing the ROI on your IPL ad spends.

Brands from various industries like Automobile, FMCG, e-commerce, QSR, Food & Beverages & Personal care have used Vidooly’s Contextual targeting capabilities to gain more recall. 

So if you are ready to take the big stride forward, connect with experts from Vidooly.

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