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Do you enjoy seeing real life user generated videos on Social Media? Extra brownie points when you get a compilation of all epic fails and awesome things people are doing throughout the world at one place. Sounds like a good idea? Well the good idea has been put to great use by Jukin Media. A company which buys user generated license videos from the internet and uses it under its brand name to make it go viral and ensure you have a good time enjoying others failures or awesomeness at one place. In this blog, we will put some light on How Jukin Media is Making User Generated Videos go Viral & Break the Internet?

What is Breaking the Internet?

Jukin Media Viral Videos
Source: Jukin Media YouTube

As the name sounds it literally doesn’t mean using all your force to break the internet into pieces just like the Incredible Hulk causes devastation when provoked. Break the Internet is the word used by the millennial generation to describe something that goes viral and is the topic of discussion everywhere and every time.

Dictionary Meaning: Causing a large on the World Wide Web with many Social Networking Sites and News companies discussing the same thing over and over. (Source: Urban Dictionary)


While scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed you must have come across compilation videos showcasing epic fails or awesomeness of people. That’s Jukin Media for you guys. A library of different user generated content under one brand name. The buck doesn’t stop here the same user generated videos are being used by leading companies like NBC, FOX, MTV, BBC, ELLEN, CNN to name a few who buy rights of the videos from Jukin and the revenue is being shared between the creator and Jukin Media in a revenue sharing model.

Jukin also adds up as an independent content creator. They’ve always looked up original content business as Intellectual Property ownership/global distribution/audience segmentation and conveying narrative through the lens of the user.

Jukin Media Viral Videos
Source: Jukin Media Official Website

Some of the channels under Jukin Media are:-


As of August 2018, Jukin Media has a library of 50,000+ user generated videos clocking in 2.5 Billion + views per month with a loyal fan base of 70 Million+. That’s more than the population of many countries on earth. (Source: Internet)

Sourcing & Licensing Process: Jukin Media keeps the concept very simple, i.e track great and original user generated video content across digital platforms that have a higher chance of engagements and viewership. User Generated content have a high chance of viewers relating it to their daily life, therefore a higher chance of engagements. Once the videos have been identified, Jukin team reaches out to the owner to start the licensing process. If the owner agrees to share the rights of the video to Jukin both enter into a revenue sharing model. But it is not that easy as it sounds, the licensing comes with a clause. The owner has no rights to post the video natively in any other digital platform or re-sell to any other video company. All previous posts of the video across digital platforms have to be taken down. Jukin also restricts embedding of the video by certain websites.

In simple terms once you handover the rights of the video to Jukin Media, it becomes their Intellectual Property and the entire lifecycle of the video is under their control.

After licensing next is Distribution. The next step is all about marketing Jukin’s video library in the internet landscape and find a potential buyer either from digital or TV video industry. Apart from marketing its video library on the internet, Jukin also shares compilation of same category videos on its social platforms to monetize from platforms like Facebook & YouTube.

Many believe that business model of Jukin Media is very similar to that of a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) but Jukin officials refute the claims stating it’s a library of user generated videos which believes Authenticate & Caught on camera UGC are the future of storytelling and brands would depend highly on such content to market their product & services across platforms.

JUKIN MEDIA VIRAL VIDEOS: Copyrights Protection of Video & Monetization Opportunity

Jukin Media Viral Videos
Source: Jukin Media YouTube

Video had been largely crowded with brands, advertisements, music videos, movies etc with user generated content managing a very minimal share. But after the launch, many monetization opportunities for user-generated video content either through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc, UGC has seen a rapid surge. This also led to the rise of influencer-based marketing where professional bloggers or vloggers collaborate with brands for promotion.

Copyrights Protection of Video

When it comes to partnering with Jukin Media for monetization of the video, users have a greater advantage compared to other platforms. The only downfall is they lose all rights to post the video natively in any platform. But this particular downfall is also the biggest advantage. The strong enforcement of its license ensures the videos sell for a higher price in the market + ensure zero copyright violations thereby ensuring the content owner gets a higher value for his/her efforts. Under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) the Viral Video library company takes down any unauthorized video post of its licensed videos or any unauthorized video embeds in other websites.

Monetization Opportunity

According to Top Jukin Officials, the company would end up paying more than $20,000,000 to amateur video creators by the end of 2018. Majority of Jukin partners earn somewhere between $500- $2000 depending upon the video category and demand in the market. Owners of few creative videos have also earned upto $50,000 for a single licensed clip through Jukin.

Jukin is the best way to make money with your Go-Pro or smart phone camera outside of YouTube & Facebook and also ensure there are no infringement of copyrights act.

Jukin Media also understands that all videos licensed under its belt would not have the capability to go viral. Therefore it also gives such videos a chance to partner with Jukin Media and also an opportunity to earn. This approach has been carried out in anticipation of placing such video in between ads for certain brands which might be interested in it.

Jukin Media adds value to your real life video caught on camera without any make up or CGI and diversifies earning opportunities for a meagre 90 second clip with no or minimum investment.

Strong Copy Right Laws

Many Video Marketing & Digital Marketing Experts believed the strong copyright law would soon backfire for the company as it would limit it from achieving its main goal of making the videos go viral. Jukin Media along with limiting owners of videos post natively after licensing also limits from video embedding from other websites. This ensures all keywords related to the videos only show results related to the partnered channels or digital properties of Jukin rather than any other company. Putting all speculations of a backfire to rest, this particular approach with a little bit of patience helped the company more in achieving its goal, i.e Break the Internet.

JUKIN MEDIA VIRAL VIDEOS: Reason for Surge in Demand for User Generated Content

Jukin Media Viral Videos
Source: Jukin Media YouTube

Storytelling in new age ads have become short but raw and aggressive. In many cases, it becomes a challenge for brands to get that raw and aggressive emotion in their ad as aspired by the marketers.

This is where the library of UGC if Jukin comes to the rescue of marketers. Full of raw emotions and perfect timings, these UGCs fit perfectly to the needs of the promotional strategy of the brands thereby supporting the business model of Jukin Media and gaining an earning opportunity for content owners.

Initially many speculated that using such videos in the ads would only attract the millennial. But the results proved otherwise. The contents equally attracted audience from various demographics and age-groups as everyone finds raw videos enticing. Not surprising that a majority of the audience were from Mobile followed by desktop and tablet.

JUKIN MEDIA VIRAL VIDEOS: How to become a Jukin Media Partner?

Jukin Media Viral Videos
Source: Jukin Media YouTube
  • Original Content: For Jukin originality of the content is more important than being viral worthy. According to YouTube law, the legal owner of the video for user generated video content is the person who is physically holding the camera. Before submitting the video for licensing make sure you are the legal owner of the video to ensure monetization.
  • Family Friendly Content: To ensure mass distribution and a higher price for the video, produce family friendly content. This also ensures a greater possibility of your content being broadcasted in TV, which till date has the highest share of viewership. A family friendly content also has a higher chance of getting an attention from a brand as it ensures Brand Safety. (Know More About Brand Safety)
  • Share it With Jukin Media: Once your content meets all the mentioned guidelines, submit the video for review by officials of Jukin Media. There are no licensing partners associated with Jukin Media so if you want to collaborate with the viral video company, then submit the video directly on their website.

According to top officials from JUKIN MEDIA, “The idea of calling Jukin a clip making company is clearly a misrepresentation of the content. Even though clips are undeniably an important part of our business but we count them as the future of storytelling through real, raw and short video forms. That’s the reason the short 24-hour viewing posts from Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram are called Stories.”

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your camera and start filming who knows you may end up earning $50,000 from Jukin Media.

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