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Aravinda Holla4 years ago

When Rajini speaks, the world listens. Many reviewers and film analysts wrote him off after the failures (relatively speaking of course) of his last two outings – Lingaa and Kochadaiiyaan. But, the Superstar is back with a bang with Kabali.

The teaser video that broke all records

When the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan starrer Dilwale was released on YouTube about 5 months ago, it had set the record for the highest number of views in a single day (3.6 million) for an Indian movie. A couple of good songs and this record were probably the only saving grace of the forgettable movie. As the cliched line goes – records are meant to be broken. It took 5 months and a bearded Rajinikanth to smash this record into oblivion.

The 67-second teaser video of Kabali netted a whopping 5 million views within 22 hours of its launch on YouTube! This is a record not just for an Indian film, but also for any Asian movie!

Rajini plays an ageing don in the movie and the teaser begins with a shot of him walking with swagger wearing a well-tailored grey suit and sporting a salt and pepper beard. Set to a pulse-raising industrial metal track, the teaser has shots of Rajini kicking ass and delivering punchlines that he is so popular for. The end of the teaser also shows a glimpse of the old Rajini tossing his hair in his inimitable style.

The video has crossed over 10 million views as of today and the view counter is ticking at a breakneck pace; adding over 120 thousand views every hour! It has also been shared over 100 thousand times across Social Media!

kabali teaser performance

Note: You can also get stats like this for any YouTube video/channel using our chrome extension vidlog.

The plot line does not look path breaking but it certainly has all the style and panache that one usually associates with a Rajinikanth movie. The teaser video wasn’t just trending in India. It was featured in YouTube’s Top Trending Videos in several other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

The Director of the movie PA Ranjith‘s last outing was ‘Madras‘ – an enthralling political story. We are definitely hoping that the movie has a political undertone and a serious message; rather than the usual one-man beats all plot line.

The reaction videos frenzy

Despite being controversial, there are thousands of Reaction videos on YouTube. To those of you who don’t know what a reaction video is –

Reaction videos are videos in which people react to events. In particular, videos showing the emotional reactions of people viewing TV show episodes or film trailers on video hosting services like YouTube.

I’ve been following this Reaction video frenzy from quite some time and interestingly, trailer reaction videos of South Indian films is a thing on YouTube right now! There are scores of channels featuring not just Indians and NRIs but also foreigners reacting to the trailers of Tamil and Telugu movies. Here are a few such reaction channels worth mentioning – the Reel Review RajaBhavAndSimReactRajDeepLiveKoricon Nala.

Note: There are over 18 thousand reaction and review videos for the Kabali teaser already!

Here’s the reaction video by The Reel Review Raja:

The YouTube channel that uploaded the video Kalaippuli S Thanu (named after the Producer of the movie S. Thanu) added over 36 thousand subscribers within the three days of the teaser launch!

kabali youtube channel

Set to be released on the 6th of July, we’re all eagerly awaiting the official trailer of the movie. That’s probably going to set a few records straight as well!


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