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Gone are the days when learning was just restricted to brick and mortar, where students had to go and pay a handsome amount of money to take learnings from a good teacher. We all remember the time just before the commencement of our sessions when we had to stand in long queues outside a bookseller’s shop and where books used to get sold even before the queue ended. Learning was never easy!! But in the past few years, with the availability of internet in every home and availability of sources like Khan Academy , online learning or e-learning is one of the best media to connect teachers with learners.

There are many advantages of online learning over traditional means of learning like:

  1. Easy availability: – Each and every topic and contents you are interested in is just a click away, where you can easily search and compare multiple courses and tutors before starting a course.
  2. 24×7 access: – You can access the course anywhere you want whether in office, home or while traveling and at any time of the day.
  3. Personalized learning:- You can easily interact with the tutor in online sessions and personalize your learning as per your convenience unlike classroom learning
  4. Highly Interactive:- E-learning courses are mostly supported with texts, audios, and videos which are a more better way to learn, making it much more interactive and easy to learn.
  5. High Retention Rate:- use of audiovisual content increases the retaining capability of the learner, and according to the Research Institute of America, there has been an increase of retention rate from 25% to 60%
  6. It’s free or low priced:- Most of the content available online is free while paid content is still very low priced as compared to classroom learning
  7. Self-Paced:- You can skip any content you are not interested in, pause a video or move from easy to difficult level as per your wish.
  8. Offline download:- Most of the content available online can be downloaded and accessed offline or even when you are in low connectivity area
  9. The community of learners and tutors:- You can easily connect and interact with learners from across the world and discuss your problems and queries without commuting anywhere
  10. Access to global learning:- we stay connected with the latest advancements and happening in the world and can easily learn and build our skills.

With all these benefits and the way online learning is shaping our careers, there is surely a tough fight between online learning platforms to offer the best learning choices to their users. For the same reason, one of the best and most preferred non-profit online learning platform is Khan Academy which offers free courses for Mathematics, Science & Engineering, Computing, Economies & finance, Arts & Humanities, Test Preparations and much more. Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan in the year 2007 and currently it have over 60 million students from all across the world and provides world-class learning with more than 10,000 videos and 40,000 interactive questions from a renowned team of specialists. Khan Academy has a partnership with top institutions like MIT, NASA, California Academy of Sciences. It has specialized content for all age groups as well as a free tool for teachers and parents to analyze the learning of their kids and dashboard for the overall performance of the class with a profile of every student with all the content and study material available in over 36 languages. You can join Khan Academy as a Learner, Teacher or Parent and experience a completely new and interactive way of learning or imparting education for all. This non-profit organization, headquartered at California, US has Founding Partners like Google, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Tata Trust, Valhalla Charitable Foundation.

Khan Academy YouTube Channel Stats

Khan Academy has a well-marked presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and is also available as a free app for mobile versions. One of the most important social media platform to reach out to a mass audience is YouTube and Khan Academy has aced this race with their main YouTube channel Khan Academy, started in the year 2006 which has over 4.7M subscribers and 1,658,190,784 views as of today.

The channel has playlists of Math, Chemistry, Biology, Arts and Humanities, Science & Engineering, Computing, Economics & finance. The channel also has created playlists like Khan stories, US government and civics, Calculus and much more.

Below are some of the most popular videos on Khan Academy

Krebs / citric acid cycle | Cellular respiration | Biology | Khan Academy ( 3.9 Million Views )

Introduction to limits | Limits | Differential Calculus | Khan Academy ( 3.9 Million Views )

Salman Khan TED Talk 2011 from ( 4,867,780 views )

You Can Learn Anything ( 6,098,289 Views )

Other channels of Khan Academy

Just two months back, Khan Academy introduced Khan Academy Kids app for children between age 2-6 to help them learn and discover in a fun and kid-friendly way. There are five whimsical characters to guide small kids during their activities and story time, hats and toys for these characters which kids collect after they learn. All the content within the app helps kids engage in interactive and creative activities, lessons and videos and at the same time, help in the overall development of their early learning and motor development. The app is available on Google Play Store, App Store, and Amazon app store.

Not only app, Khan Academy website is also a great medium for the learners to be a part of. One of the main advantage it has is the bifurcation of learning section where Teacher, Student and Parents can easily browse through the study material related to their domain thus making the navigation easy.

With all that information about a great source of learning, let’s end with a quote on learning by Jim Rohn, “Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.”

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