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Trisha Malhotra2 years ago

KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube Boxing Fight Match Confirmed

The dates of the highly anticipated boxing fight match between YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul has been announced.

Logan Paul makes another headline after being criticised for joking about a dead body that he found in a Japanese forest which was known for suicides. He has been engaged in a bone of contention with the British YouTuber Olajide KSI Olatunji.

KSI, known for the bout with Joe Weller which happened in February managed to draw more than 20 million viewers and 1.6 million viewers live during the match on YouTube when their online arguments into a real-world boxing ring.

The bout has been scheduled for 25th August 2018 at the Manchester Arena – confirmed by a screenshot posted by Logan Paul on Twitter. This venue shows it will be an affair between the KSI (United Kingdom) vs the Logan Paul (United States), as both the YouTubers have agreed for the challenge.

London’s Copper Box Arena hosted the February fight between KSI and Joe Weller, held 7,500 fans. Configured for a boxing match, Manchester Arena can hold three times that number: 21,000 attendees. This is massive!


Both the YouTubers (KSI vs Logan Paul) are on their toes, prepping up for the boxing fight match. What is interesting to see is that how both of them are pricking each other on Twitter and the fans are just loving it. In a tweet by Logan Paul, he is showing that is ready for the challenge when he posted his ‘relaxed’ training video.

On the other hand, KSI posted pictures on Twitter with the famous trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. saying ‘Training with the best’.


The only thing which needs to be seen now is whether the boxing fight will be streamed for free on YouTube or the fans would be asked to pay a nominal amount to watch their favorite YouTubers, take each other down at the Manchester Arena.


A return fight is also planned sometime in 2019 in the United States at the same venue. As per the agreement posted on their Twitter handles, KSI would get all ticket revenue for the UK fight, while Logan Paul would get all revenue from ticket sales for the US fight.

Can’t wait to see them both fight!


Trisha Malhotra

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