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With the increasing demand for updated information and data regarding legal amendments, acts and changes in law all around the globe, YouTube has seen exponential growth over the years.

While the world faces extreme cases of conflict, damage and disease spreads, different governments bought in several changes to the legal hold in their respective nations. Reactions, actions, ideas and opinions varied in many ways that created different impact on how the law took care of the scenarios.

Law YouTube channels don’t just help students pursuing the profession but also spread the right information about acts & amendments.

We have compiled few of these amazing law YouTube channels for our readers to get good advices as well as information regarding legal choices and forums. These are known for their authenticity and unbiased data.

Amazing Law YouTube Channels for 2020

  1. Wild about trial

With over 17.7K subscribers and above 3 million views, Wild about Trial is one of the most interesting law YouTube channels that shows videos on legal topics. The channel provides updated data, facts and information related to the legal area beside showing analysis videos of top criminal cases. It has live videos straight from courtrooms along with commentaries and case trials. The channel has provision for its audiences to read court documents as PDFs and examine the accessible legal elements from few full time passionate legal advisors.

  1. Bloomberg law

It is surely a boon for all serious legal practitioners and passionate lawyers who intend to keep themselves updated with the news and facts. Bloomberg law is the flagship legal service channel of Bloomberg BNA which is a source of international information regarding legal, tax, regulatory and business norms. Integrated legal researches along with business intelligence can be studied through their videos thereby making it one of the greatest law YouTube channels with over 15.9k subscribers worldwide.

  1. Law and Crime network

It is one of the popular law YouTube channels dedicated to courtroom trials, legal battles, analysis and advices. Advocates, legal advisors and interested law makers tune in to this network regularly for fascinating live trials and topics. The channel has videos on famous criminal cases, high profile matters, celebrity justice and smart legal intelligence for its viewers.

  1. University of Virginia School of law

This is the official channel of university of Virginia school of law started in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson. It is recorded as the second-oldest continuously operating law school in the nation that has paved way for some of the best distinguished lawyers, public servants and legal advisors. With over 25.6k subscribers it is one of the most inspiring law YouTube channels that has videos posted covering law student life, faculty researches, updated news and legal advises for their viewers.

  1. Learn Law Better (LLB)

It is one of the most authentic and easy to understand law YouTube channels for students and law teachers. The videos are created by Beau Baez who has trained thousands of law students and aspiring law professionals. The channel is specially designed to help students fare well in exams, excel in classrooms and perform in bar exams. It shows how to write better law essays, systematic way to debating legal battles and other essential tricks and tips on the profession.

  1. Duke university school of law

The premium university is famous for its cross disciplinary environment, joint degrees and certification courses in several topics. Their law YouTube channels teach some of the fine theories regarding criminology, public law, bioethics, business norms and other regulations. The videos on this channel are aimed at providing sufficient information and notes to the students pursuing degree in law and audiences passionate about international studies as well as law.

  1. Thomson Reuters Legal Europe

It is one of the popular law YouTube channels associated with business law and intelligence. They provide best in class legal advices, solutions and tricks to conquer business management and growth. The videos have commentaries and treaties by Sweet & Maxwell along with practical law, Lawtel and series of software solutions such as Legal tracker, Contract express, Drafting assistant and Solcara legal search. It explains major models of law and regulations that help lawyers, students and researchers learn better.

  1. Scales of Justice

It is one of the most followed law YouTube channels that educates its audiences about criminal case trials and law. Their videos are specifically based on educating learners, legal advocates and students about major cases, high profile matters, bond work, legal arrangements, pre trials, sentencings and more. The channel has over 25 million views and 98k subscribers to serve worldwide. The channel uploads educational videos on popular sentencing and trials that can give viewers an analytical report over proceedings.

  1. Shouse Law Group Channel

The California based legal firm represents their citizens in criminal defence, personal injury, immigration and employment matters. They are a team of forensic experts, private detectives, former police officers and legal professionals. With over 32.8k subscribers on their channel and millions of views on videos they are one of the most interesting law YouTube channels for learners and passionate law enthusiasts.

10. YouTubers Law

Lior Leser focuses on a much ignored part of law i.e. the law for online businesses and platforms. He provides necessary information related to online rules and regulations to safe guard brands online. The legal guide that he provides helps users turn their YouTube businesses and hobbies into monetizing stages that gets them money as well as fame. He is inclined towards creating videos about rational legal side of online gaming, technology, social media and money making that is rare and widely helpful these days.

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