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Akshay Chandra3 years ago

World renowned Chinese film actor, film producer, martial artist, and retired wushu champion – Jet Li launched his new website called This website will introduce unique views and perspectives on martial arts and its associated values, stories, and lifestyles to its users. Along with this website, Jet Li is starting a YouTube channel that will showcase his passion for bringing the philosophies and lifestyle of Kung Fu to people all over the world.

For all who don’t know, Jet Li is among few martial artists in the film industry who stands along Kung Fu legends like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Donnie Yen. Jet Li appeared in many Hollywood blockbusters like Romeo Must Die, The Forbidden Kingdom, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Ocean Heaven among others and his movie Hero (2002) is the first foreign language film to open at #1 at the US box office.

TRIVIA – Quentin Tarantino helped to secure an uncut English-subtitled release of HERO (2002), and offered to lend his name to promotional material for the film in order to attract box office attention to it; his name was attached to the credits as “Quentin Tarantino Presents”

This YouTube channel is now showcasing short documentaries on the lives of the following highly reputed and trained martial artists. The first series is titled “Hero In All Of Us”, which shares the philosophies adopted by following top martial artists mentioned below.

  • Michele Aboro –   7 times world champion in kickboxing and boxing
  • Stanley Tam –  Black belt in Brazilian jujitsu
  • Yi ChangMartial arts supervisor
  • CafeCapoeira instructor for past 7 years
  • José Aldo – 2 times UFC Featherweight Championship
  • Alfred Hsing – Gold at 2009 World Wushu Championships


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