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The pandemic has changed the way how Lifestyle trends were set prior to the crisis. As shopping shifted to being mostly online, fitness became virtual with a focus on mental health. While travel & tourism was restricted, consumer behaviour undoubtedly shifted over the past year, with new trends rising that is leading to an emphasis on local destinations and traveller safety. And as the outlook towards these industries has changed, so has the way content is created around them.

All this has made the Lifestyle category more aspirational and as digital consumption continues its dominance and growth in 2021, consumers absorb online content (videos like tutorials, vlogs, product reviews etc.), now more than ever, before purchasing a product. Therefore, companies nowadays are focused on creating more informational content to satisfy the aspiration of consumers.

In this Report, we have divided Lifestyle into 4 genres – Beauty, Fashion, Health & Fitness and Travel & Leisure. The report aims to benefit marketers & advertisers who’d like to understand how prevalent these four genres have become in 2021 when it comes to video content on YouTube in terms of viewership, engagement, uploads and monthly growth (Duration -January till May). It also lists the top influencers and brands on YouTube and their performance along with an overview of the top trends within each genre.

Overall YouTube Analysis – India

As we discuss the video-sharing trends and evolving content strategies, YouTube is the globally known established platform that is almost unrivalled in today’s time. Moreover, the prominent social video platform is the first choice of nearly all content creators.

Lifestyle genre report 2021

Therefore, it stands as the major & primary stage for video trends to unfold. YouTube is the go-to place for all big brands and marketers to capture the trending viral video market.

Vidooly’s data tracking mechanism tool reported a detailed study about YouTube’s performance in India in the last five months, i.e. 1st January 2021 to 31st May 2021. It was found that there were a total of 631.81 billion views garnered over the mentioned time period, where maximum views escalated in May 2021 that amounted to 135.17 billion. A detailed look at the demography represents the male as a dominant viewer gender with a visible higher percentage over the counterpart. The age groups 18-24 and 25-34 have the most interaction on-site and are accountable for max engagement.

The platform in India saw the most uploads in March 2021, i.e. 1.14 million uploads out of the total 5.23 million in all five sampled months. As a result, there were a total of 1.51 billion subscribers, out of which 343.57 million subscribers were gained in January 2021 alone.

Lifestyle genre overview

Amidst the growth of revolutionary digitalization, a shift in consumer behaviour patterns and rising demand in the market, the lifestyle industry has adjusted to yield the most. While the years 2020 and 2021 were a roller coaster ride for the lifestyle industry, businesses tried their best to innovate campaigns for their survival strategy. Right from the shop on wheels at resident welfare associations, video call workouts, appointment viewing, doorstep deliveries to selling on social media platforms, companies have renovated and changed how they believed in thriving businesses.

In May 2021 alone, the maximum views of 3.29 billion were noted in the lifestyle genre. There were 170.16 k uploads, out of which 35.57 k were published in March 2021 itself. 73.56 million subscribers were added, out of which January 2021 had the maximum number of subscribers, i.e. 16.06 million.

Contradictory to the overall YouTube video content analysis, a demographic study of the lifestyle genre shows dominance of female viewers in almost all age groups. The 25-34 aged viewers were of the highest percentage than others, followed by the 18-24 age category.

Beauty Genre Overview

The cosmetics and beauty genre 3.57 B views in the five months. Further, it added 13.91 million subscribers in total and a total of 22.56 k videos being uploaded.

Lifestyle genre report 2021

In January 2021, it received 752.72 million views and 3.16 million subscribers that are the maximum recorded in the sampled months. After January, there was a fall in viewership that went up by April 2021 and was maintained close in May. It was in May 2021 that the genre had a maximum number of video uploads on the platform.

The demography analysis matched with the overall insights of the lifestyle genre. It showed higher percentages favouring the female viewers in the beauty category. The sub-category had influencers like Gujju Unicorn with 62.76 million views, followed by the channel Be Natural with 55.93 million views at second place and creator Himadri Patel with 41.32 million views on third.

The brands that made it to the top three places in the Beauty category were Tresemme India with 69.46 million views, Nivea India with 32.10 million views and Maybelline New York India with 28.60 million views.

Makeup challenge, promotional, makeup tutorial, hairstyle & haircare, skincare, beauty hacks, Makeup looks were prominent content types in this category. ‘Skincare’ has the maximum content around it, with 25% of total uploads coming under the section but accounting for 12 % of the whole engagement. The disparity of uploads against the engagement rates signifies the importance of understanding the data insights before brainstorming campaigns online.

Fashion and style genre overview

3.10 billion views, 11.72 million subscribers and 45.88 k uploads represent the whole content scenario under the subcategory of fashion and style that mostly comprises apparel, footwear, styling tips, accessorizing, etc.

Lifestyle genre report 2021

Surprisingly, the genre saw a dip in its viewership through the consecutive passing months sampled for this report. However, January 2021 was the boom month for the brands and influencers that made content around fashion and styling as it received the most views, i.e. 694.43 million in the month. Moreover, it also gained the maximum number of subscribers and had the most uploads in the same month.

The months of February and May 2021 were the least viewed content in the genre and the demography showed a slight change with age groups 55-64 and 65+ with more male viewers comparatively.

Fashion e-commerce brands like Flipkart, Myntra, and Ajio Life topped the list of most-viewed brands on YouTube, whereas the influencers Aanchal with 20.58 million views was followed by Ria das with 19.47 million views and Heli ved with 15.24 million views topped the influencers category.

Analyzing the trends in the fashion and style genre, several surprises unfurled here. Out of the content types that included promotional, DIY/Tutorials/Tips/others, campaigns, Fashion looks/Trendy designs etc., ‘Promotional’ content is the most uploaded, i.e. 64%, but accounts for just 3.23 % engagement, which is the lowest on the list.

Health and Fitness Overview

Counting the health-related complications that came across during the pandemic, Health & fitness was one of the most popular genres that served the brands and influencers in the lifestyle industry online. However, with various forwards on social media sites that claimed the vital link between the coronavirus and immunity, there was too much information signifying the importance of physical fitness and mental health.

Lifestyle genre report 2021

People did take up diet plans, subscribed to daily online workout schedules, paid for personal trainers that helped them shape up amidst the lockdown and tried managing time while working from home. However, while the new working culture brought in the sense of work-life balance and improved productivity from the comforts of the home, it also left people overworking and tired.

Online content around health and fitness was the saviour to many, and probably that is where we get the whooping 6.84 billion views on the content in this category alone. With 41.99 million subscribers and 87.46k uploads, the genre is the most popular and subscribed category compared to the other three under the lifestyle genre.

The month on month views represents a steady and close growth over the sampled five months, with a surge seen in May 2021, with the maximum views being 1.72 billion. The category also witnessed the most subscribers of 9.31 million in the month of May 2021, while most video uploads, i.e. 18.39k, were done in March 2021. Demography studies show that females under the age group of 25-34 years have a 26.34% audience that is the most on the list. Unlike other genres under lifestyle, in Health & fitness, male-gendered viewers appear to be at par with the females except for few variations at 25-34 and 35-44 years group.

In the health and fitness genre, content around herbal medicines, Ayurveda procedures, and other historic significance practices were more likely to be consumed. This is very well proved by the leading influencers on the list, with channel Sanyasi garnering 168.68 million views in first place followed by Swami Ramdev with 156.51 million views at second and Fittuber with 92.41 million views in third place. Brands that topped the rank chart were Colgate, Gravity transformation and Himalaya personal care, respectively.

Workout & Yoga, with a 66% engagement rate, leads the genre with the most consumed content while it has a 31% viewership share. Out of the contents like Promotional, workout & yoga, informative and tent pole, ‘promotional’ has 1.28 % engagement yet a vast 43% viewership share that is the highest amongst all other content types under this genre. It also has the most number of uploads, i.e. 39% of the whole.

Travel and Leisure genre overview

Considering the lockdowns and pandemic curfews across India, travel and leisure activities were the most affected in the industry. India has been through two major coronavirus waves that left people devastated and lost. Yet, there was a gap between the two successive hits in the pandemic that saw unlock parts and slow normalcy. People did travel during this time, and partial curfews and opening procedures built some hope to re-explore the world. From January 2021 to March 2021, there was movement and content consumption in the particular genre.

Lifestyle genre report 2021

With 1.31 billion views and 5.95 million subscribers, travel and leisure genre content is at the bottom of the list. However, January 2021 was a hit month for travel and leisure content creators as the genre had the maximum views, i.e. 285.60 million, and gained the most subscribers amounting to 1.36 million. Interestingly, the demography shows a complete dominance of male viewers of all age groups by huge margins, with 25-34 group males leading with 26.50 % of the total calculated audience.

The genre saw many kinds of content around the versatile topics related to it, right from DIY treks, packing hacks, old videos of trips, best stays, local cuisine, cultures etc. With popular influencers making regular content around the genre, three managed to make it to the top list besides all the competition and obstacles. Channel Travelling desi acquired 69.27 million views while Mallu traveller had 64.09 million views on the content, followed by channel Tech Travel Eat by Sujit Bhakthan with 57.84 million views. In addition, some brands associated with travel and leisure also garnered views and subscribers. They are Make My Trip Official with 44.59 million views, Wonderla Holidays with 15.41 million views and Club Mahindra with 10.72 million views.

Vlogging, promotional, itinerary information, informative and tent-pole were a few of the top content types in this category during the sampled time frame. ‘Vlogging’ clearly led the genre content with the most percentages, i.e. 56% views, 97% engagement and 81% uploads.


The lifestyle genre is a versatile category that includes varied content involving several sub-genres that hold relevance to current times. Hence, it is one of the leading genres out of all others on the list. Marketing strategies that are not just relevant to the consumers but have similar patterned or rhythmic functions to that of the behaviour of the audience will go a long way. Content that consists of answers to the viewers and carries information synced with the current times is a plus on social media platforms. Therefore, brands and influencers must recognize the significance of data insights and analysis as they are the key to building successful video campaigns, strategies, content posts, and polls.

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