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Vishal Sharma3 years ago

Linkedin, a social network of professionals established in the year 2002, which later became a fully owned subsidiary of Microsoft in the year 2016 is helping job seekers from every technology find the best job opportunities from every sector through millions of job postings by employers and build a professional relationship to have access to latest opportunities and insights of business by making Profiles. It has now become an influential online social platform for making connections and building a career in the business world. As a part of LinkedIn 2019 updates, it has now bought us some major changes in its UI where a member will be allowed to engage in terms of available emoji reactions.

Like any other social media platform where you invite others to join, Linkedin members can also invite anyone to make a connection and stay connected in a professional relationship. Linkedin with over 600 million members registered across 200 countries as of March 2019, is now the Facebook or Instagram of the professionals!!

Every day, people reach out to Linkedin either through the website or mobile application, to discuss their work engagements, search for a job or look out for potential candidates or visit profiles of your connections to see their work accomplishments. But often, we feel little inexpressive in showing how we feel for someone’s post or rather what others felt for our posts unlike any other social media platform, where can easily express our emotions through emojis or GIF’s to engage in much better communication.

LinkedIn 2019 Updates

Presently spotted by few Linkedin members and as a part of LinkedIn 2019 updates, it is now bringing a new change in its User Interface by introducing Reactions, emoji-styled reaction icons similar to that of Facebook, adding a popular way to express what they feel in a more interesting and social way and at the same time, boosting its engagements. It confirmed the news related to its LinkedIn 2019 updates through its Blog post and announced rolling out of these reaction icons globally in the coming months for both, website and mobile app.

As a part of LinkedIn 2019 updates, it has added five emoji icons or simply Reactions namely:-


LinkedIn 2019 Updates Like ReactionCelebrate

LinkedIn 2019 Updates celebrate Reaction


LinkedIn 2019 Updates Love Reaction


LinkedIn 2019 Updates Insightful Reaction


LinkedIn 2019 Updates Curious Reaction

These reactions are as simple as their name suggests and are based on global research conducted by LinkedIn team members. The basic emotions can be captured under these reaction heads. For example, if you feel that a post contains some information which you have found to be helping in terms of knowledge, then you can now mark that post as Insightful with just a click below that post.

As a part of LinkedIn 2019 updates, it states on their blog that they took a thoughtful approach to design and UI changes and these reactions are thus centered around understanding the needs. The selected ones would be most useful keeping in mind the type of conversation people conduct on LinkedIn. The process of selecting these reaction feature revolves around what people are already talking about and to understand what feedback or reaction they wanted to express and what they want to receive — for example, LinkedIn analyzed the top one or two word comments being frequently used and to ascertain what kind of posts are getting the most number of shares. LinkedIn also researched it globally including their members to get feedback on the specific reactions to ascertain and ensure their comprehension and helpful nature and after that only they have planned to roll it out for all of its users.

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