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Social media advertising is not always a cakewalk but with amazing feature updates on platforms like Facebook, Instagram & YouTube, everything seems do-able. Following the dynamically changing social media advertising system, LinkedIn developed a new variant of ads for conveniently generating leads online. It is the LinkedIn Lead Gen form ads that increase the conversion rate of ads by placing appropriate CTAs on them by many folds.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

The team at LinkedIn marketing solutions realised that while maximum users interacted with the brands on smartphone devices through sponsored ad campaigns, there were many hurdles in the processing of converting users. As LinkedIn ads are comparatively expensive every marketer aims at yielding more benefits at the lowest budget possible.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

Mostly these ads would direct the interacting user to another landing page that can be any website, app or page which further makes way for more processing steps. This obstructs the conversion possibility and reduces the chances of transforming a customer.

In this blog, we will learn some interesting details about LinkedIn lead gen form ads that have changed the way brands advertised earlier and have increased the probabilities for conversion.

Introducing LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

The LinkedIn lead gen form ads are available for use on sponsored content advertisements on the platform only. Marketers and brands can decide if they want to use the facility or not as it would not cost anything extra in that case.

Generally, any kind of sponsored ads consists of certain steps that redirect the user to another website or landing page. This landing site has its own set of steps to successfully complete required tasks for the consumer but these complicate the system and result in demotivating consumers to go ahead with it.

The additional steps taking place out of the original platform site results in resistance. Consumers are demotivated to move on with filling forms, accepting lengthy policies, mentioning their email ids for multiple times etc. thereby amounting to an overall reduction in the average conversion rates.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

LinkedIn lead gen form ads are simple to integrate on normal sponsored LinkedIn ads and are easy to understand as well. Initially, these LinkedIn lead gen form ads consist of relevant CTAs that can be customised to suit the campaign according to the brand tone, this CTA can ask users to download the prospectus, sign-up for the program, register or any other relative activity inside the page.

Users will be seeing a signup form on the screen inside the application platform that will read and extract information from the user profile to autofill the forms.

All that the users need to do it confirm the email address, numbers and other vital information before hitting the submit option. The end page will consist of a thank you note along with a website link to the concerned brand site.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

Any time brands send the users to a new landing page it increases steps, waiting for time and effort consumption that ultimately discourages them to click on it but with LinkedIn lead gen form ads, real consumers turn into leads by just clicking the submit button of the prefilled forms with their personal data.

That is the real conversion power of the data filled lead generation forms set by advertisers & brands that are adjusted and customised as per needs.

How to Set up LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

  1. To begin with LinkedIn lead gen form ads, you need to develop a sponsored content ad on LinkedIn.
  2. The next step provides two options that are:
    1. If you want to add traffic with the ad content
    2. Or generate leads using the LinkedIn lead gen form ads
  3. The campaign and the LinkedIn lead gen form ads need to be named here followed by the platform asking if you want to add the forms to an existing ad or create another from the beginning. One can always go to the Campaign Manager and add LinkedIn lead gen form ads to it too.
  4. After selecting the sponsored ad that you want to promote with the forms it will ask to choose a template. The forms can be of the default template or be customised by self.
  5. Now you can name the LinkedIn lead gen form ads, this title will not be visible to the users/consumers.
  6. Fill in the desired headline along with additional information. There is a provision to add custom privacy policy details so as to reassure users about their personal data and its usage. Make sure you have a valid URL for the privacy policy landing page on the form.
  7. The next step is to confirm what details you want to extract from the users. Apart from the default set basics data i.e. first & last name and email id, you can add a request for additional information. These can be the location, job, and other details to be taken automatically from user profiles. This information is prefilled and is seen by the users.
  8. Do set up the thank you note and link to the concerned page that will get the information feed.

When asking for additional information make sure to be under the ethical limits because collecting too much information may not interest the user. It is advised to be careful and considerate while requesting for information as any it is important to note how much are the users willing to share. LinkedIn lead gen form ads may remove the hassle of typing information but certainly, it will not assist in reducing the reluctance of people while handing over their data in such times of increasing concerns for cybercrime.

Benefits of LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

#1 Information with Less Effort

It reduces the technical complexity involved in collecting consumer data online without hampering the conversion rates. The main trick lies in designing the right LinkedIn lead gen form ads within sponsored content ads that will ask appropriate information and trace the right amount of data. Moreover, the experience gained during the function of the LinkedIn lead gen form ads is the key to attracting a more relevant and potential customer.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

#2 Comparatively reduces the hassle

The LinkedIn lead gen form ads involve minimum steps in executing the process of generating leads for concerned brands. A two-steps process to obtain basic, valuable personal information about related customers is a profit in itself. There is no hassle of redirecting them to another page out of the platform that may go through network glitches, unnecessary crowding on the user screen, worthless navigation etc. User can just click on the initial CTA provided and finally submit the pre noted information to be done with the form. It is simple, do-able, affects nothing, reduces friction between the brand and user & cost-effective when designed appropriately.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

#3 Potential Online Traffic Guide

The LinkedIn lead gen form ads have a power of converting the potential leads for two purposes with just one form. Initially, users can click on the submit button and approve of data sharing with brands and secondly, they may click on the link given after the ‘thank you’ note. It can drive traffic to the website, other social media accounts, or download the app. It will open doors for the brand to target the customer for another appealing product on the site.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

As the email id is already collected, marketers can push options like free trials, signups, registration for programs, instant purchases, attractive discount offers, product shout outs etc. There can be a million additional benefits that can be coupled with the leads generated through the form of ads.

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